Nostradamus predictions are coming true! USA Nuns take a swing at The Dope, I mean The Pope .

by Tarheel on June 1st, 2012

This is getting pretty interesting. The Roman Catholic Church leaders are now saying that "(American) NUNs are being disruptive and promote "radical feminism" and that USA NUNS are violating Catholic teaching. WOW !

Anything to get the spotlight off all the SCANDALS and UNDERMINING and DEVIANT Sexual Behavior and Crooked dealings going on in The Vatican-home of the Roman Catholic Church !

Egg on your face Pope BeneDICKt, and this is what you come up with to divert our attention?
Hahaha! What a joke !

Excerpt- The leadership representing most of America’s nuns came out swinging Friday against the leaders of the Roman Catholic Church, in the face of charges from the Vatican that the nuns are espousing “radical feminism” and straying from church teaching.



bluesbaby5050: The church is crumbling,as Lord Annu 77 has stated this already.

In the forum. I am glad too. The church are turning on the ranks! LOL! What a joke! Just HANG in there Tar!

Crigitine: Kinda like with the knights

Kinda like with the knights Templar after they did the dirty work. I don't understand though why their ranks turn on each other. When they kill each other in that manner it's not like they are releasing, they are hard resetting their people out of anger. Why would you thin your own ranks like that. I suppose you can't exactly say to a fellow higher rank "your fired don't tell anyone what you saw". Can't wait to the drones taken over and turned when they start flying around.

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