Noam Chomsky

by freedmftr88 on September 3rd, 2018

I was just curious what everyone's thoughts are regarding Noam Chomsky . I think he's pretty cool and smart.
I think he's a libertarian socialist anarchist and I find his insights regarding what's going on in terms of capitalism and government very interesting.

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Quinton: I think he's a smart guy and

I think he's a smart guy and appreciate the work he does. I agree with him on some things and disagree with him on others.

freedmftr88: One of the things I like about Noam Chomsky

One of the things I like about Noam Chomsky was his answer regarding if nonviolent protest didn't work. His response was either people unite in peaceful protest or people would just need to kiss each other goodbye. What we was referring to was just how strong government imperialism was against the common people.
I just made a comment regarding perhaps a new direction in which peace can be achieved in the world.

freedmftr88: Here's the video

Here's the video I'm referring to :

Tarheel: he is on my top 10 list

I was particularly enamored with his anarcho-feudalism concept.

freedmftr88: Anarcho-feudalism ?

I don't think I've ever heard of that . Was it something that he coined the phrase or is it an actual Anarchist School of Thought ? If so , I've never heard of it in the Anarchist FAQ ( )
Libertarian Socialist Rants :
( My personal two favorite resources by the way ;) )

Tarheel: I read it in a bio on him...

...I think it was his own coined term. I will try to find it if you"d like .
A friend gave me the book on Chomsky to read and it was very expensive and he took it back when he moved.

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