Nostradamus Prophecy is Real prophecies?

there is a Person who is great prophet named Nostradamus who claims that his prophet
are predicted till year 3797
but im not sure if he is real prophet or Liar


HebrianDaniel: hey Edison or Kanesh what do

hey Edison or Kanesh what do you think of Nostradamus prophecy?

edisonik: Do not Worry Herbrian Daniel

The Heart and the Spirit of Humanity is Sound, Peace and Harmony will Reign on Earth.
Do not let Fear Dominate your Spirit Son of Heaven.

As long there is Love in the Heart of Man and Woman there will be Harmony and not Chaos.

HebrianDaniel: well that not what i asked. i

well that not what i asked.
i asked what do you think about nostradamus prophecy

edisonik: Once again you still choose Fear Son.

If you choose Fear , then your will Fullfill prophecy.
You have Power , Master your Gift which heaven has given you.
For Time and Space is Now, Past, Present and Future.
Master your Mind Son.

Prophecy is Probability and Not Written in Stone for this is the Power which has been given to you Son.

You Create your Reality, be careful with what your Mind Manifests.

Tarheel: Hebrian is an eager one, Edisonik.

Hebrian has a big heart. He is inquisitive. He is a brother-I know YOU know that.That is the sign of a Rainbow Warrior. He has come to question "things".

It is obvious to me H/D seeks The Sacred Truth. "Seek and Ye shall find".

HebrianDaniel: Well im here to ask questions

Well im here to ask questions and gather information and increase my knowledge
i dont rely on my spirituality yet. however i enjoy my life and im happy person
what i only want now is to keep Study and learn thats what i only want now...

Tarheel: That is FINE, Brother Hebrian!

My intent was NOT to upset you. I've long considered you a comrade/friend Bro Hebrian Daniel.

HebrianDaniel: oh well....

oh well....

edisonik: You will find

For everyone who asks will recieve and every seeker shall find.
You will find your Truth Son of the Hebrews.

HebrianDaniel: i hope so

i hope so

wmarkley: nostrodomus

Nostrodomus speaks in riddles, people take his words and make them fit into happenings, then say that he predicted it, i dont put no faith in this guy, he lived in a very difficult time and used his wisdom to make a living by twisting words to fit events. to be truely a prophet, you must tell it as it will play out, and be right without twisting words and riddles, i think that nostrodomus was part of the illuminati, and these creeps are just glorifying one of their own to instill fear on the masses, dont give any of this stuff any of your energy, follow your heart without fear, the same thing was done with revelations in the bible, it was meant to instill fear in the people, with some bullshit God who will lay down his wrath on humanity, and then think that he has any right to judge anyone, I personally have more love in my heart than this bullshit God does that christians believe in, when Yahwey shows up we should just send him packing, tell him to enslave someone else because we DONT get on our knees for nobody.

HebrianDaniel: nostradamus died before

nostradamus died before illuminati even formed he died at year 1566
illuminati formed on 1776
he died 210 years before illuminati formed
how can he be part of illuminati if it not existed in his time?

Tarheel: Noistradamus spoke in riddle because of The Inquisition.

Nostradamus could NOT come out and make predictions clearly because he would have been killed by The Church-as The Inquisition was on Nostrad's butt for "dancing around the subject as it was".

Altho I respect Wmarkely's honest opinion, I have to disagree with him on this. Nostradamus tried to make people aware of what he saw, and he CLEALY was accurate on certain events. Not everything but certain events.

I would heed the advice of Edisonik, and NOT MANIFEST anything negative that Nostradamus prophesied . I will join in manifesting his positive prphesies for OUR time period.

bluesbaby5050: I Do Believe we Know who he is--?

Would that be The ENLil, Spoken of in the bible? This being that Hides behind bushs? And Carried a Big stick? And made Snakes fall from the skies,Down onto the peoples heads? And made the Great Flood TRYING/HOPING to Drown all of Humanity? Is this the Being Your speaking of Wmarkely? IT does sound familiar.

wmarkley: yup

that would be Enlil, alright, and Yes Daniel you are right, the aluminati did form at that time, but they were still the faces behind the curtain way before the official aluminati, i believe they were the brotherhood of the snake before calling themselves the aluminati, these creeps have been around for many years calling themselves many different names. different names with the same agenda.

bluesbaby5050: Nostradamus was a man!

He RE-married a wealthy woman his Second time around. They had a son,who later grew up,and was old enought to help him. His son even helped to hide some of he father's works. He spoke of him, I do not remember the sons name. This made it possible for him to be able to devote his time, to writing, and helping others,as he was also a doctor of medicine. And he had to disquise so much of his works, as the church would have had him killed, as a demon! A Warlock, a man Witch! He would have suffered a horrible death by being burned alive,as many people were all though out the ages! And He knew this. He had been married earlier,to his first wife and had 3 children,and they came down with the plague that had killed his wife,and kids. He spent alot of time alone, after this, as this had grieved him so. All of this is well docummented. Read about him,and his life. You will learn much more. (And he was never a woman.) The History Channel covered his life,and times he lived in. I watched this a fews time over to remember it. They played this repeatedly. It is all true. He was a man!

Tarheel: Very accurate depiction of Nostradamus, BB !

There's no doubting his gender. And his good deeds are hardly the worki of an Illuminati. His wholew family died while he was traveling Europe helping people battle The Plague.

II think Wmarkley wants Nostrad to be woman so he can draw a visual of The Illumi-NAUGHTY !
(that was a joke-Wmarkely!!!)

Crigitine: Modern history tells us

Modern history tells us Nostradamus was a man, and apparently had a bunch of his visions come true in one form or another. But the idea of Nostradamus being a woman is intriguing. At this point I wouldn't doubt it. So much of the history has either been misleading or simply false depictions so that others could feed off of it. With wars allowing winners to write the history, theres no telling how much of it is falsehood and misleading. We'll find out eventually.

wmarkley: history

It wouldnt be the first time that history was a lie. Nostra damus being a woman is a very interesting angle, never thought of that one, quite feasable.

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