A Chapter from our book: "What You Need to Know Now", by Sharon Stewart and Ivo, ET contact from the Vegan Star System. 8. The Divided States of America
    Me: Ivo, I want to discuss the United States and what the Illuminati has planned for them. I heard recently that there are plans to divide the U.S. up along the Mississippi River. When I was just walking as I was thinking of this, a picture of post-war Germany popped into my head.
    Ivo: Yes, the expression, “Divide and conquer” comes to mind, does it not? The Mississippi is a natural boundary between the east and west and is divided roughly to make two equal countries of the same population on either side. Years ago after Hurricane Katrina the U.S. Army corp of engineers rebuilt the levees that broke during the hurricane – rebuilt them to withstand a level 3 hurricane. Katrina was a level 5. What happens is that the Government comes out to fix something that has been broken but sets it up to facilitate the Illuminati plan for the country/city/state, whatever. The likelihood of another category 5, considering their ability to manipulate the weather, is great. New Orleans will flood and this will continue upriver, facilitating more flooding. Yes, there are dams along the way. They should withstand the oncoming water. But the river itself can flood the adjacent land. What if there were disasters on both ends of the river at the same time? The Missouri runs up to the lake head at Lake Superior. Suppose that area were to flood?
    This is the plan and it is being implemented as we speak. Quietly. What appears to be “stupid things” or “What are those idiots doing?” are not stupid plans as much as they are plans to split the country in two, or other Illuminati projects. Americans will be more easily controllable and the country will be in a state of disarray with a new government on the west side. The east will not fare much better.
    Me: What are they doing at the lake head?
    Ivo: There is a plan to extend the tip of Lake Superior to the Missouri River “to facilitate shipping in the area”. Look on line. It is there. You live on the St Lawrence. How much shipping do you see being done in your area? Not much. Everything is trucked or goes by train now. When people read the news and they think the government is a bunch of idiots with ridiculous planning, they need to think they are being duped because they are. This is being done right under their noses. There is nothing stupid about it. It needs to raise a red flag but most people don't bother. This is wrong.
    Me: What do they think they will accomplish by splitting the States in two?
    Ivo: More control. With two governments overseeing the people each will have approximately half of the states under their purview. This will tighten their enforcement of their rules and regulations. Also because the west is a different type of land with different concerns the Government that makes its residence in Denver will have files of a different nature. And to be sure, one big one will be marked “OIL”. Texas will fall in the jurisdiction of the western country as well as the oil lands around the Rockies so exploiting the oil in the American countryside will be the first of their considerations. They are already doing so. Look at the North Dakota pipeline. They have a “shoot to kill” order against the protestors. If the whites of America don't think the police will shoot them, but only the natives and the blacks, they are wrong. In the new America, nobody will have privilege. And you will be shot for the most minor of “offences”. (Just saw an announcement of that today, a woman's Facebook page was terminated, and then she was. Often what Ivo tells me I get confirmation of shortly afterwards.)
    Me: Sounds great. How depressing.
    Ivo: You have been warned. Canada will not be so bad because it is not a world power. But as I said, “It is worse than you think.” Break away groups will be dealt with initially but then left alone because they won't really see a bunch of poor hippy types as a threat. Right now what they are fighting is the resistance they are getting regarding vaccinating children and growing food on your own property, which goes to show the fascist state of America has already begun. In Canada you can still do these things. However life in the States will become unreasonable. Soon will come a collapse of the banking system in the States (watch the Federal Reserve) which will send the entire world into chaos. They will soon be outlawing care homes for seniors which of course will put the load back on the families, but will encourage day care for children as they will be setting up State-controlled (Illuminati) daycares. It could be possible for your child to be microchipped, fed GMO's and vaccinated in these State-controlled daycares because sooner or later they want to make your children wards of the state, and not your children. They want to take your children away from you and have primary say over what happens to them. Yes. That bad. They want first say about what happens to your children, particularly whether they live or die or can reproduce. Yes. I mean it. (I am shocked).
    Me: How do we get rid of these villains?
    Ivo: They have been here on Earth for a LONG time. They're not going to go quietly into the night. They will put up a fight to any resistance and at the moment they're using authority they don't have because they know that nobody can stop them. They're using confusion and lack of awareness against you. Sheer numbers of people are necessary to send them packing. Resistance, refusal.... the other way is to raise the vibrational level of Earth. That is probably the most difficult way because it is so low at the moment. It has to come up. People must start shedding off their negativity.
    Me: Okay, we're screwed.
    Ivo: Not exactly. There are people doing so right now. If the vibrational level of Earth can be raised to the point these villains cannot stand it here anymore, they will be forced to leave earthlings alone. Help is already here. People must access it. We are in the raising awareness stage right now. People must become aware of extraterrestrial help and accept it, as well as raise their awareness of what is being done to them.
    Me: Okay.....
    Ivo: The irony of the coming times is that people WILL start to be kinder to each other. They will have a common enemy. They will make sacrifices for each other, help each other, care for each other, feed each other, protect each other, which will help to raise the vibrational state.
    Me: I don't know what else to ask. I think I'm done. For now. I know I have to go back to this subject.
    Ivo: There is more.
    The next day.... I'm at my computer again, already having heard tidbits of what we're to discuss. Ivo is primed to go another 30 pages I think!
    Me: Okay, one of the things that keeps running around in my brain is the idea that we are using the wrong technologies and becoming dependent on them instead of going inward to use our innate abilities. For example I mean, driving. I love to drive a car, but I'd really like to levitate my body and fly off to whomever I want to visit (lends new meaning to "dropping in on someone," doesn't it?) I have astral travelled but that was with my light body. Then there's the TV, which I hate. People spend their time glued to the thing, when they could be using their own minds/brains, entertaining themselves with their own thoughts..... (when I was a kid I used to watch, “Bewitched” where Samantha Stevens would fly around on her broom. I had already decided I wanted to be a witch before even this. I believe that this was the closest I could come to seeing bi-location on earth and I also learned that people who did these things (ie. fly) were special or weird. Because on that show there was Mrs. Kravitz across the street who used to watch and react to some of the things she'd see so I learned there was something secretive about this stuff.)
    Ivo: Yes, the television. The Illuminati in your living room. There is not much at all on television that is not created to increase the hold the Illuminati has on your mind. Remember the Nazis, an Illuminati company so to speak, were “big” on mind control. Their goal was to control everyone into doing what they wanted them to do and the television plays a huge part in that. I will say unequivocally, EVERYONE should throw their television away. It's that simple. For the good it does for you, and that is nothing, it is not worth keeping. You do not use yours and that is commendable. That is also my influence. As you say, you have been groomed all your life to do this work. Do you think that if you had spent it in front of your TV that we would have been able to work with you? Absolutely not. Yet so many of our star children workers are transfixed in front of the box, wasting their hours, days, month, years, their whole life, watching Illuminati programs and Illuminati advertising. The television tells them that they're not good enough so they must buy this make-up, this aftershave, eat these foods, and if they want to be a good mother then they must give their children these foods to eat, which are garbage but because they're full of sugar the children enjoy it. Of course, they don't know any better. Children become addicted right out of the womb! They don't stand a chance! You remember the conversation you had with your niece about feeding her twins whole grains instead of processed wheat. She gave you a blank look because clearly she didn't understand what you meant....
    Me: Or she wanted to tell me to shut up.
    Ivo: But the children, even before they can speak, are begging for those processed foods. You could not figure out what they wanted but they badgered you until you gave it to them.
    Me: Sad, eh?
    Ivo: Well, you have detox centers in your world now. Imagine deprogramming centers. Yes, this will come. Where people will be taught how to function again! Much the same way the psychiatrists work with cult victims, deprogramming them to feel “normal” again (Me: hey! That's kind of ironic, isn't it?) but at least to get the mind control they've been subjected to out of their heads and to teach them to be “normal”. People will be desensitized from the television and other mind control technologies that are currently in play on your Earth that are not known about, and many experts will be available to help them to function normally, to meditate and to learn how to access their Higher Self, to take them off medications, teach them to eat properly again...... it is sad what must be done to rehabilitate one who is so far gone. And many will be children. Because they are born into this clearly unhealthy system. Your detox is nothing compared to what these souls will have to endure to be a human again in future.
    Me: (sigh)
    Ivo: Yes, words do no good.
    Me: Okay, hit me with some more. Tell me what else is going on with the TV, other mind control things?
    Ivo: Very well. You understand microwaves, yes?
    Me: Yes. When you put food in a microwave, it kills it. All its energy, which we need to survive, dies.
    Ivo: Exactly. So what if you knew your brain was being microwaved this very minute?
    Me: I doubt I would like that. But do tell me how this works.
    Ivo: Low frequency microwaves projected around, particularly the larger cities. Buy, buy, buy, shop, shop, shop. Do people need everything they buy? No. But these waves, along with clever advertising that tells them to keep shopping, that they'll never have enough because they are not enough, keeps telling people to buy things. Then you get flyers that tell you of sales, which suck you in frequently. How many times have you gone to buy “an item or two” and come back with much, much, more? Is that what you needed?
    Me: No.
    Ivo: So you're buying all this stuff you don't really need and then money runs short and then what do you do? You go into debt. Gotcha!
    Stay out of debt! Live within your means. But I hear you say you get bored. Sharon, is your life boring? You are writing a book trying to save people's lives. Is that boring?
    Me: I live by myself. That can be boring.
    Ivo: True. But is buying things going to change that?
    Me: No.
    Ivo: Making friends will.
    Now, onwards..... these microwaves also project toxins into your head. Yes. It is possible.
    Me: Like there wasn't enough already. Fluoride, car exhaust, industrial pollutants...
    Ivo: Yes, but this toxin is specifically directed to do a particular thing: to “dumb down” the population. Yes, you can be genetically affected. We try to protect you but we cannot help everyone. Seriously, do you think a “dumbed down” scholastic curriculum, childish, annoying TV shows, even cigarettes, alcohol and drugs, can dumb down an entire population? No. Even all these things need help. And here it is. Mind control.
    Me: Oh yeah, you forgot bad food, ass busting work hours, mindless jobs.....
    Ivo: And you are getting the idea of what is in store for the general population. The top jobs are already taken by Illuminati money makers, the bottom jobs can be filled in by people in general. Slavery is just around the corner. The glass ceiling will lower even more.
    Can you now see how much of the foul plot these monsters have cooked up is already in play? Do you think you must work a mind-numbing job for 40+ hours a week so you can go out and buy a mind-numbing television set to numb your mind out even further? People are wonderfully creative! Music, the arts, the inventions created by humanity although not all positive, are certainly creative. And you haven't even discovered a FRACTION of what the mind can do!! It is an amazing computer (the brain) with an incredible consciousness (the mind), never mind that is driven by a piece of the Godhead! Sharon! And these wonderful beings with this incredible, let me stress – INCREDIBLE – potential are doing this???!!! This is incredulous! All this is done to keep you at a level your captors want you at, yes they are captors, instead of realizing your own potential as unlimited. Humans have unlimited power! People who come to Earth who are geniuses are not geniuses. They're normal. Everybody else is sub-par. We're sorry if this does not appeal to your ego, but you must know this. You must take yourself back!
    Me: Is there any other kind of mind control going on?
    Ivo: Yes. It comes from within the solar system. There are technologies being projected from various planets towards Earth. You see what it takes to keep a human down. But it is working. There is also the grid, which you have seen, to keep the Godhead out. To disconnect you from yourself. We break into it at times and try to hold it open so that you can reconnect with yourself. You understand that at times in your life you could easily speak with your Higher Self and at other times it was more difficult.
    Me: I thought that was just me.
    Ivo: No. Not always. But that's what they want you to think, my dear. They want you to think the problem is you. That is not always the case! This is part of the advertising message.
    Me: But yes, back to my idea of driving a car instead of astral travelling or bi-location.... what other things have we substituted for our own innate abilities?
    Ivo: Flying. Also not necessary. And certainly dangerous enough. Even one fatality is too many. And the companies.... you must open your window, my dear, you are getting the smell of laundry soap in your apartment..... you have a high allergy to this......You need an apartment with better circulation. [I open the window and turn on the fan.] Yes, and the companies simply look at a plane crash as “the cost of doing business”. This does not sound very compassionate does it? But it sounds very Illuminati.
    Me: Hmmm. Okay, what else?
    Ivo: You have many gadgets that are not only unnecessary but unhealthy. My particular favourite: the microwave. Throw it out the window. [I don't have one. He's talking to you people.] It kills otherwise nutritious, live food and cooks food in less than 5 minutes. But if you put food in a pan with a little water you can do the same thing. How long do you have to cook something to warm it up? And so we have microwave meals. You cannot buy them because they are full of preservatives, additives, food colouring – all the things people become allergic to, never mind there are heavy metals in the packaging. Yes. I said that.
    The other one you have poked fun of is the rice cooker. Who cannot cook rice? Or the popcorn maker. The coffee maker, also unnecessary. And those pods .... fills up the landfills and makes unnecessary garbage.
    The telephone. When you are telepathic, you do not need the telephone. And we won't even go to hand held cell phones. Throw it out. You like yours, which annoys me. Fortunately you do not use it much. You will see, yes, a surge of cancer due to these – in the hand! And who does not need their hands? Of course because the cure for cancer (getting rid of the Illuminati) is being held back, the normal method of curing the cancer would be to chop off affected fingers, palm, whatever. The Illuminati frowns on crippled people. They have no use for someone who cannot contribute to their system of slavery. What would become of this cripple? I will just leave it at that.
    Yes, the biggest cancer on Earth at the moment is the Illuminati.
    Hand cancer. Yes, perhaps they will give it a nice Latin name such as “digital mellitonitis” or something of that sort. They will dignify it and put it in the medical journals. And they are saying the sun causes cancer. Exposure to radiation causes cancer, and there are holes in the ozone layer which could easily be fixed...... however there is too much money to be made selling yet another pharmaceutical product .... sun tan lotion. Or people avoid the sun. You do not. You are to be commended. You know how much better you feel when you bathe in the sun. And people get skin cancer as your mother did. They go to the doctor and yet again, become a purchaser of Illuminati goods and services. Too much money to be made from cancer to cure it, I'm afraid! And cancer is another thing for people to fear, which is an Illuminati agenda. Keep them scared.
    Ah yes! Here is the biggest dupe of all! What if I were to tell you that you are a creator? [I know this. He's telling you folks.] That with some training and a raised vibrational rate you could CREATE everything you want? You do not NEED to shop in stores. You would CREATE everything you need and want. There is some of this on Earth in the trades.....
    Me: Oh! I thought you meant things just popped out of thin air! Phew!
    Ivo: No, not like that. People spend all their time wondering who created the pyramids and how it was done so specifically. We did. Yes, the Human space travellers came to various places on the Earth, specifically the energy points on the Earth's energy grid, and built out of rock, pyramids. Pyramids are energy generators, not tombs for a body. There is one down underneath the Bermuda triangle. When the Atlanteans left the planet for the 4th dimension, after their world sank, the last man off the planet had the “transporter” set to a particular frequency, “beamed” himself out but left it on. When a human of a similar frequency flies or sails over this particle beam, he gets “beamed” off into the 4th dimension to live with a very large race of aggressive type humans. They don't live long there. They die soon enough because your physiology is calibrated to survive best with your sun, in your solar system. There are also magnetic factors which influence your energy system, etc.
    Me: So on this planet of war-like giants, a human pops in and someone says, “We've got another one! Stanley if you'd only turned off the transporter when you left! And of course Stanley feels vindicated by saying if he hadn't done it, he wouldn't have gotten back. And he wasn't sticking around on Earth.
    Ivo: No. But creative anyway.
    Getting back to creativity. You use tools (as do the animals on your planet you know, yours are only more sophisticated!) but creativity is a matter of manipulating energy and when the pyramids were built, using some math skills as well. We will have to come back to show you those too.
    Me: Okay, what about fabrics? Suppose I want to sew some clothes?
    Ivo: There are easier ways of doing it than the methods you use now.
    Me: What are they?
    Ivo: You want to create another see-through dress, don't you?
    Me: No. I want to keep myself warm.
    Ivo: Hint. Look at the many tribes you have on Earth that still make their traditional clothing.... what do they do?
    Me: Okay, you're not just going to give me this, are you? You're going to make me work for it.
    Ivo: I am a teacher. What do you have at your disposal? The Chinese have made silk from butterfly cocoons. What if you could find a grass or other vegetative substance, beat it and mix it with water to form a pulp which could be conditioned with heat to melt into a type of fabric?
    Me: That sounds neat.
    Ivo: It is already available to you. You just have to make the technology to do it.
    Me: Yeah, I was thinking of tree bark! But there we go hurting the trees again!
    Ivo: You can take some of the trees and replace what you use. As I said before, everything on Earth is there for the humans to use. You don't understand so let me tell you: ALL THE RAW INGREDIENTS ARE ON EARTH AT THE MOMENT TO SUPPLY YOUR NEEDS. You can work in eco-cooperation with Gaia to manufacture these. When you evolve, you will get new supplies.
    Me: Okay, so where do I become the creator then? In a definition we don't currently have.
    Ivo: My dear [he's losing patience, I can tell] you are a creator and you live on this planet. I said before everything is there to meet your needs and everything works on the Earth to supply your needs. Gaia is a provider. Do you see the link?
    Me: So I still have to get out a tool and create a dress from this melted tree bark....
    Ivo: You can think certain things into existence. Remember the woman who thought up the Tulpa, the conscienceless being that was a projection of her thoughts?
    Me: Yes.
    Ivo: This is possible as well. It is best you have the high consciousness to create a positive anomaly rather than a negative tulpa.
    Me: So we'll just stick with the tools right now? Like our animal friends.
    Ivo: Very well.
    Me: Where were we? We were talking about devices that we use instead of using our own innate abilities.
    Ivo: The automobile. And it's a huge pollutant as well. In the Inner Earth, which exists, they use trains that run on magnetic technology. Imagine that there is a track which has one polarity. You put a train on it that starts at that polarity and as it proceeds, becomes more and more the opposite polarity. There is a magnet on the end of the track, miles away, that is one polarity and the front of your train is the opposite polarity. And magnetism does not pollute or interfere with human intelligence. Perfect. And so easy! Your track is a positive polarity. At the end of the track is a magnet of positive polarity. Your train is negative polarity. It gets pulled to the end station and stays on the track, which is actually not metal rails as you use upside. To stop, shut down your magnet. To start, turn your train's magnet back on. Yes it can be interrupted. Cars could be created the same way. And there's no pollution.
    Me: Wow!
    Ivo: We like your human idea of shifting gears in your transportation. However if your transportation is conscious, this would not be necessary. If it were as our ships are, biotechnology and not technology in the human as you are thinking, but human in the technology as we do, then it would work. We still cannot fathom putting parts of a machine in a human body! This is because you are skirting around the real issue of rejuvenating the body itself. You have a dependence on technology which is not healthy.
    Me: Okay, what else?
    Ivo: The home. This one really sparks my temper.
    Me: Yeah, I remember that.
    Ivo: Made from trees! How stupid is that! Unbelievable. And then when it becomes too warm, you install an air conditioner which is also not good for the environment where if you'd had a grove of trees around your house you would have been cool enough. Perhaps you would need a dehumidifier. We sit and stare in shock at this! Yes, you have heard these thoughts before. Where do you get a lot of your higher ideas from?
    Me: Are you insinuating I'm stupid?
    Ivo: This is your low self esteem talking again. I'm not insinuating that. I told you this because I know you are smart enough to accept the idea of it.
    So, let me continue about the Terran housing system...... The houses are frail, do not support you in a bad storm, within seconds can be blown to pieces by a tornado. Why would you live in such a thing then? Then you need different houses, one that will withstand a tornado. The Japanese are a bit more flexible. Their old style housing have heavy roofs to protect them from earthquakes. Unfortunately they also have hurricanes and tsunamis. The best thing for Japan would be to move. They are in an extremely vulnerable spot. And you have commented yourself of the stupidity of building a nuclear power plant on such a weather-beaten island. Of course the Illuminati did this because they wish to poison the oceans and the people who live on the shores of it.
    Housing. Yes, your home is blown over by a tornado. So you rebuild. You add nothing new to strengthen it in most cases and you hope it does not happen again. Some move, yes. But a lot make their livelihood living in the tornado alley and remain there for their work. So why not try building a different house? One that will withstand a tornado? For the price of housing, surely you could even get a cheaper house with more steady construction.
    Me: Maybe it's an insurance problem. Illuminati again?
    Ivo: Yes, ah yes. Look at the logos. [company name withheld] has insurance, does it not? The logo: the all seeing eye with the pyramid behind it.
    Me: If I lived in that part of the States, I'd build my house below ground and I'd have a part on top, like a porch. Although yes, living underground isn't something we like to do. It's hard because we need the sun.
    Ivo: Yes, we will leave this for now. The Terran home. At least some creative people are trying to use refuse to make their homes out of. The earth ships, modelled after our craft, we are flattered. Rubber tires can simply be melted to make rubber again and the other by-products taken down into an inert form which is not harmful to the environment and reusable. Rubber tires can also be melted down to make – rubber tires!
    Building a home is a question of seeing what is available and useable (except for trees), what type of problems the land presents (such as earthquakes, tornadoes, flooding) and building to accommodate these things. We believe that all homes in North America are modelled similarly because it was probably the cheapest way and also that people have an aversion to looking “different”. Which is silly. You are different. That is your strength, yet you suppress it! You police yourselves as well. If one neighbour does something different, the others say, “Oh, he's a nut!” What is individualism is labelled lunacy by you. This is what the Illuminati wants. They want conformity and no originality. They want you to spend money to buy their products and make them rich. They want you to debt to buy these things so you are controlled. Like the bumper sticker said, “I owe. I owe. So off to work I go.” You are chained to a job because you want these things.
    Me: What about a house? We need lodging.
    Ivo: Yes, but there are far cheaper houses to be made and you don't need to take as much space as is currently the fashion. You must shelter from the weather, true. But if someone were to live in a shack with all they need but very minimally, you would say he is nuts too. He is trying not to be stuck in the system and is happy with where he is. This is what he has chosen. Can that not be respected? Apparently not in Illuminati thinking.
    Me: Yes, they're stopping people from doing that in the States now. Camping on their own land and growing their own food. They're being arrested!
    Ivo: So it is not your own land. You bought it but you do not have the right to do with it as you please. You have no rights. Like we said, eventually they will take the children. Old folks mean nothing to the Illuminati, unless they can make money. Once they are old and sick their only value is buying medical products, otherwise they have no use for them. Yes, so cruel. We won't talk about the disabled.
    Yes, you remember hearing the Draconians were like this. Two peas, same pod.
    Me: Ivo, what do you think of this new car technology where the car does the driving?
    Ivo: Do they think that technology can do a better job than a human? Perhaps with the state humanity is in now, yes, it might but then that will become another dependency. A human at their full potential and not at this weakened state, is a powerful being! This is what the Illuminati fears. This entire program is aimed at you not realizing your full potential and sadly, many many people have bought into it. They believe technology is superior to themselves! Incredible! You created it. How can it be better than you? Technology is only as good as the developer. So if a human can create the technology, then it can only be as good as a human. Technically, if one were in full awareness of their potential and using it, this technology would not be necessary.
    Me: I still want to discuss homes and machinery we have that you think are useless.
    Ivo: There are more things. Nuclear technology and its impact on the universe, yes the universe. Other technologies you need to discover or that are being kept away from you.
    Me: So one thing I think you should say is that technology is only as good as the developer. But one thing we can do as humans is envision something doing something 100 times better than we can. We can do that.
    Ivo: Yes my dear but do you have the know how to do it? Since the great manipulation, the rule on Earth was that everything that was developed on Earth was a reflection of the mind that created it. So it was not possible to develop something that was far grander than your mind could create because you did not know HOW to do it. You could think of it, and you could perhaps make it somewhat better than your brain could envision, but to create something that was beyond your scope of thinking. Not possible. This is why when a project is developed, “the best minds” get together to create it. Presumably, the smartest engineers get together to create a new piece of technology.
    We laugh as it is occurs more and more these days that a little kid will come up with a “whopper” of an idea, stunning “the experts” into silence and disbelief. Intelligence doesn't really have an age.
    Me: What about space technology?
    Ivo: Obviously we think that it is ludicrous. Sending a bunch of nuts and bolts out into space after a blast out the back end.....
    Me: You're not making it sound like very much.
    Ivo: It is not. And again, the REAL technology that is being used to get to Mars, Venus and other planets is being withheld from you.
    Me: What is this technology based on?
    Ivo: A form of magnetism and not like what I explained earlier. It would be too much to explain to you but it is based on repelling the object away from the Earth, not attracting it like the magnets used with the trains.
    Me: Where are magnets from?
    Ivo: The Earth, obviously. The rocks can be magnetic. Yes, you looked it up. The rocks are ferromagnetic which is magnetic iron. Yes, they are further processed to make them stronger.
    Me: So instead of oil being the big commodity, magnets could become the big commodity.
    Ivo: Perhaps. Many things promote motion in nature. The wind, obviously, water, magnets, anything that is poured down, such as sand.... all these things can be used to create green technologies.
    Ivo has, during editing, given me more information on the space program which is being held away from our knowledge. The NASA space program which we know of, shoots rockets into space which he calls a bunch of nuts and bolts, via a huge chemical burn to create the means to push the rocket into space. As we saw with the Challenger disaster in 1986, a small failure can create a huge disaster. In this case an O-ring failed - the seal. The ship flew for 73 seconds before exploding.
    He tells me that fire is a "technology" discovered millenia ago and still being used as the basis of heating and moving things in our society. We have not moved on past that point. Yes, there is nuclear but that is inherently dangerous considering the people administering its use. (Okay, he's coming through now).
    Ivo: Your automobiles run on fire - gasoline creating combustion when combined with air - which causes pollutants that now overrun the atmosphere. Many are allergic to their own world due to this. There are many better ways to propel automobiles. Electricity is a better way. Magnetism is a better way. There are even better substances to use instead of petrol (gasoline).
    Me: You've been hanging around Britain lately, haven't you?
    Ivo: Lately, no strangely around Canada for some reason.
    Me: But why, I ask?
    Ivo: Yes, you have noticed pain in your third eye area as you channel me which I am trying to hold back on. I am not trying to hurt you. Those children upstairs are giving you more of a headache than I plan to today.
    Me: I'm looking at moving.
    Ivo: Yes, I am focusing more energy into your third eye area to facilitate longer channels and you have been going for 6 hours on some days but are now starting to complain it is too much for you.
    Me: This is also nasty stuff to be writing about. I have feelings.
    Ivo: And you are particularly worried about your grand nieces and nephews who you know will be living in this world I am speaking of, and who are sweet and innocent and you want to protect.
    So back to the technology continuum. There are the lower technologies: fire, electricity, magnetism..... and you see as the continuum spreads out the vehicles mentioned become safer technologies. You notice nuclear is not mentioned here. You know, because I have shown you, that there is energy in your air. Yes your atmosphere is full of energy. There is life energy in breathing which is known. This same energy is everywhere, not just in your atmosphere, and it can be utilized to propel vehicles in space as well as on Earth. Yes, the Indian people call it Prahna and chi speaks of the life force in your body which is a part of this.
    Me: But how to harvest it?
    Ivo: I cannot tell you that because ETs do not want your warring species in space.
    Me: They are in space, in our solar system.
    Ivo: And will not go much further than that. So the end of the continuum is "life force energy". As I said before there are many methods to create electric energy to empower the world. Windmills, turbines.... water can spin turbines. Water, the oceans are always in motion as it is alive. It moves from within as well as being pushed by waves. Yes, the Earth moves. Nothing is stationary.
    Me: So if we have life force energy within us, then can we use that as a means to figure out how to move other objects.
    Ivo: Perhaps.
    Me: So it can run through organic material (humans) without damaging it.... yeah, I guess look at the properties it has.

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    Crackdown: Thank you for sharing

    Thank you Marion, very interesting read

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