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by Quaesitor on December 17th, 2013

They are chemtrailing the HELL out of my county!! I jumped into the abyss and posted on my FB. (Yes I know how ya'll feel about FB) I will be interested to see the reaction. This is pretty compelling from this morning. What I don't understand, is that our elected officials in this county, are well-connected in the state capital, and surely they must know that their families are being poisoned as well?

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Sky: (primary (primary moderator name is Mo) has a clip where Al Gore admits chemtrials are real! Then of course soft pedals it. This is so like the classic media "out" so to speak where they say it has been mentioned. Blah blah blah. I would provide the link but do not know how to insert links. However I provided the source. GNOSTICWARRIOR.COM.COM is excellent.

Thank you for your article here. I like it.

Quaesitor: Thanks Sky! I was hesitant to

Thanks Sky! I was hesitant to post on my FB but overall was supported by most, and had a few thank me because they had never heard of chemtrailing before. Also had people discuss forming a public action group to pay for private testing of soil/water!! That's exciting! :)

Crackdown: Nanites ( nanorobots ) in chemtrails

Nanites could be found at chemtrails , popular cosmetics ( such as "Fame" by Lady Gaga ) , some food... And they can be controlled remotely

UN.i1-PHI: and that nanoparticles can assemble into robotoid 'organisms'

ofenly in seemingly insectoid formations/structures,and are found creeping in the body of people suffering from this so-called morgellons 'dis-ease', and the body tries to secrete these nanofibers out trough the tissues wich causes leisures,and who knows what other bio-chemical effects/influences these ARTIFICIAL PARASITES! cause and disturb

Coast to Coast AM Interview with Marshall Vian Summers, Are ET forces influencing World Events.
A prayer for non believers
obsrvantlouie: I have observed

An increase in chem trails as well.

Tarheel: I have as well.

I'm not sure if they are actually doing more spraying OR if I'm just more aware of when/what they are spraying. You'd have to be brain-dead NOT to know something's up because they are blatant about their actions/efforts.

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