The N.W.O expose...

Welcome to all to this site...
I think it is the time like you all to understand who really it is the N.W.O. and what they up to...
First thing first...
Origins....The White Brotherhood from Mars...
Current location...Earth... Split in two after the Great War...Brothers of The Sun(Brothers of the Seven Rays..)and Brothers of the Moon...
They are known as Brothers of The Snake...or Brothers of Atlantis...
The Brothers of the Sun are known as Illuminati we getting some where..
The mark for the Brothers of the Sun it is the Sun representation and the Brothers of the Moon it is the Moon representation...
The mark of all of them are two snakes cross together...the mark of the health care...
Ring a bell to you all?...hmmm..It is the symbol of Creation...The D.N.A....the heritage..
Humans has been created long time ago...and change by D.N.A manipulation...and cross-breed with different species....and they said it is no fact we all are E.T now....
We are the little with old races...some are humans and look like us..some are humanoid and do not look like us ....
Some are good intended ..some do not and want to make us all slaves...and use us for them use..
Some want this planet for them self...
So you see the problem it is more complicated then really look like ..
Let me tell you something ....the N.W.O are Illuminati...the Brothers of the Sun...and serve only to call it Lucifer...i call him Enki...but he has a lot of names...
A lot of time ago his planet was been destroy...and he left in the final moments on Earth...
Since then this planet it is under his rule...but you all live in Matrix and do not see that...
Read the marks and understand them...
All it is done for you to be like in a prison...slaves to his not see that now..but you will see ...i will make you all to see...
I will show you the real face of the Matrix...and i will show you as the really things they are..
Because life it is a stage...with people as puppets..and the Masters are in the back of the black curtain and pull the strains very hard...but i will cut the cords..and the puppets it will be free... and it will know what it is the real freedom...
You all have the force to free yourself if you know the Truth...
United we will win..separate we will fall...remember this my friends...
I will explain more in N.W.O . Part 2...
I want to know what you write to me ..answer to this challenge ...
Put questions ...i will answer to all of them..

Lord Enlil


Quinton: Hi Lord Enlil, thank you for

Hi Lord Enlil, thank you for the great post.

I have a few questions...

1) I am curious as to the relationship between Jehovah, Yahweh, Enki, Enlil, Lucifer and Satan. Are Jehovah and Enlil the same person? Is this a physical Anunnaki being? Is Lucifer the same as Enki or Enlil? Is Lucifer also Jehovah?

2) Is there a relationship between Lucifer and Jesus as they are both the morning star and bringers of light? Do they both represent spiritual and intellectual enlightenment?

3) Did these Brothers of the Sun take divine wisdom from Lucifer and pervert it for their own desires? Or are they still working towards good while they control Earth humans? You mention that there are some good and some bad ones. Is this how it has always been or did they used to be mostly good? Are there more bad ones than before?

4) Do Akhenaten and Moses tie into this at all?

5) Do different earth humans (white, black, asian, etc) have different ET parents from separate planets? Or are all earth humans the result of different genetic experiments?

I look forward to your response. Thanks!

LordEnlil: 1 question Quinton

Jehovah and Yahweh it is the jew name for divinity who specify The God....and have nothing to do with Enki and Enlil...

LordEnlil: Enki and Enlil

Lord Anu are the God and the Father for Enki and Enlil...
Enki it is the step brother of Enlil...
Enki it is known as been Lucifer ....
some of us are special...and the soul do not die...reincarnate...
the same soul different person...

LordEnlil: physical Anunnaki...

It is my friend..Pindar..and many others...and Pindar it is Lucifer...Enki...
We are all hire...

LordEnlil: but only some has the

but only some has the original shape ....others are just the original soul with a new body...and look like humans....

LordEnlil: Jesus and Lucifer...

I will not lie to you....yes they are brothers......but this was a you know...
All it is about the Brothers of The Sun...the Brothers of the Snake...
Now you know who it is in the top of the pyramid...the eye...

LordEnlil: 3 Lucifer

Lucifer did some is the bad brother...i do not count of the help of him...
But yes he has wisdom...but perverted that for him take a place he do not deserve...
If he had been with more wisdom he will stay even today to the right of The Father...
The Brothers of the Sun...Illuminati worship is them master...and it is the imagine of the Master...bad boys i mean..but not all of them are so bad...but the majority it is...

LordEnlil: You can take wisdom from

You can take wisdom from everyone ...the important thing it is how you use that the bad or good manner...

LordEnlil: Good are not in them any

Good are not in them any more..except just some of them....maybe it will find it in the Brothers of the moon...better...but not in the is no room for that there...
there it is just Lucifer...
Yes they control the Earth....and they do not want the good for the people...
Them work with Gray's....

LordEnlil: long time ago when the

long time ago when the Brotherhood was united they do only good...but that was before Lucifer been change...and became bad...
jealousy change Lucifer....
Now they are really believe them are invincible ...they are mad...complete under dark ways...
but some good teachings remain there as a legacy to what they was before...
There are more bad ones as before..because of fear...or greed of blood money and power...

LordEnlil: 4

i do not get deep under Egypt i must study the Arkhenaten....
Moses did what The God said...i do not see the connection with Lucifer...
He became the God messenger ...

LordEnlil: 5 you make a touch down with that one..

You make a touch down with that is a good one yes...
Yes it is E.T from different planets...all humans like...
It was The alliance of 7 races...but blue and green are hidden from people...
in oceans and in the Earth...
I have a lot of them...write to me to my e-mail to send you what i have...
Even Gray's know that story...

LordEnlil: In the future i will tell you

In the future i will tell you something about the question you put to me today....
But you are not ready yet for all answers today...and i do not want you to be not happy...

Tarheel: Who is 11Orion11? How did he divert us here.

We all know the deal now.

EnLiL misrepresents while Enki is The Man.

EnLIL is about production and dumbing down under his cloak of deceit.

Lord Enki is the reason for humanity and it's rise. Dont fall for the web of deceit EnLiL weaves.

Love your brother, EnLil and change your ways if you ever want respect from Humanity. Follow your brothers lead.

Tarheel: I am confused

Can someone please help me? I thought Enki was good and Enlil was evil. Am I wrong? Also, Where did Thot (quetlcoatl) come from? Is he good? I think so. I really want to know.

Also, I understood that Nibiru is on a 3500 yr cycle , so it should be 967 yrs before the Annunaki return. How will they come IF they are to come between now and 2012? A stargate? If I am wrong, please correct me.

Tarheel: Lord Enlil, I dont want to offend you...

...really, I do NOT. I read your saying that Enki is bad. I am anxious for THE TRUTH. It is what I seek. I dont know who I can trust.

I want hear what Annunaki77 has to say about this subject as well. I understand that Enki was here on Earth first, mining/whatever and his father sent his step-brother to help keep him in line. Is this much true?

Tarheel: Im totally confused

I dont know why you would take the name of someone bad. I was told Enki tried to help protect humans and Enlil tried to see humans were killed off via the great deluge.

Annunaki leaders want humans stunted. True?

Someone please straighten me out. I mean no offense to anyone. I am a light being and I wish to enlighten others . I cannot until I know the story is true.

edisonik: Enki is the Good Guy

That is the bottomline. Pindar is not Enki, Period.
Don't believe Enlil.

Pindar is not Canus , Pindar is Lizard Reptilian Draco, is it clear now?.
I hope that helps. Lizards are Cold Blooded, Mammals are Warm blooded.
Pindar uses adavanced 4th Density technology to confuse and seduce 3rd Density Humans.

Enki= Good Dog

Enlil= Ambitious Dog

Pindar= Ambitious Lizard

It is forbidden for Humans to see the Annunaki in their true form, they used to wear masks to look like humans so as not to scare the humans in the Gold Mines, the Annunaki were Dogs, not Primate Hybreds but Dog Humanoids.

bluesbaby5050: RE-post for History Lesson...........

A Refreasher on lesson./with Great Wolf video. PLAY EDISONIK'S WOLF VIDEO ABOVE THIS THREAD......

bluesbaby5050: Your welcome 11O11.............

This Review was for the Experience as an example of the real truths addressed on this forum a while back in the lessons.This also shows how members have grown from this Hidden knowledge in the months past.The video's are still a great source of Teaching Tools as well. I tried them,and they are still up, and running,and they explain alot. Also check out the right side of the video's page,and there is more lessons in them too. Learning is important.

Quinton: I think you're in the

I think you're in the ballpark Tarheel.

I obviously don't know fully and only have my perspective so I will give you my thoughts on the matter.

I think Enki and Enlil are both entities that, like humans, have their own desires and passions. They both have their good and bad. They both have things they want to accomplish. They both share differences of opinion as they are different entities with their own unique free will. And just like us they have their agreements and differences. Like us they may not agree on the best way to do things. One may like educating people more through discipline and force. One may like educating more through nurturing. They have different ways of doing things. I don't think it is as much about putting your trust in one or the other as it is about learning the dynamics behind everything and understanding how it affects you and others.

It George Bush a good guy? Some people will say yes, some will say no. Is Barack Obama a good guy? Some will say yes, others no. There are mixtures in all this and good to one person is bad to another person. I think it is about looking deeper than surface level good and bad. Why do they do what they do? What are their intentions? What motivates them? What are they trying to accomplish? Are they forcing their will on others? Or are they inviting others to share in their will? I think these are the more important questions.

My thoughts anyway.

Tarheel: Quintons reply

Thank you. I just want to fully understand what is going on. Pardon my ignorance. Yes, you questions are more pertinent. "The way to understand our future is to study the past.".

Tarheel: What specifically do you mean...

What does Pindar do...what 4th density technology doe he use? I wanna be aware of it.

I am not ashamed nor embarassed but if I were to mention any of this to my so-called friends, they would say Ive lost my mind. I dont care what they say. How can I help advance our cause of good while killing theirs evil deception? Help me Falcon Edisonik. Give me direction.

Annunaki77: Pindar is a Vampire Sangerian Repitilian

He is not a Good Guy.

People confuse the Histories with Pindar being Enki , Pleeeeeaase, it's like Comparing Ice Cream to Horse Manure.

They are different Entities entirely.

Tarheel: Pindar = Bad guy

I understand.
What 4th dimension technology specifically do you speak of? I want to be able to recognize it.


Nothing can be hidden has much , in 4th Dimensional Thinking. In 3rd Dimensional Thinking one can be manipulated easier and therefore can be managed like a Zombie or can be Loosh for these Reptilians, in 4th Dimensional awareness, your mind is more aware of the Reptilian Infiltration so therefore you will be able to Decipher what is a Legitimate Dream and what is a Reptilian Implantation (Like a False Memory of Suicide, Abuse, Attacks etc), they like probing your weaknesses, your very Mind is Fair Game to them and the funny thing is many people go through life thinking that some of their thoughts are theirs but in fact some of their Negative Thoughts could be not theirs at all, but rather a Reptilian Thought Plant.

Kind of like when your Computer gets a Virus like a Trojan or Worm, these Reptilians can plant things in your head so always tune into what is bugging you and remove any Negative thoughts. Always.

Tarheel: Annunaki77-you are freaking me pal

I love you, my brutha, but you are freaking me out now. I have had CRAZY, I mean WILD thoughts from time to time and I say "where in this WORLD did THAT come from?" I usually just laugh about it and let it go. Perhaps now I know. THEY are trying to pull me down. Now that I know, I can overcome it easier. Can it be prevented? How? I will say this-I cannot remember any dreams any more.

Teach me, Master.

Phaminator: If the reptilians are simply

If the reptilians are simply trying to plant negative things inside a head of a person such as me. Couldn't I just think of something or listen to music that is positive?

Ecbra de Oaoj: well, well, well...

I had a dream today. and i tell to you because; i think it belong on; our matter. here.
I was in a hipocrital party. i dont like these encounters but i was there. very friends; lawyers. and;
someone came to me and said: do you see? they are like; whores. layers. they are moved by greed. do you see these judges? you know they are corrupts.
I; look all; and... in my; inner; agree with this; because i; know. these ones.
and he continued sayng: do you wanna a diferent world? where they dont have power?
i had quiet; observing.
do you know; they serv their brotherhoods; and dont care others rights. they just wanna put people in docile order to; exploit them. they work; to mantain; control above societat. you know that i talk true that.
i... was being convinced... but... when i... was waking... i...
see to this; he in my... dream and... aswer...
i know them yes but...
must have; some way; to arrest then without; atack. their life.

then; when i go out my bed i... went to study; and work. and... enjoy! what not... say also.


Peace... and Harmony

Tarheel: Tarheel is a HUGE promoter of Lord Enki !

Dont ever say anything different because ...

EVERYBODY HERE KNOWS Enki GETS MY SUPPORT, and it is Lord Enki-The Creator, The Master geneticist who made Humanity what it is today.

HebrianDaniel: now im confushed Enki are not

now im confushed Enki are not Reptillian? i tought he is reptillian and now you say he is Canus? what the hell going on now its very confushing

bluesbaby5050: To H/D ---

Inki is half Canus,and Half Draconian. He is the creator of humanity,and he is GOOD!

bluesbaby5050: To H/D-----

Lord Inlil is Lord Inki's brother ,and he wanted humans DEAD! He is for production,and is all for Sirius! Lord Inki is all for Earth,and HIS humans! He loves his humans! Lord Inlil hates humans,and uses them for slavery.This is how it has always been.

Tarheel: Lord Enki is Humanity's Creator. Enlil hated Enki for giving us.

...TRUE LIFE and awareness and our mentality to LIVE, with free will passion and LOVE and Joy and peace.

Enlil wanted us to remain dumb so we could be controlled for his and others profit. EnLiL wanted us as slaves.

Enki gave us our right to life. Lord Enki ROCKS !

bluesbaby5050: This lord Anu---

Anu is a god in his own right,he is a king. His two sons Lord Inki,and Lord Inlil are also gods too in their own rights, as they are ALL creators,and they can Create! Just as their father Anu the king, he too is also a creator god. BUT NONE OF THEM ARE THE CREATOR OF ALL THAT IS ! THERE IS ONLY ONE GOD FOR ALL THIS, AND IT IS HE WHO CREATED THEM! AND this GOD created ALLl the GALAXIES,and ALL the UNIVERSES! HE /SHE IS THE GOD CREATOR ,THE SOURCE, THE ISSNESS! This is who you pray to when you pray. People give this God all kinds of names, but this is still this ONE GOD! THE SOURCE!! DO NOT MIX GOD UP WITH THE SMALLER CREATORS! FOR THIS GOD CREATED THEM ALSO!

bluesbaby5050: This God of all that is----

IS Both Male,and Female! We are Both male,and female too! We Contain Both the Male and the Female Aspects Within ourselves,inside our bodies. The genders were Split into a male body ,and into the female body to Play the game of Duality on this planet Earth. And this is the only planet created for this purpose. You have to Learn how to Intergrate them both together.To become balanced, to become One again in the Mind,and also in your Hearts! When you do this you have figured it out, and you have won the game of duality. You Will Become Aware of Both aspects within yourselfs. You can Think from Both sides, and Understand Both sides.You become balanced in Both gendas,in the female,and the male.You are Really a whole being, but you Think other wise, because the gendas were split into two separate sexes to learn these lessons.When you are Not on Earth you are Really a whole being. You are of Both male,and female Mindset. But you do Not have a Physical body, because you are a light being. You are of the light. You are a ball of light, Pure energy, and intelligent. Some people have very little light in themselves, and are more of the dark side to learn certain lessons,on how it is to be dark in actions/behaviors. They are Not balanced in both. This has to be understood.The Falcon Goddess of The Feather.

bluesbaby5050: To 11 Orion11---

I just wanted to say your right about Lucifer,and the Illuminati,and the Big Illuminati SCAM! They use Lucifer's name and his title to Justify their Dark Agendas! The whole thread above mine is all the truth here! Some people know this to be the truth here in this forum, and they all have been told this, but SOME soon forget. Thanks for RE-posting this. They need to be reminded at this time. The Falcon Goddess of The Feather.

Tarheel: They want to create confusion.

This clears it up.

Enki=GOOD=LOVE=Peace=Passion= The Lord of Creation.

EnLil is Bad (with regard to Humanity) and is The Lord of Command.

Decide who YOU think is best. There;s no question with regard to humanity-Lord Enki is OUR BEST FRIEND, our Father. Enki defied EnLiL with The gift of The Falcons....AMONG OTHER THINGS-free will, passion and soul. Praise Enki and The Great Falcon Master.


Do not be Polarized , for the Greatest Enemy in the Heart of Man or Woman, is himself , Herself.
Your Greatest Enemy is yourself because the Gods of Heaven cannot make you do anything.

You have the Freedom to choose ( I am crying ) you have " THE FREEDOM " to choose.
If you choose to be Ignorant you have the Freedom to choose, if you choose Love , you have the Freedom to choose. Humans have the Freedom to choose.

Your Nations can threaten you with Death, but they cannot Control your Decisions your Decisions to choose your Destiny are your own, this is the Gift which Lord Enki has given you.
So if an Imposter comes in his Name and asks you to Worship Him " SAY NO!", because he never wanted to be Worshiped he wanted a Free Garden, not a World of Robots and Sick Bankers.

You have " FREE WILL ", you are all Sovereign Spirits so never give away your Freedom for False Security. No Nation can keep you safe, when you trade Freedom for Security you will DESTROY YOUR FREE WILL FOR YOU WILL HAVE NONE!.

To Live without Free Will is to live a Thousand Deaths.
Choose Wisely.

Tarheel: If you choose NOT to decide, you still have made a choice.

Choose wisely, Grasshopper! Know your maker, and know what is good and right, and know what is best for Humanity.

I DO, and it is Lord Enki. I am sure of it.

Tarheel: 11O11-you are RIGHT-they TRY to confuse us.

You are also RIGHT that we are too smart to be fooled. THEY want us to think Enkli is bad. EnLiL is the one who TRIED to label Enk as "Lucifer'. We both know Enki is NOT Licifer.
A WHOLE LOT of what is said is to try to deceive us, so we dont know who we can trust.
But-You and I-WE KNOW.

bluesbaby5050: To 11 Orion 11---

Yes I do know more about Inki's origins. I have already answered your question about this in the above threads above yours. The Falcon Goddess of The Feather.

Tarheel: It is YOU who needs a lesson,11ORION(queens!)11.

I know My Lord Enki. I know his heart, and YOU speak with forked tongue in this, the 11th hour. 11Orion11. You know The OPrion Queens , now dont you? PLEASE-we know this gig from a mile away.

People here know about EnLiL and his tactics. Do some research and know what /who you're talking about.

I DO ! Lord Enki is The Good Guy. EnLiL is, and has been trying to make him BAD, and we know Enki and he is GOOD GUY. EnLil is a master of confusion, and YOU have been deceived, oh Ye of Orion namesake.

Ecbra de Oaoj: and way is the Heart.

not name.

not worship. this... or other Entity.

because name can be mean diferent thing that someone are been saying. exemple: there are people that understand bad as good; and vice versa. but... what exacly are good or bad to you?

Life is precious and need be defended. but if some bacterials are kiling your body? who survive?
and etc. neither names neither worship; Heart is the aswer; you are better master. iof Noah wasnt son of Enki... he did survived?

Heart of your judge; independent. because if master dont want you master of yourself; he want you serving his mastership.

all beings are createds; from Source; God. from Great Focus that emule Live to Space and Time. its our dimension; and we gained Heart; this is our experience to learn.

Did you never lie before? neither ofend one brother? neither was wrong with someone or something? how many times we didnt honest? stop and think... im sure if you are human (or not) you (and me) will remind. so...

we have today and tomorrow if will came to choose right. to repair damages that we did cause if possible. to create what our conscience will found wonder and make us happy. its Heart aswer; forgiving to be forgivened.

the rule is good combat. this is the Heart beat.

neither names neither Entities; royality is Universe; and we all are Sons and Daughthers from some One that we make part.

The Heart is answer. names just serv to sign some thing or one but; what mean Light to one blind man? he hear but just what can make is think about.

but Heart know. how. turn out. Lie of True. when let have Love inside.

Annunaki77: It is sad when Pirates use the name of Gods to do wrong

Free Will can be used for Right and it can be used for Wrong.
Those who do wrong in the name of Gods are heretics and they will be dealt with.
It is sad big Organizations do this to achieve their own selfish means.

To Polarize Humanity so they can be managed like Animals , this is Sad.

Tarheel: It's OK,11Orion11, I just know Enki's heart and he is great.

He has done much for us, sacrificing himself and his stature to make sure WE had/have a chance. He was cast out by his own people, and labeled a bad guy BECAUSE he gave Humanity a fighting chance, a life with Passion,Free Will, Love and a Soul with some help from The Falcons of Akhu (sp?) Galaxy. Humanity owes Enki and The Falcon Masters a lot/everything.

I didnt mean to sound offenseive, it's just that I KNOW Enki and what he did for Humanity. I will stand up for him always and I have dedicated my life to Enki and The Great Falcon Master because of what they have done for us. Many people do not know what they have done, but some of us do. We are forever appreciative.

By the way, they still stand up for Humanity. Enki and The Falcon Master are Gods, yet bthey do NOT want to be worshipped. THAT is a TRUE God to Tarheel. They serve, when they could wish to be served, and they ask nothing but for people to do good, do what's right. They have taklen a stand for all that is Good and Righteous.

True Gods, they are , in Tarheel's eyes.

Crigitine: Lol, internet and privacy..

Lol, internet and privacy.. not if the US Government has anything to do about it :P.

Welcome aboard

Crigitine: heh

uh, well, they have a variety of tactics they use to stop people they feel are getting close too the truth, but so far none of us have been finished off yet. They seem to really only care if the people are higher up the scale other than an ordinary citizen. Like if that person scheduled talks about his material, or was a whistle blower, or something of that nature.

Do some soul searching I suppose if you are ready for that possible risk. You do not need to say who you are or where you work for, for now remain as anonymous as you wish. Know that "death" isn't the last inch of life you will ever have. It is one of many scare tactics. I cannot say for certain what happens when they destroy a body, but the soul lives on. Many people will more than likely after your post tell you to not be afraid, and it's true. When you live in fear you are very easily controlled.

Fearing that they would do such a thing to you, tells me that you are aware enough of your surroundings. Ultimately it's up to you to decide whether or not you want to post. People can reassure you all night and day, but it's your say that decides when you are ready.

I guess at this point, it would be like the Oracle asking you which pill do you want to take? The blue pill will take you home and help you forget you were ever here, the red pill will help you grow and understand the world around you for what it is. What say you 11Orion11?

wmarkley: yes

yes you are welcome here,

wmarkley: fear

Do not live in fear, the evil cabal that rules this planet is losing their hold, they are pretty much finished, control is becoming to the people, evils days are numbered and they know it.

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