No reason to fear reptilians at all.

by Tarheel on September 12th, 2014

But it's easy to see the people here who live in fear, scared. It's sad.
It's what you know about yourself on the inside that makes you afraid.

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bluesbaby5050: Your judgemental Tarheel.....

Because NO ONE IS living in fear except you! Your the one that's afraid of Reptilians, because of your constant remarks to people about reptilians. It's obvious how you keep going off at it all the time. There is NOTHING wrong in teaching new members, and older members about the ways of the Reptilians. After all, this subject is fairly new to them. Do you have a personal agenda WHY THEY SHOULD NOT LEARN OF THEM? This is so they know what to expect. If people are NOT ALLOWED to learn, they they will become like you. A judgemental fool. Knowing nothing of how to react when they are surfacing out of the bwels of the earth, and by the way, THEY ARE NOW! You had better watch yourself out there in North carolina in the deep woods there, because there are plenty of hidden caverns all around your areas. Do some reading on it, and get to know where those places are located. It in your best interests to do so, and do not fear them if you should happen to cross their paths. People really do go missing all th time for no reson, never to be seen again while camping even. They are with their families, and this happens,, even the forests rangers are no help. There arethousands of stories that are investagated all the time, and are made famous now. Do not become so ingorant because of your pride, and ego, because this becomes a downfall for many that think just like you do. This web site is not publishing fear mongering like you love to tell it all the time, by your constant postings, and threads under people's work. Or maybe it's just plain jealosly on your part, because you never help out on this site, and it shows.

UN.i1-PHI: Judgemental fool... 'even' you bluesbaby

maybe take another look at your own comment again BB... it starts with the title being a judgement itself about someone being judgemental wich is also were your hypocrism starts, not to mention the rest you be doing like telling Tarheel what to do and watch out for etc...(the reptilians) while Tarheel made clear in the title that he's about NOT fearing/giving into the reptilians, and for this you criticize/attack him as usual (with smear tactics), even suggesting that he would be jealous after talking about his pride and ego supposedly making him ignorant (i mean do you even mind your own?) and making it seem as if he was trying to keep people away from 'learning' or not allowing them to (wich is also something different) just for what he had said about it...

please let's chill out

bluesbaby5050: There's a Difference in Observing speech and the use of words

when in use by a person, and this is not judging, it's an OBSERVATION of how someone is using the words in a language, and in what manner it's being used when they are speaking. HOW ARE THEY USING THEIR WORDS TO COMMUNICATE? In a negative manner, or a nice manner? That's the OBSERVATION being noticed. That's what was being noticed. And it happens alot when members speak of Reptilians, and Reptoids, and Saurian species in this forum. Some people are annoyed by this as is noticed that's all. They seem to take offense when this topic is discussed. And many people wonder why react this way. This subject gets alot of positive feedback from many members, and they want to talk about, while others want to turn them away by saying it's fear mongering, and that's really not the truth at all. This knowledge takes awy the fear when they learn all about this species. It's only normal to want to learn., and this is what Truth Control is all about.

bluesbaby5050: And I was not talking to you anyways Uni1......

My comment was directed only to Tarheel, and I was not addressing you in any negative manner, so you need not reply to me on anything. Make your comments to Tarheel from now on. I have nothing to further to say to you.

Tarheel: Jealous of what/who ?

Those 2 lame-brained fear mongerers? Please. Don't flatter yourselves.
People are ware of the fear agenda being pushed by the 2 scared reptilian manifesting wannabes. Maybe they should employ Chris's "super inter-gallactic insectoid race battle warriors" to defend them from their fear of reptilians.

Thanks...I needed some humor. Let them go work out their fear and polarity issues. Can you say permanent 3D dwellers ?

Oh, I made this recording for ya'll in the dark woods last night. It got really good about the 2 1/2 minute mark.
Several species of small, furry animals gathered in a cave and grooming with a pict.

bluesbaby5050: Even UNI1 helped out with past out with this subject matter.....

Even though he, and myself didn't meet eye to eye on some things but, at least he gave his support, and his input on what he found to help others with this subject of the different kinds of Reptilians, and how they react to humans., and I commend him for that. But you should not sway this forum with your telling them they should not be ware, and not to go up to them, and try to reason with any of them. If this is YOUR plan to do, then I hope, and wish you well. But, that is not my way with regards to them, because I studied about them, and they do not think well of us humans, nor are they treated well by them. We are just a work source, and food source to them period, and that's how it's always been for thousands of years in Earths hstory. This planet is a prison planet, and there are many planets with humans, and others alien beings living as slaves to the reptilians, and many famous speak out about this. I need not list them, because Annu77, and Edisonik already have, and taught us well on their ways. I guess you thought this was a joke by them, and you did not take them seriously by your constant comments such as yesterday, and again today.

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