Now to Understand One has to Open their Mind and their Hearts

by Annunaki77 on November 29th, 2012

Open your Minds and your Hearts. I believe in Humanity.
Prove Me Right!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.

Prove Me Right!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.


Believe in yourselves, take Personal Responsibility for your Lives.
You do not need Big Government for this Endeavour.
This is your Personal Endeavour.

This Game is about Personal Responsibility.
Not about being Saved by outside Forces.
Like I said many times over, no one will save you from yourselves.

Do you Understand Now.

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Annunaki77: Your time goes like Water in a Waterfall

My Time goes like Gold, Eternally never decaying and like Gold lasting forever.
Your Souls are temporary, but with my Wisdom you can live Eternally.
Conqour Death with Enlightenment.

Troy was Indeed a Game formed by the Kods.
Love above all Power.

bluesbaby5050: Your explaining to the forum.......

That people's time while on this planet, is a moment in time, and goes by very fast. Gold will always exist. So people must learn to Become eternal, and learn how to NOT re-incarnate. Some people will still need to re-incarnate in order to learn more lessons. This is the only way this can be done. While other's will be able to move well past this, once they have become a Master of ALL their lessons.Then they will become truely FREE !

Ecbra de Oaoj:

conquer Death... ?

yes... Love above all Power... because... Love... gear Power; and God finaly is... Force.

yes... so... how Conquer Death...? fighting like... warriors in Troy? for... Paris or Hector for...
from Menelau or Agamenon?

yes... Love above all Power but...

war of... Troy? in this context?

I wanna Wisdom and I know and feel... that you have; Dear Friend but...

please I dont... understand why... a context of... war. about.
so... how? conquer... death.. ? so on...


with Respects


Wandaharley: In regard to the post , Some

In regard to the post , Some Are Getting Ratty, that seems to have disappeared, I agree that positive and negative energy builds intensifying upon itself and I suppose those energies must somehow react , blow up that is the word if it is not released sensibly. For instance holding back feelings that are not expressed causes violence. Therefor all these earthquakes and volcanos that are about to erupt means that Sophia is pissed off. You can communicate with the Earth entity you know. There is something else about energy it is never wore down or deleted as that guy said and the word degenerate is a joke and should be removed from the dictionary, it is the biggest lie and illusion in the universe. You get my drift ?

bluesbaby5050: Many things can happen to a Negative person in this ........

Higher Vibrational frequency change, such as having a stroke, a heart attack, or an anuyssum, ( burst a blood vessel in the neck). This releases the pressure in the head, the heart or the neck. This is very BAD! But this is how the body will react to negative energies. This is very serious, and any one of these three WILL KILL YOU! Many people are actually dying from these symtoms right now, and more then ever before. So now to release this pressure in a HEALTHY way, is to take a moment, and try and calm down, and take some long slow deep breaths, and then exhale your breath slowly, this will give the body more oxygen, and will help to reduce the blood pressure in the body as well. Go for a walk as this will release pressure, and change YOUR MIND SET while doing this activity. THINK about soothing things that give you pleasure. Talk clamly to your pets, and feel their fur. This will slow down your blood pressure. Try to MASTER your thoughts, and your Emotions. Become a Master at this. Do not drink anything with alcohol in it, because this raises the blood pressure in the body, NOT GOOD.

bluesbaby5050: When referring to someone your talking to Wanda....

Say their name so we will know who your addressing in this forum. Don't be vague. The proper person needs to reply to you. Please remember this next time.(No we don't get YOUR DRIFT.) Negative attitudes get negative results.

Wandaharley: I wrote a story about a old

I wrote a story about a old black man that appeared and disapeared at will any time he wanted around my area, the po po locked him up lots of times, but they couldn't contain him, the po po don't want the general public to know this can happen that it is true, I know lots of people who knew this man and had their own stories to tell, I got this message to change what I had wrote, but I will not do it, it is on Wickipedia and it is going to stay on Wickipedia.

Tarheel: Can you expand upon this WandaHarley or give a link?

Somehow I think I missed something.

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