October-2012 is the date Given Out on The Alex Jones Show, To Be Ready For The Crap to Hit The Fan!

Please be FOR-WARNED ! Exspect Things to Heat Up Across America! The Inside Word is to Be Prepared for the month of October, as the month of The Fast ,and The Furious to Take Hold In our Towns, and Our Cities! The INSANE TYRANTS have given the month of October as the month to go on the March! To start taking guns, from the US people! This was just released ,and Leaked Out by the Military,and the Police in the State of Saint Louis,Mo.,, Today on The Alex Jones Show! Local police,,and people in the military have been calling into the show, and reporting the secrets given to them from the Higher ups in Office,- The Controllers at the Top! They of course did not use any IDS or names,as these people reported what was happening on the INSIDE BEHIND CLOSED DOORS!


Crigitine: There seems to be a lot of

There seems to be a lot of things scheduled for October. Some of the people from NASA (real or fake they be) are predicting and openly saying that Niburu will arrive in October.


There's a joint military exercise from USA and Israel, said to be the LARGEST joint exercise on earth scheduled for October.


There was a report not too long ago about globes of energy heading here from the center of our galaxy..to arrive around October.


Looks like October will live up to what its been celebrated for all of these years. It seems like even the government will participate this year with the families. Going door to door and asking for candy. But this year will be special. This year you will have a choice between tricks or treats. The next dimensions have been revealed to us, don't fear fighting back. Illusions will break if you disarm instead of kill.



IT MAKES PERFECT SENSE. ,BECAUSE THE DEC.2012 IS SCEDULED FOR THE SHIFT TO 5TH DEMENTIONAL REALITY! The NW-DISORDER WOULD ACT UP IN OCT.-2012 AS THIS WOULD BE CUTING IT QUITE CLOSE! Also, Halloween is on that horizion too! You/We KNOW how BIG they are on Flesh ,& Blood rituals, and the Killing of babies in these rituals!! It makes ALOT of SENSE to ME TOO!

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