Know this Adamu , you will get through this Treason being waged against you by Government & Corporations.
You are Divine Beings Created in the Image of Heaven and your Creator.

Humanity has Value and is Special in Heavens Eyes.
I Love you and so too does Annunaki77.
The Time will come when your Awesome Powers will shine.

When the Last Remaining ReptiIians try to Pull a False Flag and make you go to War with a Bogus Enemy.

They will try to Scare you with Terrorism which they Financed $$.

Do not be afraid and hold your ground Adamu.



The Lion King 2 - We Are One (English)

We are One.


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Tim Lovell: I love you Edi , sry for

I love you Edi , sry for the past insults , I realise now I was wrong, now I know all the wrong of the past have been worked out , I am sorry Edi , it is just clean up now and I will help of course

forgive me

Tim Lovell: Edi ou know that humaties

Edi ou know that humaties denial of the multidimensional sphere via genetic manipulation is the main cause of `our` groups `species` even first hand step tp start evoling beyond the 2 strand DNA , now I know you know this but also I know you have evolved beyond all these primitive argumentative prepositions , so I ask you what next?


pasqualie: Tim

Human beings having 2 strands of dna is because the reptilians and annunaki scrambled the rest of the dna to keep humans as worker slaves.

Then they set up a system to mind program and control the masses where the world is in the condition it is in right now.

And they playing good cop bad cop right now to keep everyone polarized and divided.

Only way to get out is to rise above that type of thinking of judgment and picking sides and laying blame. Clear yourself out and deprogram yourself from the mind control programming because all this stuff going on right now is just external distraction. Meant to keep you distracted.

Tim you know what edi and annunaki want you to do, they want you Tim Lovell to go demonstrate in front of Buckingham Palace calling the queen and her grand son a blood drinking reptilian so you get yourself arrested. then he will say you rose up and did your part for humanity.

Tarheel: Exception

I like this except the part where "Pascal The Rascal" tells you what Edi & Anu77 want you to do. he has no idea what they want, and if they wanted something they would come out and say it.

pasqualie: Tim as for whats next

all you gotta work on is yourself. by changing yourself, you become the example for others they can change also, and give them permission to change. so do the inner work and raise your consciousness. and by doing so, you will have done your part.

external does nothing to raise your energy or consciousness, its why its a distraction.

pasqualie: New age and media polarizing everyone

for some great war or bloody revolution thinking they gonna win.

it will just lead to more pain and suffering, and may even create a power vacuum where worse tyrants come to power.

planets run by ego and left brain and until that changes, the problems of the world will not be solved from the same level in which they were created. cant solve polarity problems with polarity. because doing never gets you to beingness. only one way to get to beingness, and thats inner work.

Tarheel: No, they are TRYING to polarize people.

But they aren't succeeding on the scale they want. It's just another doomed attempt at hijacking humanity.

They hijacked the New Age movement, but make absolutely no mistake...they didn't, nor can they, hijack the new age. We win, we always were going to. They just wanted to try to convince us otherwise. It was (past tense) a valiant effort, but it's going away fast. Almost everyone should be able to see this.

pasqualie: lester levinson once said

there is a knowingness you get from beingness, that you can never get from doingness.

you operate from left brain polarity and ego and try to solve problems using polarity and ego you just get more polarity.

just as when people manifest from left brain and ego, and create technology with good intentions. because of the distortion from ego, it becomes corrupted. so for every good effect a given technology has, it has 10 or more negative effects on humans and the environment.

its why technology was the begining of the fall from consciousness. the more technologically advanced a species is, they more separated and distant they become from source. its why all the species dependent on technology are stuck in 4th dimension or lower. cant get to 5th dimension with technology. can only get there organically.

Tarheel: We agree Edi, they are crafty, but THEY WILL FAIL.

It is inevitable. And, a simple belief in that inevitability (their demise) has caused their failure to come into existence. That is already happening. Their master plan had/has severe cracks in it's foundation. As I watch them, with great clarity, scrambling to plug the holes in the dike, and it is almost funny. They are approaching desperation as humanity's consciousness beams through. Their days are numbered.

bluesbaby5050: EDISONIK IS RIGHT!

CHECK OUT THIS LINK and the information it has......

HebrianDaniel: Then humanity should learn to

Then humanity should learn to experience more oftan with right brain where the Creativity and the Emotions Resides here.
in the future we should make Schools that also will learn how to be creative and how to use our emotions for good and how to socialise with people.
both right brain and left brain are importent to synchornise together wit both left and right brains

you are ONE. and not Half Mind like almost all people in the world

so Adapt your right brain also learn to feel experience love create..

pasqualie: hebrian, all educational systems

geared to left brain ego. the fact we have spoken language even ensures this. everything got shunted into left brain when humans started having spoken language.

as for right brain schools or balanced brain, i don think thats possible. the very nature of education and society is ego based. unless you eliminate competition i dont think it will happen. it is the cornerstone of this planet.

also if this were to occur the people in charge would have no control so i dont think it will happen because in order to do this, you have to cleanse the ego where it is 10 percent active where its suppose to be. if you eliminate ego or cleanse it, you eliminate fear. no fear, no control. and 98 percent of the planet seems to be going along with it so for it to change has people have to be ok with it, which means they will have less. possibly meaning no football, no beer, no pizza. and if that were announced there would probably be violent revolution in the states because everyone so programmed.

pasqualie: Tarheel

The number i heard in 2012 it was around 2 million people who had raised their consciousness to a high enough level where they were on track. In 2015, that number i heard is around 4 million.

If you look at what percentage of that out of 7 billion and climbing, its gonna take a long time for even 20 percent of the people of this planet to wake up and do inner work to raise their consciousness.

98 percent of the people happy to go along with the status quo.

as far as what is happening on the planet new age describes it one way according to the theories they like.

in terms of economics, its just one of the cycles going on where wealth will be transferred to others who have money if there is any kind of financial crash.

greece i think people saw coming. but its not the first country to do this. iceland pulled out and refused to pay back loans in 2008. i believe brazil which is doing well now, well they declared bankrupcy like 3 times from imf loans. so there wasnt any great revolution from that.

in terms of world politics, its the oil cartels, and bankers backed by the americans and europeans going up against the russian mafia boss vladimir putin.

i dont think a world run by vladimir putin would be better. just one tyrant replacing another.

also raising consciousness isnt a team sport, it involves one to take personal responsibility for ones life and doing the work. so this theory everyone gonna wake up and raise their consciousness instantly, which normally takes decades, i just dont see it happening.

i think people can work on it during their life time. the ones that do and take personal responsibility, they will be able to get out on their last day by not going into the light. and having gotten out of polarity they will be able to pass through the grid.

others i think they will be recycled and possibly over a long period have matured enough in spirit to do the work to get out eventually. how long that takes, its up to the individuals higher self, the ones that have one. no one controls or directs the path of another individuals higher self.

so the ones that hang around for another 500 or thousand or 10000 years on this earth, well their higher self just hasnt had enough incarnational experiences. so the ones that stay, are staying for a reason, to experience contrast and other polarities on this earth, to know finally, that getting out of the game is the ultimate goal individually.

there isnt a right or wrong if someone hangs around for however long, it just means they are gathering experience for their higher self, for when the higher self finally gives the individual the ok to advance to the advanced or final incarnational stage where they can leave the game.

everyone came here to raise their consciousness and learn individually. they came because its a place that is unpleasant and you can advance exponentially in consciousness. some get distracted and go around in circles till they figure it out eventually.

bluesbaby5050: Your right on.......

I couldn't agree more. And that's WHY people need to do their own inner work in order to advance to the next levels, and there are many. And yes it does take decades to achieve this goal, and it also takes many lifetimes to gain the wisedom from the many different life experiences that the many different races provide. Without going through this long process [ which can take thousands of years] this can not be done.

pasqualie: you have to really see what the new age theory is

they promote everyone gonna wake up and be saved without doing anything.

its victimization programming and salvation without taking personal responsibility for yourself.

its to keep people from doing inner work thinking they gonna get a free ride. magically some external saviour gonna save everyone.

so you never to the inner work and you stay trapped.

thats the great deception being pushed right now. you can be saved without taking personal responsibility or without doing any inner work on yourself. and they mix it in with world politics and conflict to keep everyone distracted and focused on external.

so go inwards and work on yourself. external dramas going on in the world, wont do anything to raise your consciousness.

pasqualie: interesting scene here with neo, shows grid around earth

neo opens the door and he sees stars and space from the portal from earth.

and for a brief second you see the stars, but also the energy grid that keeps everyone stuck on earth in polarity. its the grid you gotta get past to get free. hollywood in 1990 telling everyone indirectly they are stuck on earth because of the energy grid that keeps everyone in.

pasqualie: from what i have learned in my journey

anything that uses fear to influence or control, its not truth.

anything that leaves you in victimization or has you give away your power, its not truth.

anything that doesnt have you taking personal responsibility for yourself to take back your power and find your true self, its not truth.

those are the guidelines you need to look at in new age and this world, and you will know what is truth.

so be wary of external saviours, and free rides people telling everyone about in new age.

because the way to freedom is inward, not outward

Carl-V: Non Compliance is the way.

When I was 17 in 68 and I wanted to join the Marines, in 69 I was protesting the war. lol. Anybody with half a brain in 1969 knew it was an illegal war that wasn't even intended to be won. Now most know - I hope - that there is no such thing as a 'good war'. As far as the money issue goes, if we call ourselves Christian's we really shouldn't worry too much about it.

I really like what pasqualie had to say: "anything that uses fear to influence or control, its not truth.

anything that leaves you in victimization or has you give away your power, its not truth.

anything that doesn't have you taking personal responsibility for yourself to take back your power and find your true self, its not truth".

I also really like what Donovan's thoughts about war were. I really wish the kids today would just say no.

bluesbaby5050: ALL WARS ARE BADDDDD!

The ancient people of this planet was very ignorant about wars. They were used as pawns on MANY levels. They were also encouraged to breed and to have large families for the purpose of going to fight in those wars for profits, and also for the purpose to do all the the labor for the elitists during those time periods. And this is STILL going on to this very day. Pleaase say NO TO ALL WARS! Stop lining the pockets to keep the elitists rich, and to make THEIR next generations even richer! Don't fall for their dirty tricks. Stop repeating their history! Let's make a NEW history WITHOUT any wars for OUR NEXT GENERATIONS.

bluesbaby5050: What are those DIRTY TRICKS YOU ASK?

1. A chance to see the world. 2. A career that the governmant [YOU/OUR TAX PAYERS FUND] pays for, while at the same time they pump the recruits with dangerous vaccines that will later on in your life, may cause you to get diseases that can be traced back to those same vaccines as you age, and they can be, or will help contribute to your illnesses, and to even to your death. And you will not be able to prove it, because that's the ways that it is set up. You see, THEY OWN YOU once your accepted into the military, and YOU WILL HAVE TO FOLLOW THEIR ORDERS. 3. A retirement pension if you stay in the military long. 4.The GI- BILL that helps you pay for a new house. 5. Great medical coverage for YOU, and for YOUR spouse, and for YOUR children while your still inlisted in the military. All the while they have HIRED, and TRAINED YOU TO BECOME THEIR HIRED KILLER! While they sit safely behind a desk out of harms way. And YOU run the risks of being MAIMED AT GREAT LOSS, OR KILLED, and then they SO GENEROUSLY SEND YOUR SPOUSE, AND YOUR DEPENDANTS A CHECK IN THE MAIL EACH MONTH TO EASE THEIR GUILT. Think about this BEFORE YOU THINK ABOUT THE MANY BENIFITS/TRICKS THAT THEY WILL PROMISE YOU TO JOIN THEIR KILLING TEAMS.

pasqualie: All i am saying is

dont pay too much attention to the drama going on in the world, and the stories they spin off it in the new age.

work on yourself, because those stories are just that, only stories to distract you.

and it doesnt raise your energy or consciousness focusing on external distractions.

look what happened in greece, they have a vote, people said no.

and the president went and submitted his austerity measure the eu wanted.

greek parliament passed it and the eu will vote on it so greece gets 75 billion over 3 years if they do the austerity which the people voted against.

even these financial callapse scenarios, its just a story. the said it was gonna happen last december, and then they said spring, and summer, and now its pushed to late fall.

its just a story to keep you distracted and not doing the inner work.

there is alot of stuff like y2k and 2012 being the end of the world. and people look back and realize it was just distraction.

the game of this polarity matrix and universe in 4d and below is about consciousness.

and you can only individually raise your own, and everyone is going through different experiences and stages dictated by their higher selves. so i dont think everyone is all of a sudden gonna wake up and change. cuz everyone is going at their own pace. its an individual journey, cuz you only control yourself.

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