No other Gods

by Tarheel on November 2nd, 2013

"Thou shalt have no other Gods before me."
OKAY, I agree, I wont have any other Gods before ME. Until you look inside and find the "inner God", I don't believe we will ever truly be able to acknowledge any other God/s. If you want to serve another God, do yourself a favor and find the inner God and then you will better be able able to worship/serve and honor another.

Don't sell yourself short, there's a God inside you/me/us. Our job is to find it, awaken it and GROW it so we can do what it is we were set free by EnKi (my belief) to do. And his ideas for us didn't include worshipping him nor did/does he ask for our money. He'd like our Love and honor but we could do him no better service than to reach our full potential. Hopefully we wont stop or be stopped until we do. There are forces working against us, but NOTHING can stop what destiny.

Best of luck, friends. I'll take all the help I can garnish and if you think I can help you, PLEASE, let me know.

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obsrvantlouie: Yes we are

Enki more than likely played a role in geo-engineering earth humans but he had nothing to do with your soul...the real you.

Tarheel: We are defensive about our EnKi, OL.

I think I understand and I respect your Free Will, but nobody will ever convince us (you know who we are) that EnKi is anything but a benevolent FRIEND of Humanity's,

Im not saying you are trying to do so either. I think your comment may have been misunderstood, but we are very sensitive about OUR EnKi.

Harmony !

edisonik: ENKI helped Humanity jump the gun on Evolution

If ENKI was such a Bad Guy then why did he save Humanity in the last Flood?.
Without his Mercy you would have never been or have existed in this Dimension at all.
He was also Arrested for doing this and has served time in an Orion Jail.
After he served his time on Orion he was betrayed and murdered by someone he trusted.

So Obsrvantlouie, what do you you really know about Lord ENKI.
Absolutely nothing.

obsrvantlouie: I never said he was a bad guy

I never said he was a bad guy...I do not claim to know him. I am thankful for his mercy if it were so. As it were so, I do not spend too much time being thankful for the mercy of others actions. If I were to do so...I would get lost in my mind. Perhaps I should be more thankful for Enki's father for bringing about his creation? Or perhaps I should be more thankful to the scientist who taught Enki the knowledge of how to give seed to our race? Maybe also then I should be thankful for Enki's Mother? Or perhaps a friend who once saved his life?

Or perhaps I should just be thankful of the moment and not worship any external deity...because I am not my body. However, my body may be of Enki's, Isis, Sirius, Orion, Reticulan decent and or creation..

My soul however is eternally mine as I am only one piece of my Higher-self.

edisonik: Earth was Dead when ENKI came to this outpost.

ENKI was instructed by his Father from Heaven to Terra - Form a Dead Planet after King Anu had his War with The Olympian Kod ZEUS and his Olympians.
Mars is completely Dead , but Earth has a vast Garden because of ENKI'S knowledge of Creation Sciences which he learned on Sirius & Orion.

The Plants , the Trees, were brought here, the Soil and Oceans had to be decontaminated from radiation, it took the Annunaki 25 Earth Years to do this.

After everything was decontaminated ENKI brought the Animals with his Mothership.
Also the Draco brought their Animals too as a joint venture between the Draco and the Annunaki.
But that was long ago.

edisonik: Now you the USA Government destroying Life on Earth.

With their Chemtrails and their Monsanto.
Do you think that the Kods are pleased with this?.

No they are very Angry with the Abuse of Free Will being done by the USA Government and this Shadow Cabal which has Perverted the Teachings of the BROTHERHOOD of the SNAKE.

The 5000 Alien Troops underneath the USA are ready if the Cabal does not Abdicate their abuse of Earth and it's populations.

This is very SIRIUS.

obsrvantlouie: Over the woods through the river

Your Lord Enki and the Kods must be furious.....considering the deceit and manipulation of humanity increases exponentially daily. They must be waiting to spring their ULTIMATE TRAP at just the right time when the Shadow Government is at its weakest!!! YES!!! This to be it!!

Maybe they are waiting for the Shadow Government to use the "eye of Thundera" so they can return it to Castle Greyskull and revive Optimus Prime so he can retrieve the Triforce! From here they will certainly have to scale the frost giants of Jotunheim and travel through the depths of the Misty Mountains so they can slip into Bowser's Castle unnoticed. The Shadow Government is deep within Bowser's Castle and it is of course heavily fortified. Legions of Pokemon stand in Lord Enki's way....if he is ever going to save Lois Lane and recapture the Triforce - may he one day succeed. We will keep you updated as to Lord Enki's progress via Satelite monitoring....he has a GPS watch. Right now we track his location in the Land of "uhadbetterstoporelse". Currently, he is on foot because his ship " A Fookin Milenium" was damaged during his flight through the garden of Eden. wonder it's taking him so long to help.

UN.i1-PHI: what a joke, is this...

your humor, mockery or both?!...

obsrvantlouie: My Humor with a

touch of sarcasm. Ashtar Command, Pleiadians, Enki....I've heard countless times how if the benevolent ET's could help they would...but the earth does not ask hard enough. Whatever.....I don't need their help...because I don't need to be saved by anyone but myself.

Accountability for ones actions, surrendering that the current circumstances available are those of your own creation and overcoming fear....this is the path to power/enlightenment/higher frequency.

UN.i1-PHI: free will, and personal-self-responsability!

this is also a matter of free will, responsability and intervention in a species (r)evolutionary progress
our allies are helping and protecting us in many ways we can't handle ourselves yet, like they've done in the past too, as the terran human species is too prescious to be eradicated

they are not allowed to interfere 'publicly/open' with us yet, but they will interfere when the badboys go too far (as if they haven't yet:P), but they are entitled to their free will too you know, this is a playing ground of free will , but that does not mean that it should be abused and expoited along with all live living on it...

but they will not do all the work for us,as we need to learn to take care of ourself and our problems first and be responsible at that, we have to CHOOSE to rebel against their tyrant rule of a system and overthrow and condemn them for their draconian crimes
but we have to unify and work together and unify instead of divide and fight eachother!

at the end its all up to us

edisonik: Can an Alien Invasion Happen

Yes it can, let's Pray it won't get that far.
Because it would be very frightening indeed.

Quinton: Great post Tarheel. Couldn't

Great post Tarheel. Couldn't have said it better myself :)

Tarheel: Thanks, but I didnt aim at dissension.

I didn't mean to push any sensitive buttons.

The forum is getting so good so fast, I don't mean to upset the apple cart.

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