"Obummer" 's birth certificate investigation

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I'm sure many people are aware of the threats to Obama from Arizona that if he didn't produce his birth certificate they would not put him on the ballot for the elections.. But now the secretary of state for Arizona has backed down from those claims and has agreed to put Obama on the ballot once again after they sent him the necessary information “that satisfied our requirement and has therefore provided his office with a verification of birth for President Obama,” thus clearing the way for president to be on the upcoming election ballot.(1)

The article goes further on to say...

But Sheriff Arpaio is far from crying uncle in his crusade to prove President Obama is an illegitimate president. After his news conference back in March when he unveiled his latest findings dug up by his “Cold Posse,” which he insisted proved that the long form birth certificate released by the President is computer-generated forgery, has now sent a two man team to Hawaii to dig further.♥

The Honolulu Star-Advertiser reported that sheriff’s deputy Brian Mackiewcz and posse member Michael Zullo were in Hawaii on Monday, demanding official confirmation that Hawaii has on file the president’s original birth certificate. The two men showed identification that they were from the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office located in Phoenix.

They were further authorized by the Sheriff of Maricopa to be there as part of “an official investigation.” Zullo, who is a member of the Cold Posse vigilantes, showed a business card identifying him as being with the Threats Management Unit of the sheriff’s office as well.

What makes the whole investigation even more outrageous is that the Hawaiian trip, including airfare, hotel room and meals, was paid for by taxpayers. And what is the Sheriff’s response now that he has been caught?(2)

Nice work, if you can get it

“It’s one deputy, so what? We have security issues, too, that I can’t go into. For six months we were not spending any money. When you’re doing investigations sometimes things change, you put more resources into it."

A link to the article, it is painfully obvious how they are wanting to shut people down

As you can clearly see, people will completely blow off -government- spending ridiculous amounts of money on COMPLETELY PERSONAL GAINS such as the old ear mark system, notorious for allowing the politicians voting on the bill to say "Yes I'll vote on that and lets add a yacht and a new summer house for myself, and a few raises for the rest of us" AFTER the people say they want the bill or act passed, said ear marks were made AFTER the people voted said acts into the office, AND WERE NEVER KNOWN TO THE PUBLIC about what all went on those bills. I'll say it one more time, when the people voted these bills into office(s) the politicians in charge of determining if it should actually pass or not would earmark these bills and wouldn't be know to the public what all was added via earmarks. BUT GOD FORBID SOMEONE SNAP AND THINK OUTLOUD "WAIT HE'S BEEN GIVING US FAKE INFORMATION? THE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES, THE PERSON WE ALL VOTED FOR, IS GIVING US FALSE INFORMATION?" I know society is immensely ill-guided but it makes me sick to see people playing these games to the death.

On top of the slander for the Sheriff's bravery some people...NORMAL PEOPLE..have taken it far beyond reason.

A clip from the article: Adam Cox, 33, was angered by Arpaio's investigation into the legitimacy of President Barack Obama's birth certificate when he threatened the life of Arpaio and his family, sheriff's deputies said.

The rest of the article:

Honestly I'm going to speak some french here, put your hand over this sentence if it is offensive...What the fruity fucking fuck?? HOW IS NOT OBVIOUS NOW? It was so convenient that this little mishap just slipped through TWO STATES WORTH OF DEPUTIES..

"Sheriff's deputies were dispatched to California and Tennessee during the course of the death threat investigation"

The next death threat was a bit odd. I'm not entirely sure how much of this man's claims are legitimate but at this point I'm not writing it off as nonsense..

""Cox, 33, a supporter of President Obama, was apparently enraged by Sheriff Arpaio's investigation into the legitimacy of the President's birth certificate," the Sheriff's Office continues. "That investigation is what led Cox to threaten the life of Sheriff Arpaio and his family. Sheriff's security has been alerted, and his mug shot has been distributed to other law enforcement agencies."

After tracking down what the guy actually wrote, he doesn't claim to be an "Obama fanatic," but says Satan "ordered" him to kill "birthers" to spark a war between political parties in order to decrease the population in America."

Satan ordered this man to kill Birthers to spark a war between political parties in order to decrease the population in America. I don't have words for this. It's madness and completely regressive in all fields.

the link to the second -known- death threat..

They are being more out in the open with their tactics and if it keeps up 2012 won't even be a year to remember, there will be nothing left after it. If we are to have star families help us through this mess..now, I think would be a good time to publicly start. These things people keep "voting" and "working" for have not followed the rules since they got here.

Again, links provided by anon's of GLP.

(1) those "satisfying means" were not and will not be shown to the public, imagine that. We only vote people in and pay the death and taxes..

(2)"So far the Cold Case Posse admits to spending $40,000 for its investigation, funded by donations. Arpaio says he expects to get more private donations to reimburse the Hawaii expenses. Are the birthers ready to cough up more dollars for a bogus investigation? Never underestimate the fringe." $40,000 is a fairly big number in our eyes, but the means of which it has been used is A HELL OF A LOT MORE USEFUL THAN SECRET SERVICE AND STRIPPERS..I'm pretty sure there was a case not too long ago about a CEO LAUNDERING MILLIONS and only getting a few weeks in a white collar prison.

Also note how in both articles of the death threat'ee's they both say "They were headed west"

If there was any freedom fighter that needed Enki's protection right now, Sheriff Joe Arpaio needs a god damn lot of it right now.

Again thank you GLP for the find.

♥ the link to Sheriff Joe Arpaio's meeting in march


Crigitine: The birth certificate


I know these things weren't placed on the beautiful and accurate calender of the Mayan's. But this is one of many tools to break and confront this NWO agenda. There are so much more down to earth ways to wake the wolfs that have been knitted into sheep onesies. Ask them why Islam is the devil, ask them why we support israel's government and military even after they had taken out our own soliders and KNEW ABOUT 9/11 STAGED OR NOT israeli SOLIDERS AND SPIES (not citizens) where seen cheering and dancing with cameras THEY DAY THE TOWERS FELL. ASK THEM WHAT COULD POSSIBLY BE BIGGER THAN A FRAUD RUNNING THE COUNTRY THEY LOVE SO MUCH, SETTING THEM UP TO GET NUKED AND UTTERLY DESTROYED BY RUSSIA AND IRAN..if this continues the world will change forever, in misguided self defense..

Crigitine: And when I say down to earth

And when I say down to earth ways, I do not mean to offend anyone, The star families have yet to show their faces and I will respect their wishes to remain that way for the time being. I acknowledge their existence and hope to one day shake their hands and fly with them.

It takes baby steps to get conversations going with the masses.

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