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1./Genesis= Gene of Isis /2. Brain has 4 Quadrants( not 2) The Brain Quartex carries fluid/stream of the Internal Fountain of Perception.3./The corridor of communitcations in the whole channel that sits between the crown area in to the Pineal Gland.4./ Isis = is-is= duplicity= polarity.5./ Israel=Isis-RA-Elohim = mothership fe/ma GODLAM. 6./Jerusalhem=mothershipform the Pleiades.7./ Pleiades=constellation of Tauras,daughter of Atlas, and Pleione. 8./ Lyra=NorthernConstellation=WHITE STAR called ALPHA-LYRA, and Blue Star called VEGA.9./UV-RA of GOD =EARTH did not have OZONE LAYER when created.10./ST. GERMAIN TONING; AUMMMM-OMBRAEE-INONE-IRAONE-INONE-AUMMMM. 11./ORION=NEAR TAURAS containsstarsREGIL,and Betelguese.12./MILESE=Populated LYRA,175,000,000 years ago. 13./LEMURIA= COVEREDby the INDIAN OCEAN.14./PAN=LAND SOUTH PACIFIC before LEMURIA, and AUSTRALIA. I5./20,000,000 years ago on VEGA-LYRA STAR SYSTEM, lived titans 20-25 feet tall/7M. 16./TITANS connected YAHWEH=YHWH=IHWH. 17./Civil War Battle broke out, and all TITANS Scattered.18./ COMET APPEARED,and destroyed 30 of their lands, and planets ( 60% of their populations).19./A WAR LORD TITAN left thousands of his followers, and ventured into our galaxy with many BLUE SUN (PLEIADIANS).20./The warlords (ESIS) susccessor, his daughter PLEIJA,changed the name of this star system to Pleiades.21./ Destroyer Comet-re-enters the Pleiades star system, it does not do any harm, but they decide to follow the tail of this cometwhich brings it into our current solar system.They decide to colonize Mars, Maldek,and the Earth. Pheija decides to return to Pleiades.22./ Maldek experiences civil war which destroys the planet which explodes,and becomes the current Asteroid Belt between Mars, and Jupiter.23./This causes Mars rotation onto it's axis to change which cause Mars to become extinct, and the people leave to conquer other lands, and planets(Earth). Mars then becomes desolate. 24./Pleiades decides to create a space base on Earth,and peace reigns for 10,000 years .25./Again, there is war, and destruction which lasts for several thousands years, until a leader/master named Atlas's mate/partner Father's name was MURAS.26./ MURAS went forth to developed LUMURIA which was a city built around a spaceship called MU.27./ CIRCA 33,000 years ago, many civilizations came from ARCTURUS,LYRA, and the Pleiades.28./ ARCTURUS = fixed star constellation BOOTES.29./ A VENGEFUL ENTITY RETURNS FROM BETA CENTAURS to set up home in HYERBORIA which is now FLORIDA.30./ENTITY'S NAME IS ARIS which is Grand Father of JEHOVAH.31./They proceed to ASIA MINOR to conquer, and then on to ATLANTIS/LUMURIA. Finally after 100,000 years, they attempt to take control buy attempting to cease an Asteroid, instead brought it to Earth, and that was the end of ATLANTIS.32./After 18,000 years of peace Atlantis, and LUMURIA were gone. This is noted in history as all Souls/Saints day, and HALLOWEEN, AND IS ON NOVEMBER 1 FIRST.33./ Pleiadians had developed an undergound peace corps called, "The Black League"34./The destruction caused peoples to go underground, and their skin is bluish copper in color.35./Tribes that appeared after Atlantis were 4- NATIONS. They are as follows,Hyper Borians, Almus, (South America/Central, and North Americans)Aryans-warlords, Orion{ JEHOVAH),and the Hebrews.36./SODOM,and GOMMORAH was a Star Battle after which the Pleiadians went home.37./ JESUS was initiated by the Pleiadians.38./Star of Bethlehem was a spaceship. BETHLE HEM=BE-ELOHIM. 39./VENUS(4D, SIRIUS then settled Egypt. Egyptians are interbreeding of SIRIANS , and with Pleiadians. 40./ Star of Sirius = star of Jerusalem,( Jerusalem was a star ship). 41./Many Pharoahs were leaders of Atlantis .INHOTEP. TUT-ANKH-AMEN,RAMESES. 42./ Beneath GOBI DESERT is an inner city called AGHOPA/ AGAPA/ ARGARTHA.43./ Centaus=constellations between HYDRA and Southern ( CROSS). Brightest star ALPHA CENTAURI which is nearest Earth.44./ MEN IN BLACK have been on the Earth since 1600AD = illuminati(ORION).They are intrenched in the: ROUNDTABLEof NINE,and the COUNCIL OF FOREIGN RELATIONS (CFR) the U.N,and the TRILATERAL COMMISSION,and "The Bilderberg Group",and the CLUB of ROME,and the ROYAL INSTITUTE of INTERNAL AFFAIRS.45./ RED INDIANS have a Genetic Lineage from ATLANTIS. 46./ DAAL UNIVERSE=ORIGINS OD DOLFINS=( DAAL-FINS). 47./ALTLANTIS: LARGE ISLAND 7700 SQM. LOCATED in the ATLANTIC OCEAN.48./PLEIADIANS lived on a mountain called ATLAS. 49./GOD OF ATLANTIS=TERRIBLE/TERROR- GOD OF THUNDER/ LIGHTENING.50./ASTEROID ARRIVES when Earth-MOON-VENUS ALIGN.51./ MOVED RECORDS of WISDOM to TEMPLES OF EGYPT. 52./NOTIFIED NOAH ETC. ....( NOAH'S ARK WAS A SPACE SHIP. 53./ ASTEROID WAS 6 MILES WIDE TRAVELING 8 MILES PER HOUR.54./ IT IMBEDDED ITSELF INTO THE ocean floor of PUERTO RICO PLATEAU. 55./ Smoke/Gas traveled across the BERING STRAIGHT,and caused ARCTIC COLD for 5,000 years.56./ Earth experienced a Polar Shift of 2 degrees. (The Harmonic Convergence: ) 57./PHOTON BELT= Manasic Vibrations = Golden Radiance= GOLDEN NEBULAR. 58./ SUN=ARCH-ANGEL MICHAEL ESSENCE.59./MAYAN CALENDAR=3113 BC-2012 AD.60./RISE in Philosophy began-750 BC. 61./ BUDDHA WAS BORN in the Central Point of the Mayan Calendar. 62./Buddha' Mother - MAYA. 63./AFRICA = KUNDALINI. 64./EGYPT=CROWNSEAL KUNDALINI.66./EU ASIA=SOLAR PLEXUS/LIVER.67./MIDDLE EAST= MENTAL CAPACITY OF EUASIA.68./AUSTRALIA=HEART SEAL.69./SOUTH AMERICA=THROAT SEAL.70./INDUS VALLEY/TIBET/INDIA=3RD-EYE. 71./NORTH AMERICA=THE CROWN (MOUNT SHASTA= HEART SEAL OF CROWN.) 72./1999=PLANETARY ALIGHNMENT.73./ANTARTICA(SOUTH POLE)= ELECTRIC FACE OF ESSENCE(2-FIELDS OF CHAKRA INSIDE ARCH OF FEET.74./ARCTIC(NORTH POLE) =MAGENTIC ESSENCE. 75./AMAROOSH>> BRINGS FORWARD GOD ESSENCE OF THE HEART SEAL.76./ OM>> VIBRATES ATOMS IN ETHRIC/ AURIC FIELD.78./ WE NEED SUNLIGHT BECAUSE WE DON'THAVE IT INSIDE. 79.SUN-12 DENSITY.80./UNIVERSAL CONCIOUSNESS= 30 DENSITY.81./ ASTRALIA=. PAN. From: Dan

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nivine: ouch! :p

My brain hurts after reading this, it's like using every single neural connection available :p

bluesbaby5050: LOL! You Have To....

Just to Digest all of it, and the time lines too. It's a great amount of information that follows the events in order too. I thought this info was worth sharing with the forum.

bluesbaby5050: You have to Excersize this Awesome computer..........

We all have, Or it will age real fast without the Proper Stimulation :-)

nivine: hmm,umm,ok :d

Ofcourse it's worth Sharing, it's amazing
I was talking about the content and the value of the information, that take u to another level of thinking, and that's why I said it hurts
it's definitely not about how big the text is..( just thought it's worth mentioning this point)

nivine: but!

Great, great, and great again .. Job as usual :d

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