by edisonik on October 1st, 2015

Oh Israel , you who kill the Innocent , you who Lie and Deceive the World and use the United States to do your Dirty Work.

You too will Face Karma for the Blood of the prophets and the Spilling of the Blood of untold Innocents in Palestine , 911 and elsewhere.

You carry yourself as perfection and you treat Adamu as Dumb Animals to be treated as such you have done enough harm to Adamu.

You too will Face Judgement from Heaven because you Lie & Deceive and you have done much wrong to Sudan , Palestine and your Neighbors.

Behold the Elohim will come over you and Humble your Arrogant People. Justice will come swift for all the Blood you have spilled on your Borders.

Heaven is Against you Oh Israel.

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TillToTheWhen: Awesome! I hope you are right

Awesome! I hope you are right. I want to believe in a divine outside presence that will serve justice. But I always feel it comes from within us.

Your post reminds me exactly of this character on this website trying to smear me. I'm just going to ignore him from now on.

But I am sure his karma will come to him for trying to deceive people.

pasqualie: Christopher "cane" Gianguzzo

I dont have to decieve anyone, all they gotta do is google your name

and read through all the ripoff reports and your aliases of mgmprofits, jbrockbetting, flawlessroulette sytem

The other stuff you admitted to about associating with pimps who were prostituting underaged girls.

And your love for serbian film about child rape, child sex abuse, pedophilia and how you love that movie cuz its intense, and hardcore and disturbing and you get off on it.

not to mention everyone knows you are a drug addict as well, which is the reason why you associate with questionable characters involved with drugs and other affiliations.

TillToTheWhen: It's coming....you know you

It's coming....you know you've deceived people....Be prepared for the universal karma that is coming your way

But you cannot prepare for it...because you have been sent a STRONG DELUSION to make sure you cannot cheat the system.

TillToTheWhen: I guess Paz was the master

I guess Paz was the master shill working for the darkside who posts on this website. Of course all of those dark workers suffer from numerous mental illnessed.

We see clearly how this guy hiding under an alias suffers from NPD, and is also a proven sociopath.

Just google "Why do people engage in smear campaigns" and you'll see what I'm talking about.

fits this monster to a T

The elohim will take care of these monsters, I hope

Either way I have trust in "God" even though I am not religious, I know the truth

Narcissists and psycopaths are sent strong delusions by god to make sure they never will know the truth, so it's all good

TillToTheWhen: You could spit the truth at

You could spit the truth at them till you're blue in the face and they still would never see it.

Trust in this. They are fucked. And it's probably their own fault. I said before it wasn't...but that wouldn't be fair would it.

The more likely scenario is that these psychopaths do infact know what they are doing, they chose to do it out of their own free will, through their own negative emotions such as FEAR and that's why they are going down.

One day, they'll learn. Maybe in a million years...but I believe one day they will go to heaven with the rest of us. But first they must experience hell, so they can gain their own conscious and activate the soul from within

Tarheel: I believe

I believe the problem to be those in power there.
Karma wants a word with them.

edisonik: Love one another

Do not fight with each other , Christians , Muslims , Hindu , Buddhist etc.

You are all Beautiful.
You are all ONE FAMILY.
WE see this from High Above.

HebrianDaniel: i didnt hurt anyone why the

i didnt hurt anyone why the hate?

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