No More Net Neutrality?

WE CAN CIRCUMVENT BREACHES IN NET NEUTRALITY, BY TAKING IT INTO OUR OWN HANDS - There are a lot of "good news" stories in this week's episode of New World Next Week, and here's an outline, with supporting links, below:

Story #1: Federal Judges Order Obama to Release Memo Justifying Assassination of Americans
- John Yoo makes the case that the President can torture children if Necessary
- Life's Good If You're a Drone-Loving Criminal Regime: 'US Drone Strikes Continue With Impunity'
- Makers Say Don't Worry About Privacy as Civilian Drone Industry Takes Off in Sunny Spain

Story #2: FCC Finally Announces New Rules That Will Kill Net Neutrality
- Internet "Fast Lane"? Big Companies May Soon Be Able to Pay to Have Their Websites Load Faster
- Corbett Report Episode 262: Pirate Internet
- Cronyism At Its Finest, U.S. Government Arguing Against Aereo On Behalf Of Broadcasters Before SCOTUS

Story #3: #MyNYPD Hashtag Attracts Photos of Police Violence, Abuse
- The Folks Behind #MyNYPD Are Learning a Tough Lesson Right Now
- General Mills Reverses Legal Terms After Controversy
- Federal Judge Approves Class Action Case Against Ford, IBM for Helping South African Apartheid
- Colorado Crime Rates Down 14.6% Since Legalizing Marijuana
- Open Source Comes to Farms With Restriction-Free Seeds
​- Vermont Poised to Enact Toughest US GMO-Labeling Law Yet

#NewWorldNextWeek Updates:
- Researchers Unveil System to Start Storms & Lightning on Command
- Controversial Light Bulb Listens to Conversations, Tweets What It Hears
- @Pepsico: Why Are You Bulldozing The Rainforest? Why The Blood-Palm Oil?
- Capital and 'Captain America': Media Oligarchs Plan Comic Book Movies Into 2028 - See more at: more at:

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