Nurturance of Life

by Tarheel on October 16th, 2013

Following one directive of WMM, I have crossed another bridge in The Nurturance of Life category. Everyone here pretty much knows I am a dog-guy. I have 4 pups and me and that's my family. I just never cared for Cats BECAUSE I am highly allergic to them-puffy eyes, watery eyes, sneezing, shortness of breath, etc and they all make me react like this. It's some sort of allergic reaction to something in their saliva (or so I'm told).

ANYWAY, I had occasion to be in my yard at 3:30 am a couple of months ago, and I noticed a cat stalking something in an adjacent field. I live in the country, and their isn't another occupied house for 1/4 mile, so a cat being close to my home struck me as funny, but I didn't hold the thought long. THEN, a short time thereafter, I see the cat & 3 kittens scurrying about when I'm coming down my driveway. They ran under the empty home that is close to mine. It stays empty most of the year, but the farmer uses it for migrant labor in tobacco season. .I questioned the temporary tenants, and they told me they had been feeding them. They left last week for Mexico, and I knew the cat & her litter would starve, so I started putting food out. I never see them eat it, but it would be gone so I held hope they were getting it. Yesterday, they finally came out when I was filling their bowls. I guess NOW, I am now owner of 4 dogs and 4 cats. My puppies are very curious why I go outside with food and come back empty-handed, but I promise it wont be long until there is some sort of "confrontation".

Hey, maybe the Feline Race will give me a pardon for my dislike of cats due to my servitude to the abandoned cat/kitty family.

Stay tuned, and if you feel so inclined, do something to help meet the Nurturance of Life directive.

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Starperson: I'm in!

You are creating the best kind of Karma for yourself. Reaching out to the feline family of which you don't particularly approve. Kudos, softy. Hey, you want to know the answer to a rhetorical question? Sure you do. Ok, "Does a bear sh!t in the woods?"

Answer: Not always...sometimes they sh!t in your house!

Last week a black bear (it was actually cinnamon colored) came through our back screen door at 3am. I heard noise down stairs and grabbed the shotgun. When I got to the top of the stairs, a 300 pound bear was staring at me from the living room. I was wearing boxers and began ordering him to get on the ground...old habits. Instead, he sh!t where he stood, and made a U-turn, blowing out the front glass sliding door!

No shots fired, minor damage and I earned myself some good Karma. I'm back buddy!

Nurturance of Life...good call, I am in.

During my absence, I decided you are the site Sheriff, and BB is Mother Earth. Problems anyone?

Tarheel: Why did you get your gun?

You could've wrestled The Bear w/out your heat. Dude.

Me, Sheriff?
Okay, here's the lawman I wanna be...

Sky: Nice clip

Police are important truly. I do agree with a comment I heard from Jordan Maxwell. I cannot recollect the exact source but it exists on utube and or DVD he created. Jordan Maxwell said that the real criminals comprise of something like one per cent. Many criminals are encouraged to be so and are released from incarceration into the population to create a sense of fear so as to justify the need for police state alternatives.

Starperson: My very first thought...

...was: WWTD? (What Would Tahreel Do?) But when I realized he'd probably scream like a little girl and pee his pants, well...I went with plan B.

After viewing the clip you sent and considering your feelings, I am willing to change your status in my mind. You are now, Dirty Tarheel! I'm so glad your user name isn't Sanchez! ;)

Tarheel: I already "inferred" what I would've done.

I would have wrestled him to the ground like Paul Bryant did(see the story of how Paul Bryant acquired his handle "The Bear"). The very reason he shit in your house is because he thought it was me coming down the steps and not you. I would have scared the shit outta him. I'm quite the intimidating figure.

Now, if I were you, I would have grabbed a gun and watched him make a pile in my home. It's like Clint said, "It what you know about yourself on the inside that makes you afraid." D'OH !

Oh, we have bears, turkey, owls, deer and many other wildlife represented here). I've never been afraid of any of them or anything else for that matter. I conquered Fear a while back. I can be startled but not scared.

Touche, Star ! (hey Wifey)

bluesbaby5050: I'll Go Along with that LOL!

Not a problem ..... I'd be Honored Starperson. Thank You :-)

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