NYPD Disperses Thousands Protesting Police Killing.......

NYPD Disperses Thousands Protesting Police Killing. Protesters raise their hands during a march up Broadway during a peaceful demonstration, as communities react to the shooting of Michael Brown in New York August 14, 2014. [ click on image to enlarge]
MOSCOW, August 15 (RIA Novosti) - Hundreds of police in New York City's Theater District have begun releasing thousands of surrounded protesters in groups of five to six, according to a live video stream on the Internet.
A police helicopter is hovering above the cordoned area between 42nd street and 9th street, with several police vans in the area.
The protesters are being surrounded by synthetic orange nets, in a controversial police barricading technique known as "kettling." Police, who also include mounted police are allowing the protesters out of the barricaded area, after which at least four have been detained.
The march began at the city’s Union Square, with thousands joining the rally at Times Square. The crowd was chanting “Hands up, don’t shoot!” protesting the Sunday killing of an African-American teenager in the city of Ferguson, Missouri.
New York is one of the 90 cities holding Ferguson solidarity demonstrations.
On August 10, in the city of Ferguson, a policeman fatally shot Michael Brown, 18 for allegedly resisting arrest. However, an eyewitness of the incident told CNN Wednesday that the officer shot and killed the teenager after he raised his hands in the air to prove he was unarmed and walked away from the officer’s police vehicle following an argument. US President Barack Obama ordered the FBI and the Department of Justice to join the investigation.
Late Wednesday, Washington Post and Huffington Post reporters were arrested as they covered the protests in Ferguson. An OSCE representative for freedom of the press, Dunja Mijatovic, called the detention of journalists “unacceptable” in a press statement published Thursday.
WASHINGTON, April 25 (RIA Novosti), Lyudmila Chernova – The New York Police Department is infamous for harassment and racial discrimination against people of color, the President of Communities United Against Police Brutality told RIA Novosti, commenting on a recent Twitter campaign launched by NYPD.
OPINION: NYPD Notorious for Harassment and Racial Profiling: “"NYPD" is notorious for harassment and racial profiling of people of color. If the police departments of most major cities and even many small communities tried a similar campaign, I am sure there would be similar results,” Michelle Gross said.
She added that police brutality has been a national epidemic in the US for several years.
“The history of policing starts with the patterollers, who captured escaped slaves, and the pinkertons, private security guards who worked for the bosses to put down union organizing through violent means, including murder. People of color and poor people have always experienced abuse at the hands of police,” the expert said.
“What has changed is the ability for people to quickly share their experiences to a wider audience, which is forcing many people to recognize the problem we have,” he added.
“The failed NYPD Twitter campaign demonstrates that the public will no longer be silent about widespread abuses of the police department,” Gross said.
According to Gross, citizens of New York’s boroughs used the Twitter campaign as an opportunity to put a face on what some say is rampant abuse by the city’s defenders.
Gross also underlined the advent of social media as a means of exposing police brutality and misconduct cannot be overstated.
“For years our organization and many others have engaged in copwatch – videotaping police actions to hold police accountable, but we were very limited in our ability to share this information. Now, people can share their stories widely and the actions of problem officers can be easily exposed,” she said.
Earlier this week, the NYPD launched the campaign intending for it to serve as a way for people to share their photos with police officers. The department promised to post some of them on its Facebook page. Instead of feel good stories, within hours, Twitter was flooded with pictures depicting police brutality. http://en.ria.ru/society/20140815/192028823/NYPD-Disperses-Thousands-Pro...

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