NSA is monitoring 75% of Internet traffic !

by Tarheel on August 21st, 2013

This is WAY outta control. This says that they even monitor your email . This is reminiscent of NAZI Germany under Adolf Hitler.I I provided the link IF ya want more. Warning-It made me sick to my stomach.

Title- Report: NSA conducts surveillance on 75 percent of U.S. Internet

Excerpt- (CBS News) According to a Wall Street Journal report on Tuesday, the NSA has built a surveillance network that covers considerably more U.S. Internet communication than intelligence officials have previously disclosed publicly. The system, built by Boeing, Cisco, and Juniper Networks, draws information from telecommunications carriers that cover approximately 75 percent of all U.S. Internet traffic.

Link- http://www.cbsnews.com/8301-505263_162-57599479/report-nsa-conducts-surv...

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bluesbaby5050: INTERNET IS 100% MONITORED NOW, by Government Workers

ALL FORMS OF COMMUNICATIONS ARE NOW, AND THIS IS ALSO A FACT! CBS is controlled by the PTB that CONTROL all the worlds medias! All the news broadcastings stations are, NBC/ABC/CBS/CNN/FOXNEWS, and more, because the PTB OWN THEM ALL! The Cable is owned by TED TURNER, AN ILLUMINATI MEMBER! They tell people what it is they want you to know! And it is NEVER THE COMPLETE TRUTH, as Anu77, and Edisonik pointed this out to us many times before in this forum, in the beginning of this forum, and also up to this year-2013. If you believe the above is true, then you will believe anything set before you with the Governments links provided also.

Tim Lovell: guys can I just say one thing

guys can I just say one thing ... try not to let your minds be overflooded by information this is also another tool they use knowing like the man said abousing transmitting throuight the earths energy grid , too much info can overload you and confuse you! :P

bluesbaby5050: Wall Street is also OWNED BY THE BANKERS= OCCULTISTS!

The PTB also Own The Wall Street Journal! Why does this not surprise us? Of course they have a built in Surveillance System into all our Communications Networks! And our Smart Meters, and Smart Phones, IPhones, Ipads, Tablets, PC'S, Plasma TV'S and a lot more. All your New Appliances are, and all Electric gadgets are too, and even the new,and newer cars, and trucks are also. This is Not New news here folks. Cisco, and Boeing, and Juniper Networks are the named systems that are doing all the government spying on all of us around this planet, and NOT JUST IN THE USA.

Tim Lovell: BB I would like to warn you

BB I would like to warn you about becoming too immeshed in considered conspicies as I said b4 this is an example of too much light or information at once overloading the system and you mind struggles to make sense of all the light thuis generating conspiciy theories one thing you may not be aware of though is they use this platform of your mind that is then available to them to imprint whatever they want into it be very aware of your pshyce you can feel when another entity or device is present pls don't get taken over dude...

bluesbaby5050: Yes, and this is very correct Tim!

This is why I say not to post the dammed world news here. We can have access to this source of negativity ANYTIME WE WANT TO, and it is easy to get to by the way. So we can do without it here. This site is for teaching about many subjects, and how to deal with life as we know it by studying what, and how the Matrix is, and how it works. We also teach how to get by with out the PTB and their power structures set up to control us all. We start at the very beginning around about 4000 years ago, and even before that time, and up to the present day.

bluesbaby5050: I am well aware of this Tim.........

Thanks for the warning though, as many people are not aware of this too. You don't know me, nor what I am really about. I don't tell all that I know, as this site is also monitored too. But, I present a different kind of knowledge to this forum, and it was discussed in private before I brought it forth into this forum. And this is my true purpose for being here now. I did not just show up at random. Thank you again for your concern.

Tim Lovell: Remember the eternal truth

Remember the eternal truth YOU create your own reality always ONLY you , if your thoughts are being directed or a part of you is forcebly taken over in your psyche then its them only when your whole being is free and you are fully free to think foryourself and create it as you want are you then free of the frequency control b, but as we know it takes time!

Tim Lovell: Time btw dosent exist :P

Time btw dosent exist :P

bluesbaby5050: Tim.....

I don't get involved with the conspiring people that only have heard here say, and not actual proof of what they are talking about. I do not cut. paste/or copy others people work, or post subjects that I know nothing about either, as this is not a wise thing to do. My teachings comes from my own LIFE, AND PAST LIFE EXPERIENCES! My knowledge comes from my head, and my soul, the works that I have studied along the way, and the events that I have seen during my life time. I am 62 years old now, and I have lived a long time to witness what this life, and this planet is all about. I have seen things others have not. I have brought back proof that can not be found in my pocket, or my desk. I will stop here for now.

Tim Lovell: BB yes I understand dude don

BB yes I understand dude don't worry I am not saying past post to hurt you or anything just to highlight the dangers of opening your self up psychicly you can get overpowered or taken over by malicious entities , I myself got taken over by a Ciakar that's why I say about them a lot I now very well first hand how it feels and what they are l;ike the one that had me was from orion btw not the thuban hoime world and I sneakily told him he was just a sub slave half breed lol to piss him off but pls just be aware ok they ARE out there ok...

Tim Lovell: btw I got it out of me with

btw I got it out of me with help of my pliedian alies and others including my spiritual guides this was along 13 year process and very painful full of a lot of bad times be VERY carefull when dealing with otherworld entities that you don't not fully understand ok...

Tim Lovell: also wanna know some fun , I

also wanna know some fun , I saw a ufo last night it my my friends the piedians a yellow light silent flew over my house no noise I have seen them b4 4 times and others they always come when you don't expect hehe forget about ufo movement its people who don't care atall they wanna contact! :)

Tim Lovell: the way the ciakar got me was

the way the ciakar got me was to first force it self into my psyche then start to funnel light it had into me to `turn` me from first going to love ok , this process I thought I would NEVER sucomb to but eventually I did , you don't know how powerfull they are psychicly you would NEVER not honour Christ when you were young right? well after 13 years of the possession it had simpily eroded my old self I had died and it had replaced my odl self with what it wanted you just don't understand once it is IN you there is no escape but I was told on my higher self level that I would have to die to my eartly ego to get rid of the invading ciakar so it took my eartly ego ofc rebelling everyday and sinning ! making the situation worse ffs years until finally I did let my ego go and it took more nearly my soul but eventually I died to my old self and now I am starting again at age 35 but this should highlight to you ALL the very REAL dangers of entity poissesion and to not be naieve when dealing with unknown entities ...

bluesbaby5050: Everything has a connection to them, like Alcohol, tobacco...

Dope/Drugs/ ALL Negativities=head games, and in your relationships too. They just love to break up loving families -----> THEY ARE BIGGGGG ON THIS SH-IT, and by/though any other ways they can get to you too! SEX/PORN, and any other deviant behaviors they can control you by, any weakness you have. ANY activity you could think of, and white/black witch craft, and though religions, and food addictions, you name it! It is them/the demons, and they all have their assignments too! They root them selves into the first 2 lower chakras, and this is where your primal basic instincts are located. You have to fully let go of the EGO, and this means everything connected to your egos !! Not buying into the makeup, and the hair styles, and all the clothes to make YOU FEEL BETTER ABOUT YOURSELF!!? OH YA! Now you getting it. It goes very deep into your Mind! They know you better then you know you! This is what they do, they study all of you, and this is how they play you, and the game!

Tim Lovell: http://www.youtube.com/watch


here is a new subject tho you might like it it is old style hehe
remember old.....

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