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Lilith best explains Leviathan, which is the most famous nachash Serpent of the Bible.  Leviathan is commonly recognized as Lucifer in the form of the Serpent of the garden.  Leviathan is described In Job 26:13 and Isa 27:1 as a winged Serpent fleeing from before God and dwelling in the seas.  This matches Lilith’s legend of fleeing on wing from the garden and her subsequent oceanic abode.  1 Enoch confirms that Leviathan dwells in the seas, and adds that Leviathan is female.  This again matches Lilith.  Psalm 74:14 speaks of God crushing the heads of Leviathan.  This matches God’s curse on the Serpent in Genesis that Eve’s seed in the form of Messiah would crush the head of the Serpent

.  Wildcats shall meet hyenas, / Goat-demons shall greet each other; / There too the lilith shall repose / And find herself a resting place” (Isaiah 34:14).

During the 130-year period between the death of Abel and the birth of Seth, the Talmud reports, a distraught Adam separates himself from Eve. During this time he becomes the father of “ghosts and male demons and female [or night] demons” (Erubin 18b). And those who try to construct the Tower of Babel are turned into “apes, spirits, devils and night-demons” (Sanhedrin 109a). The female night demon is Lilith.

Her house sinks down to death,And her course leads to the shades.All who go to her cannot returnAnd find again the paths of life. -  Proverbs 2:18-19

Her gates are gates of death, and from the entrance of the houseShe sets out towards Sheol.None of those who enter there will ever return,And all who possess her will descend to the Pit. -  4Q184

Dude...just read the crushing head thing for first time fuckin crazy man....
and when I was first abiut to post this again with the picture of what I saw I was just going to talk about how I entered (her) house (was transported to another room when I walked through my parents door.

And the thing that came ringing in my head with that section of the dream was something that the thing that took over me said to lilith (or what I think was lilith) it said "thats why I rise and you fall" now this didnt make any since to me and I didnt know why I was thinking it until I read in the book of daniel "you have been weighed you have been measured and you have been found wanting" Daniel said that to the foolish king. NOW that is a direct reference to what the Egytians viewed as the test they had to pass before entering heaven. The test is anubis takes out your heart and places it on the devine balances. (The constellation libra from which the letter lamed and lamda are derived from)On the opposite side of the balances sits a single feather. It was said if your heart rose above the feather (was lighter) then you were deemed worthy to enter heaven. If it your heart fell (was heavier than the feather) then you were full of sin and your heart was thrown into the mouth of the alligator dog monster(the pit)

Wake up in the middle of the night and here growling in the corner of my closet...get up and leave the room open my parents room i guess to warn and wake them up....extremly intense....transported as i open my parents room into another room where i saw somthing that changed my life as i walk in im then transported to left adjacent corner.........i can not move anything but my eyes. Then a couch chair is just bhind me then.................the lady with green skin, black hair, a skiny face, slinted nose, and slanted shiny jet black eyes....also invisible bird feet...dirty brown some white down casted wings......the skin was shiny and a short midgit looking thing with big yellow human eyes, wearing I guess as a joke black short womens was was fat..............the women sort of hoverd over........the short one walked.....I immediatly knew they were prostitutes...........they women gets eye to eye with me then squints its eyes and gets closer.........I feel some type of power come up in me the things face starts to transform into shiny red skin starting on the bottom left of (its) chin................then I look down I free my left hand and I look back into its eyes I give it the finger and I say fuck you your the devil...........I grab it by the throat.......i see myself grabing it with a light coming out of a lambda symbol in my right eye then.......skip.............skip.......idk either........I escape back through the door and im transported back into my parents house....I walk down the hall way because now for some reason I "know its a dream" I get to tje living room I see two kids playing video games they look at me in unison and I sense fear in them....the both have shiny jet black eyes....... I get to the hall way and the song by evanecene wake me up I cant wake up save me.....that song im in the hallway I guess almost as a joke to myself I hum to myself in a way that was like this isnt im huming the huming goes perfectly in sync with that song and I can hear it.....I get closer to the door I open it it opens I feel something like a sucking force trying to pull me back into the house.....the door streches en feet out outside its almost like a virational frequency is turned down....theres a calm but not good perfectly on the street I look back at the house I sense evil and darkness.......the moon is full but partially covered in clouds........I walk down the on the street I used to live on in oahu at pearl city........its nightime the stars are out no moon tho.......the houses are glowing yellow out of the windows.....the trees are glowing there are yellow orbs above the trees foating in vertical line....three.........the floating orbs are bhind me but I know thier there.......I feel like im in nirvana........true supreme happiness............. I wake up like a fucking vampire in a pool of sweat and I immediatly grab my tape recorder......... if find out later of monsters similar to what I saw.......lilith........then I learned about alien abductions.......then I read about inanna who is the goddess of babylonia from which lilith is derived......then I learned that her symbol was the owl.....then I saw the forth kind owl.........them I saw the hidden hand and contact and the government cover up......then I learned our world leaders worship a large stone owl at bohemian grove......then i learn that inanna is the illuminati goddess.......then I learned that the satanic church said were living in the age of lilith........then I learned that the goat on the thrown (the devil) has the same scepter as inanna and is a

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UN.i1-PHI: same scepter as inanna and is a ... ?

and is a what...? (night demon/god?) please go on, if ya had something more to tell... its very interesting
seems like lillith be haunting you around in the nightmares she lives by, popping up at night in your head with those fat and wigged fuckin demon midgets, molesting ya, creepy shit man
good you tell em to fuck off and try to fight back, i hope you can make em leave ya alone cause this seems like some heavy haunting shit

contactorion: well

Only saw them once. Apparently they have been doing it (those two) for thosands of years. Yes the goat devil representation that the satanic church revears has the exact same sceptor as inanna, hermes, and I think isis. I have more to say for sure lol but im slowly putting it together.
I just want to know why those two were in my dream looking, acting, and doing the same things that they have been attributed as doing for thosands of years.....and I had no idea what lilith was before. I barly even read the bible before that. I knew about the general stuff but only jews think adam had a first wife the translation out of hebrew altered the text slightly.

obsrvantlouie: @ contactorion

Can you comment on Uniphis question please? More specifically, why did you end you article the way you did? Same scepter as inana and is a.......

What do you mean?

contactorion: o

I just copied it of my last post to prove I had said that in a previous time which can be verified on this website.
And I cut it short at I guess a on accident. Looking at it now the last part wasnt needed and while extrodinarily true, sounded dumb. So I cut that part out and just posted that section on the new forum

contactorion: crackdown knows

What im talking about. The original.

contactorion: that was good

Thanks for sharing that.

bluesbaby5050: No one is haunted without a reason.....

It does not matter where you move to, because it follows you where ever you live. There is always a reason one is haunted. You need to figure out why, and then take charge from there. Many disguises are used to hide the real demon/figure, and lilith is used alot with men. Try to find out who/what is really behind this Litilh figure. Some hauntings are carry overs from past lives because of what a person was involved in a past life. Maybe you dabbled in black magic, and your still connected in some ways. Just some suggestions to think about.

eevie: haunted

I get that there is no haunting. What i do get is there is at least one portal, vortex in that home that needs closing. They are coming thru the portal(s). Shut the portals down. They are usually found in closets and bathrooms for some reason. It doesn't matter who opened them. Just don't do it again. lol

bluesbaby5050: Just a reminder here......

There are karmic ties that are un-resolved when a person involves themselves with blacl/white magic. There is always a trade off , and a depth to fill when the service is/was delivered. This will follow a person though many lives until it is paid back, and resolved. Nothing is forgotten.

bluesbaby5050: And a dept to be paid....

Sorry for the typo errors.

Crackdown: *EPIC double facepalm!*

No offense, but it would be much more efficient to move Forward and
stop wasting your time for the research&discussion of old rotten bible bullshit...

If your experiences are really true, there is still nothing , 0% mystical or religious about them!

"Lady with green skin" could be a reptilian bitch which wants to roleplay with you.
She could pretend to be "lilith" just to have fun.
You help her to have fun by playing in her games.
So much fun, that she brings her friends to play as well

"The only winning move is not to play!"

contactorion: Who said it was religious?

In my opinion if you pay more attention it may or may not be g-d or may or not be aliens it may or not be a "haunting" even tho I only had that dream once. And never saw anything again. Im posting quotes from the bible that that are relevent to experiences I PERSONALLY had. I HAVE questioned if it was all some kind of dream meataphores that my subconcious created. The thing that PREVENTS all of that is the EXTREME similarities between one experience I had in a dream, and ancient texts. Lilith the name is mention in the epic of gilgamish. A babylonian text from 2000 years ago and even back then it she was a night terror 3ven as thier deity.

If you got a problem with religion..join the club. If you have respect for a peoples beliefs that they have fought and died for...join the smaller club.

If you want to stop talking like you have the answers CAUSE YOU KNOW and start discussioning things in a manner that shows your own humility and ignorance to all the questions there are in the universe.........join the elite club.
If not enjoy your bliss in seeing the world......more and white.

contactorion: I included the dumb picture

To give an idea of what I what i saw. I assure you the real thing was uncharacteristically REAL looking......I rememeber the texture of that green skin like I could touch it right now. I could feel its thoughts no words came from either I just knew.

Crackdown: To find a solution, change your way of thinking!

I just wanted to help you, because you have been stuck in this deadlock for 1 year.

You should use the Occam's razor principle, which tells not to overcomplify the things.
This "bible-babble" overcomplifies the things - so, you should get rid of it without mercy!
Otherwise, you will be wasting your time and time of others with that Gordian knot.

This is my appeal to your sane part of mind, but I have no idea if it would be heard...


P.S. Unless you are going to change your attitude and the way of thinking,
share your experiences at the Bible club forum like this one -
Because, no TruthControl members would be able to help you with anything.

contactorion: No you want to debunk what I am saying because its too much of a

"Gordian knot" for you. (To complecated to figure out) I agree it is hard to undersatnd, i dont get it myself. But when that situation pops up I just think of yoda. "You must make a choice between what is right, and what is easy". This is my appeal to the kinder less mocking, derision soaked, sections of your cerebro.....

Crackdown: 7 Quotes about simplicity

Yoda's quote is about making a decision between good ("what is right") and evil ("what is easy"). You have misapplied this quote, because you are not making any decisions at the moment: you are just stuck, and probably going to be stuck forever with this attitude...

“Life is really simple, but we insist on making it complicated.”
― Confucius

“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.”
― Leonardo da Vinci

“Any intelligent fool can make things bigger, more complex, and more violent. It takes a touch of genius — and a lot of courage to move in the opposite direction.”
― E.F. Schumacher

“There is no greatness where there is not simplicity, goodness, and truth.”
― Leo Tolstoy

“The greatest ideas are the simplest.”
― William Golding

“Truth is ever to be found in the simplicity, and not in the multiplicity and confusion of things.”
― Isaac Newton

“People who pride themselves on their "complexity" and deride others for being "simplistic" should realize that the truth is often not very complicated. What gets complex is evading the truth.”
― Thomas Sowell

contactorion: ha! ha! he! he! ho! ho!

Thank you for listing (drum roll) leo tolstoy (the author of war and peace KNOWN world wide to be too long boring and complicated) was a fannatical christen who thought the DEVIL was after him.
confucis is the author of a religion......need I say more...
leonardo going to go with complicated guy, not to mention extreme religious fanatic even tho he was gay, designed churchs, wrote backwards, etc.
issac newton is widly known to have written more about bible codes than physics.
Yes I mispelled the quote by yoda...THE OLD ILLITERATE FOOL THAT TURNS OUT TO BE THE MOST WISE JEDI WHO EVER LIVED. Dont you realize thats why he speaks like that.....lucas was showing the lesson that you cannot judge a book by its cover.....or spelling ability.
Simplicity is the key not the gate. The gate, the mountain to overcome, is complexity. The compasx points true north. It doesnt tell you how to get passed the rivers, vallys, and mountains.
the only thing you can do is make the illogical fallacy of ad hominem.

Crackdown: At least I quoted the real people

At least I quoted the real people who lived on this planet, not some imaginary yoda.
You can disagree with teachings of these people, and could go ahead calling them names.
But you cannot deny their high level of intelligence!
So it would be wise to at least consider their message

contactorion: nopr i definitly cannot deny the itelligence

Of those characters. "I do not know what i appear to the world but to myself im am nothing more that a little boy who finds a prettier shell everyday whilist the whole ocean stands before me" -newton those people are the giants whos shoulders (I) stand on.

eevie: dream

Not a dream. It really happened. You were out of body.

contactorion: Ok thank you for the impute. please elaborate

How you can tell. What would be the givaway signs it was an outer body experience?

obsrvantlouie: Dreaming is out of body

They are essentially the same thing.....the more advanced you are the more you can remember and make conscious decisions in/on the dreamscape/4th density.

Robert Monroe series of books if you want to learn how to oobe.

contactorion: O and I did not play along...

Its precisly the fact that I did not play along that I remember really pissing it off. But it couldnt touch me because of "the power" I felt come into me.
I can do no more than tell you what I remember....whatever it or they were. Alien, demon, random firing of neurons....idk.

Crackdown: "How to stop being a troll food and start living" by Carnegie

Yes, you are playing along, and feeding these real life trolls who haunt you.
If I were a violent spirit/alien creature, I would love to mess up with people like you as well!
Because they are a perfect troll food. MWAHAHAHAHAHA! :-)

My friendly advice to you:

Stop spending your time, attention and energy on these real life trolls.
Only then they would stop haunting you

contactorion: "Haunt me"

Yo es muy intersante in them because they had meaning to my ancestors.
before I knew that the monster the orthadox jews fear pays me a visit in my dream.
this dream was very abnormal, and never occured again.
Later sections of this dream turn into a puzzle.
I put the puzzle together and guess what it fits.
before experincing this I didnt believe in ghost, demons, aliens.
now my eyes have been opened.
And at this point ill pick apart and put together anything that I find muy intersante.
your demeanor is that of a parading child who thinks he knows what he talks about as he is steping on other childrens sand castles.
mine is the demeanor of logical adult who recognizes the fact that he doesn't know everything and that as a species we have much to learn. Especially how to tolerate little assholes who jump on other kids sandcastles that they work very hard on because.......its not like they built it to show to those who care to look.

Crackdown: Sorry, but your "sandcastle" has the funny shape :-P

This experience still haunts you after all this time.
I would not be surprised, if some ghost is watching your back and laughing
at how you became so stunned by this experience and stuck with it for eternity...

How many years are you going to spend for the research of that experience?
Whole life? When are you going to stop living in the past and start looking to the future?

Yes, my words are not sugar coated. But when I see that sandcastle has the shape of poo,
it is my duty to destroy it, so you would be able to move forward and build a good sandcastle

contactorion: Did it feel good saying that?

Who are you to judge my life as shit? Because thats what my sandcastle sandcastle whilist the whole beach lays before you. Ah yes a sense of duty...hmmm. duty is a word used as an act done that is needed for the group...for others. Somehow I dont see duty as being the need to tell others that what they think and experience and share with others.....shit.

Crackdown: Poo-castles are a threat to TruthControl

You have misunderstood.
"Sandcastle" is not a life -- it is a theory or idea.
"Poocastle" is an awful theory/idea, which really stinks.
"Beach" is TruthControl / another content-based website.

You came to our beach and started flooding it with "bible-bable" poocastles.
It is my duty to destroy these poocastles for the sake of beach and its visitors.
I would like to help you to overcome your habits and start building good castles!

However, if you would keep making poocastles, that will make you unwelcome.
You have been doing it for half year already, and there is a bad smell in the air...
For the sake of other TruthControl members and biological safety, stop doing that

obsrvantlouie: At an individual pace

Everyone 'deals' at their own pace. If you don't care for a members postings then don't read them.....I can name plenty of professional poo fortress builders frequently molding shitty blocks for others to trip on. Speaking of "poo castles" there are a A Lot of those on TC and if you are making it your duty to destroy them I for one think you are missing your mark. Anyhow, who made you the voice of the community? C-Orion is where he is.....not everything he has posted is what you claim. Also, I feel he has been quite upfront about his intentions and experiences. While you gave C-Orion good advice (advising to move past and move on from this event) you didn't really give him adequate time to realize your message....instead you regressed to telling him his castle is made from poo. We all move at our own day the light will shine for C-Orion on this subject and he will come to terms with this issue.

Until then....I welcome his experiences and thoughts on the matter.

Since when is sharing dreams or nightmares not welcome on TC? This is essentially an 'out of body experience' and you are telling him his story/experience is poo.

Is there a time table for TC MEMBERS to discern truth or stop talking about it?

If I were to speak for the community - which I won't - BUT if I were, I would say to C-Orion that until you face your fear and overcome this issue will persist. Until you realize exactly what your fear is you should keep posting and sharing what you are comfortable/confused about. Uni-phi gave excellent food for thought already....all religious figures are based on alien archetypes. This haunting of yours is being allowed by you because of a certain fear you have. What that fear is....only you can discover and as crackdown said....until you move forward it may continue to trip you up. Sometimes the best way to figure something out is to get away from it and not figure upon it at all.

Poo castle.....I've never heard that one before, reminds me of Mr. Hanky....HOWDY HO!

contactorion: See that reason, no one is safe from it especially myself.

But as you guys are not slow, which is why i like this forum, i have got to explain one thing that i have left out. I will not ever speak about what it offered and what i rejected. I....told my family about the (subject) of what it was offering (never talking to my family about the situation out of fear before).....When i told them about (the unsavory desire i could not exercise from my mind) they baker acted me, and havnt talked to me since. I was freeed of my mental "haunting" when i fiannly talked about what was bothering me (not the dream) but the new feeling of a tarnesched reputation, and sadness for the loss of connection with my family settled in. Then i remembered this dream i had that somehow fit perfectly.
Observant louie is correct in saying i will move passed this personnaly when i need to. But it causes me no pain, only excitement and wonder at the fact that this dream did turn out to mean something. I share the dream to dicuss what this goddess is, to aid in my own personnal feedback. But knowing that if i were a influencial scientist and brought this up at lets say a science convention, i would be subsequently laughed off the stage and would be labeled a fool....forever. thats why i post it here with other like minded truth seekers.

Crackdown: Re: moving at fast pace

OL is right... I apologize for moving too fast and escalating this quickly. And I see that, despite "poocastle" metaphors are catchy, their nature makes them really inadequate for discussing serious topics.

Let's talk about the problems of these articles in specific

1) Even if you consider bible as a truthful source (because some of your ancestors could have written it) -- bible is a very controversal subject, which raises debates by itself. Because of that, it will be better to reduce the surprisingly high amount of bible quotes/references... a lot of people would agree there, including me and BluesBaby

2) The mediocre quality of writing makes it really difficult to read and comprehend your articles, especially for not-native speakers. Contactorion, if you really want to change it, please work on your style

When people see the article like this one, they authomatically switch to "too difficult, didn't read" mode. However, if you would look at the improved version of your article, you would instantly feel the difference! ;-)

( also you forget to remove "[1][2][3]...[62]SocietiesEdit[citation needed]" stuff when you copy-paste the article from Wikipedia )

More notes available here -

contactorion: About Time

Now that we are a little more serious. Not bible torah and talmud (the old testament). It is not possible that they were my ancestors, its a fact...Apparently , forgive me if I don't cite, the levites and kohanim are the oldest blood lines on earth. Both have torah references as to why they were "choosen". I found that interesting since my cousins last name is kohan. D.N.A. testing has shown that these two tribes, especially the kohans, can be traced back 3000 years back to Israel. My fathers side is the jewish side, and the chromosome that is traced is passed down father to son. Grammer. So its obvious that there is a very good probablity that I am related to them. The writers of the torah. A document that says not to alter the text in any way. It has been said for thosands of years that if you remove a single letter out of the torah then it is no longer the torah.

Writing.....I will say that I did not, no offence, see this as something that warrented me to care if it was sloppy.

1. So you dem the "bible" (including the new testament) unworthy since it will not attract the.....types of quotes you and those of the same feather think
SHOULD be brought up because YOU know what is better?

2. I didn't know i was getting paid to debate with people on the internet.
Yes from wiki pedia.

Crackdown: Re: about time

I see that bible/torah are very personal and important books for you, because they really could be your legacy... However, the beginning of your article on the top of current page, contains a block of text: which contains of 16 quotes (long sentences) , ~300 words, ~1600 characters -- and, although they are well connected to the description of experience, this block is entirely religion-related.

If the reader is not a religious person, it will be pretty hard for him/her to break through this 1 screen of text and get to the interesting part - your experience! That is why citing bible/torah too much, especially many quotes together and in the very beginning of your article, is bad : it reduces the number of people who would read the full article...

with "Spoilers" element, writer could easily create a "hide/show" block of text when it is necessary -- but, sadly, there is no such feature on TruthControl :-(

contactorion: Then truthcontrol is at deaf-com Delta

Nope i havn't "it is the mark of an intelligent mind to be able to hold to ideas at onece.
YOUR- understanding of it was an idea that is incorrect that must be squashed to prevent the pollution of said idea into the very fertle (open) minds of the truthcontrol users. You see this idea has got serious weight behind it and you fear it. I have found a seed of wonder and contemplation but to you the seed is poop that must be steped on. "For what?? I don't know! Everytime i plant a seed he say kill them before they grow, he say kill them before they grow and i say! IF I AM GUILTY I WILL PAY"-Bob Marley

eevie: ass

I like and understand where you are coming from...the warrior. but you don't have to be a fucking ass about it. :)

contactorion: Same

Thats how i felt.

bluesbaby5050: Nice forward pass......

I was trying to be nice, but, sometimes you just have to tell it like it really is.

contactorion: Also

I would like to add that these writers of the bible are my direct ancestors. My last name is derived from levi. The levites of the tribe of levi were helpers of the priests, and the ones who were in charge of the ark of the covenant. So if its G-d am I a decendent of one of these holy, people the implications are boundless. If its aliens and they say that if your abbducted then everyone in your family is after you. What if the levites were their servants or something and im under contract as well but I dont know it. If its ghoats black and white magic....that kinda fits as well because of the darkness and the white light......all three.....who knows.

contactorion: or maybe there is a nice simple world of pure reason and

Science that I can (((return))) to happily, peacefully......maybe then its a hereditary rare disease of the mind that causes apperations of the same midgit and taller prostitute, that folow the same rule of the little one being a midgit with big eyes, the tall one being able to transform, having bird feet, looking like an owl body, trying to have sex with me in exchange for something I wanted.....just like that is how this rare disease of the mind has to manifest itself according to written documentation from my ancestors up to 4000 years ago. And all of the sufferers, like my self, STILL have the ability to to REALLY want to what the hell is going on and talk about it and put it on to medium on which it can be discussed. Instead of being lost in crazy land where im spoon fed our meals. No they documented it in things like for example, the torah, the dead sea scrolls, the zohar.............the story of king solomen being tempted by a demon that can transform, disguised as the queen of sheba for the jews is a myth. For islam its a section of the koran. In my opinion it can't possibly be some hereditary disease. And if thats true........WHAT THE HELL IS IT.

obsrvantlouie: You are awakening

You are discovering your true self is spirit and not body....this is enabling you to lucid dream and I would say you are very nearly having out of body experience. The dream world is filled with spirits of both polarities just as the earth is filled with physical bodies representing both polarities. Discover your fears, confront them and overcome and you will overcome this entity feeding off your fears. Thought.....creates.....Lilith is no more real than darth vadar; however, if you think they are I said....'thought creates'.

contactorion: yes it was very much like a lucid dream.

I dont have not had many of those my whole life.
i just dont understand how it would be feeding off me tho. I wanted to kill it in my dream. There was no fear only adrinaline. Finding out true self is spirtual hell yeah. I did confront me sent to the crazy house......then the crazy house tested me and said im very far from crazy and they gave me a free city bus pass and i rode the bus to my friends house. Then i bought the first ticket to alaska.

contactorion: Hey just fyi im still trying to read the republic

Just having a hard time learning spanish and hebrew currntly. Got rosetta stone and stuff but its still long and difficut. Im still trying to decipher a messege from hebrian daniel in hebrew.

contactorion: not something I wanted rather

Something it was illustrating trying to cause me to lust after to give in to. But there in that moment is where I was given a choice. As I mentally choose it the face began morphing red and I started to feel the power come up from my feet. Then I was back in control of my body and I gave it the finger and"fuck you your the devil" my friend used to fuck with me about that when I told him. It was then the face went completly red demonic looking and i guess attacked me, it came at me, my vision faded out as its face is approaching me like I dont know where it was going (into my soul?) and I regain my vision as im walking back out the door way of light. Then transported out of that foreign house and back into my parents house. Then the rest.
The part where I saw myself grabing it was when I was driving to the store about 3 months ago. I was listening to the song "midnight city" by o think Mc3 idk. But anyways kindof out of nowhere I saw that in my mind. With the lambda symbol in my right eye, which I really have just as a weird patch of black, all lite up with light. Both my eyes filled with light grabing the green red faced thing by the throat. Also I saw as my eyes like turned on many other eyes of light turned on behind me (even tho there was a chair and a wall) Thought nothing of it more than a cool imaginative thought I created when I was listening to midnight city.....until I saw the music video for midnight city which I had never seen before. In it children get extraordinary psycho-kinetic powers and.....all their eyes are full of white light. Blown away yet again. Then the contellation libra (balances) and the disembodied voice I spoke with saying to "lilith" "thats why I rise and you fall". Thats why I cant accept this shit is nothing how????

contactorion: The Covenant Of the Levites

Earlier i said it could be a contract that i am bounded to before i was born.
The torah shows that the livites are the choosen tribe out of the jews because of the act of obediance in jereimiah 33:20. From this section of the torah arose the preistly sect of the levites. I found something i will post.

The Role of the Levites

1. The tribe of Levi was elevated to perform holy service, in the Tabernacle of the desert and in the Temple. Hence, it is a affirmative command for all Levites to be available and prepared for Temple Service, as stated in the Torah, "The Levites shall be for Me" (Numbers 18:14), indicating that the special relationship with the tribe of Levi is permanent. The prophet Jeremiah relates God's promise that there will always be Kohanim and Levites fit to serve: "As I will never renege on My covenant with day and night, so is my covenant with...the Levites, the Kohanim, My servants" (Jeremiah 33:21).2. The choice of the tribe of Levi for the highest spiritual service was due to their ability to channel their strong character in the service of God. Levi, the son of Jacob, was chastised for his anger by his father: "Cursed is their zealousness for it is brazen and their wrath for it is hard. I will separate them in Ya'akov and scatter them throughout Israel" (Genesis 49:6-7).Four generations later, Moses blessed the same tribe of Levi: "Your righteous men...keeper of Your word and covenant; He shall teach Your judgment in Ya'akov and Your Torah in Israel...Blessed of God is his valor and his actions are pleasing..." (Deuteronomy 33:8-11). The Levites were able to apply their physical and spiritual strength to the fulfillment of God's will and gain forever the role of God's trusted servants.3. The name Levi is derived from the words "he shall accompany". This name was given to the third son of Jacob and Leah to indicate that he was to bring a strengthening of relationship between his parents, for now with three children, Jacob would need to accompany his wife Leah.It was a natural development, therefore, that the task of the Levite became to accompany the Divine Presence and serve in the Temple. His role as teacher and spiritual example is to lead and, thereby, accompany others back to their spiritual purpose. The Midrash relates that in the future, Levites will lead the people of Israel back to their Father in Heaven.4. Levi ben Ya'akov, the father of the tribe of Levites, lived 137 years, the longest of all of the sons of Jacob. He had a particularly strong influence on the spiritual development of his progeny, and lived to see his great-grandsons Moshe and Aharon.The tribe of Levi developed separately from the other tribes of Israel. During the period of the Egyptian bondage, the Levites avoided the slavery suffered by the others, by maintaining their separateness in the land of Goshen immersed in the tents of learning, and maintaining the spiritual tradition of the Fathers.5. The loyal nature of the Levites was most clearly demonstrated at the episode of the Golden Calf. The general population was influenced by the evil promptings of the mixed multitude. The Levites rallied to the side of Moshe to avenge God's honor. They were rewarded with the spiritual service lost at that time by the firstborn of the other tribes. The Levites were tested and proved themselves able, thereby earning their elevated spiritual status.The Levites were constantly willing to risk their lives for God's service. They carried the sanctified vessels of the Tabernacle, which if mishandled, resulted in death.6. The independent nature of the Levite was balanced by his role of Temple functionary. The Levites carried the Tabernacle and its vessels on its wanderings in the desert. Levites served as the honor guard, gatekeepers and musicians of the Temple. They also assisted the Kohanim in preparing toe offerings and in other aspects of the Temple's functioning.7. The economics of the tribe of Levi were unique among the tribes of Israel. In contrast to the other tribes, Levites had no inherited portion in the Land of Israel. Forty-two cities scattered throughout the portions of the other tribes were set aside as cities of Levites. In these cities, the Levites served as spiritual teachers to the people of Israel. These cities also served as shelters for those guilty of accidentally causing a person's death. Whereas the other tribes worked the land, the Levite was dependent on the tithes and food gifts of others. Levites were made to be economically dependent on others for their income. In exchange for his life's service, the Levite received God's ordained sustenance through the required tithing of the nation. There was a mitzva upon the people of Israel not to abandon the Levi.8. Levites were exempt from general military service. They were not counted in the census of the army in time of Moses or the Judge Deborah. Though relieved of the specific mitzva of waging war, they are required to take part in the mitzva of saving lives in times of direct threat.The service of the Levite is the service of the spirit. Thus the tribe originally chastised for its warlike behavior became the tribe which exemplified peace, blessing and fraternal harmony. Yet the Levites throughout history were able to rise to the occasion to fight for values when necessary, as in the case of Channuka where they led the Jewish struggle against Greek influence.An interesting contrast to the general army exemption of the tribe of Levi was the office of the "Kohen Anointed fir War". This Kohen, whose position was an honored one in the hierarchy of Kohanim, was appointed to inspire and spiritually prepare the army of Israel before battle.9. God's special relationship with the tribe of Levi is promised to last forever. No other family is allowed to perform the Temple Service. Levites have been among the spiritual leaders of the nation from earliest times and continue to fulfill leadership roles until today. The true fulfillment of the soul of a son of the tribe of Levi is to once again serve God in the Holy Temple in Jerusalem.

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For many Jews, these statements are givens. Or are they?Over the last several decades, the Jewish spiritual scene has witnessed a resurgence of popularity in the mystical tradition of secret wisdom known as kabbalah. Hidden away in corners of the tradition and ignored by contemporary popularizations are stunning parallels to a number of doctrines that most religious Jewish people consider anathema, doctrines that are analogous to New Testament teachings.However, the parallels did not go without notice when more Jews were kabbalah literate. In 1696, one mystical rabbi (Aharon ben Moshe Ha-Kohen of Krakow) became a believer in Y'shua (Jesus) based on his study of kabbalah. He wrote three Hebrew manuscript volumes detailing the numerous parallels he found between the New Testament and the Zohar (the classic core text of Jewish mysticism). Yochannan Rittangel (d. 1652), the first translator of the Jewish mystical work Sefer Yetzirah, was one of several Jewish believers in Y'shua to disseminate Jewish mystical wisdom to a wider audience.In the early twentieth century, Feivel Levertoff (d. 1954) was one of the translators of what is still the premier English version of the Zohar (published by the highly-respected Jewish press, Soncino). A yeshiva-trained Hassidic Jew and a third-generation descendent of Rabbi Shneur Zalman of Liada (the founder of Chabad Lubavitch), Levertoff came to believe in Y'shua as the Messiah through parallels he found between the New Testament and his Jewish mystical faith.The Los Angeles-based Kabbalah Centre, one of the best-known popularizers of kabbalah today, frequently makes admiring mention of a non-Jewish scholar of kabbalistic wisdom, Pico della Mirandola (1463-1494). However, the Centre's spokespersons, books and presentations never mention his ultimate conclusion based on years of exploring the mysterious secrets of kabbalistic wisdom: "There is no knowledge that proves the Divinity of the Messiah better than . . . kabbalah."1

A Compound Unity

The keystone of traditional Judaism is that God is One.  A belief in a multiplicity in the Godhead seems to be beyond the pale for many Jews.  Yet kabbalah teaches that God is indeed a compound unity.The over-arching narrative of Jewish mysticism is that the infinite, radically transcendent Ein Sof ("Endless" One) is revealed through the Sefirot.2 Sefirotare vessels or spheres related to the Creator only through resemblance,3 and are the ten most common names for the varying aspects of Divinity. Though they are one with the Creator, they are also the Creator's garments and the "beams of light which it sends out".4 The singular, Sefirah, shares a root with the wordsippur; "communication" or "telling".5 The Sefirot are thus seen as the aspects or attributes of the Creator by means of which Deity communicates with creation.6Knowledge of the lowest seven of the Sefirot is derived from King David's address to God in 1 Chronicles 29:11: "Yours, O God, are the Greatness (Gedulah), the Power (Gevurah), and the Glory (Tiferet), the Victory (Netzach), and the Splendor (Hod), for all that is in heaven and earth (Yesod), Yours O God is the Kingdom (Malkuth)." Two of the remaining three Sefirot, Chokhmah and Binah (Wisdom and Understanding), are one of the most frequent pairings of attributes of God found throughout the Hebrew Bible. The highest Sefirah, Keter, or Crown, signifies God's rule and authority as King of Kings.As Levertoff, Rabbi Aharon and many others have found, this is not such a far cry from the metaphors used in the New Testament. Both kabbalah and the New Testament hold that God communicates the sublime interrelationships of his various components to limited human beings in terms they can understand from their own experience—concepts like the Sefirot, or like the New Testament's Father, Son and Holy Spirit.Not unlike the New Testament (which speaks of One God in three "persons"), kabbalists recognize multiple "grades," "degrees" or "beings" in the Godhead. Expressions of multiplicitous unity (of God, humans, and other entities) are frequent in kabbalistic literature and seemingly pose no theological obstacle to orthodox Jewish mystics:Said R. Eleazar: "As the four sections of the walnut are united at one side and separated at the other, so are all the parts of the Celestial Chariot united in perfect union, and yet each part fulfils a special purpose . . . "7Now the tree of life ramifies into various degrees, all differing from one another, although forming a unity, in the shape of branches, leaves . . . and roots."8This kind of mystical logic not only prevails in medieval documents like the Zohar, but also persiststo the present. TheTanya, the fundamental text of modern Chabad Hassidic philosophy by Rabbi Shneur Zalman, states:"He and His vivications are one, He and His causations are one. . . . They are all Divinity."9"He and His Name are One . . ." 10Such thinking has been current in Judaism for a long time. Orthodox Jewish scholar Raphael Patai notes that the Holy Spirit, identified by the rabbis with the Shekhinah (the "dwelling" or "abode" of the glory of God), was seen as a second person in the Godhead even in the early Talmudic period.11But the mystics went beyond merely recognizing a two-in-oneness, stating that the Sefirot are actually organized into three "pillars." To the kabbalists, God's ultimate nature is a three-in-oneness:"Hear, O Israel, Adonai12 Eloheinu Adonai is one." These three are one. . . . The mystery of the audible voice is similar to this, for though it is one yet it consists of three elements—fire, air, and water. . . . Even so it is with the mystery of the threefold Divine manifestations designated by Adonai Eloheinu Adonai—three modes which yet form one unity.13

Embodiment and Incarnation

Would a Jew ever embrace the idea of God incarnate? Many kabbalists do!Kabbalah teaches that the human body is an outward expression of the indwelling soul, and that all material things are manifestations of spiritual realities extruding into our universe.14 However, God has a special way of revealinghimself in our world:R. Jose said: "How are we to understand the words, 'and they saw the God of Israel" (Ex. 24:10)? . . . . They saw the light of the Shekinah, namely him who is called 'the Youth' (Metatron . . . ), and who ministers to theShekinah in the heavenly Sanctuary."15Nachmanides(1194-1270) holds that the Shekhinah can mitgashem (incarnate) in an anthropomorphic shape. As an Ashkenazictradition has it, "Know that . . . 'An angel of the Lord appeared to him in a blazing fire out of a bush' (Exod. 3:2) . . . refers to God Himself ."16 Sometimes, the title malakh ha-kavod (Angel of the Glory) is applied to the Shekhinah in kabbalistic texts.17The term Metatron, described as "the Youth," "the Angel of the Glory" and "the body of the Shekhinah," is a Latin title translating the Greek Praecursor, or Forerunner—the same word used of Y'shua in Hebrews 6:20. It means lord, leader, guide, one who shows the way, or goes in advance.The explanation of "They saw the glory of God" (Exodus 24:10) given by Rabbi Jose is evocative of the New Testament passages describing Y'shua as "the radiance of the Shekhinah" (Hebrews 1:3), and as the "Forerunner" ministering high priest in the heavenly tabernacle upon which Moses modeled the sanctuary (Hebrews 6:20-8:5).Several kabbalistic texts reveal that Metatron is not merely an angel, but a manifestation of the Shekhinah in human form; in other words, God himself. For example:And R. Tam commented that the Holy One blessed be He is himself called Metatron, as is said in thePesiqta [Exod 23:13] "and the Lord walked before them all the day." The Holy One said, "I was the guide [Heb. Metatron] for my children," that is, their guard.18Metatronis also spoken of as "the voice of God" in a reference of Midrash Tehillim19 to the passage penned by King David: "The voice of the Lord was over the waters . . ." (Psalm 29:3). Keeping in mind that Metatronis held by kabbalists to be the embodiment of the Shekhinah, note the following observation by Chabad founder Rabbi Zalman:[It] has been stated in the Zohar and Etz Chayim, that the Shechinah . . . is called the "word of God" . . . as in the case of human beings, by way of example, speech reveals to the hearers the speaker's secret and hidden thought.20This passage uncannily reminds one of the opening lines of the Gospel of John's description of Y'shua: "In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. He was with God in the beginning. . . . The Word became a human being and lived with us, and we saw his Shekhinah."21So, for both the traditional kabbalists and the New Testament, the Forerunner is identical with the Angel of the Glory, the Name of God, and is the Word of God incarnate. What does the following passage from the Zohar indicate about the identity of this Forerunner?: "The 'spirit of God which hovered over the face of the waters' is the spirit of the Messiah."22Could these kabbalists actually be saying that the Godhead is somehow mysteriously composed of three personalities which are, in fact, really One—one of whom is the Word of God in human form, Messiah, the Forerunner-High Priest serving in heaven and embodying the Holy Spirit? Aren't these the same things the New Testament says about Y'shua? Consider further the following, from R. Yitchaq of Acre:It is MoSheH [Messiah] the High Priest, anointed by the oil, the supernal holy unction, the true Messiah, who will come today, if we listen to the voice of his Master, whose Name is found in him, he will redeem us. . . . . "In all their affliction he was afflicted, and the angel of His face saved them" [Isa. 63:91] and "And the spirit of the Lord shall rest upon him" [Isa. 11:2]. Those [verses] and all similar to them hint at Metatron [the Forerunner], the Prince of the Face . . . . [The] sheep, which is the innocent lamb is—in its entirety—good, and it is MoSheH, the Prince of Mercy."23Do the mystics ever give a name to the Metatron, this Forerunner, the Prince of the Face, High Priest, Word of God incarnate, Lamb who is afflicted in all their affliction, Messiah? A medieval Rosh Hashanah prayer says:May it be Thy will that the sounding of the shofar may be embroidered in Thy Heavenly Curtain by the Angel who is appointed for it, as Thou has accepted the prayers by the hand of Elijah of blessed memory and through Yeshua the Prince of the Face. 24Yehudah Liebes, Professor of Jewish Mysticism and Kabbalah in the Department of Jewish Thought at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, traces references to Y'shua in traditional Jewish liturgy to Jewish believers in Jesus in the first century A.D.! 25  Daniel Abrams of Bar-Ilan University writes of Liebes's observations, "Yehuda Liebes has brought to our attention the striking identification of Metatron with Jesus in the liturgy." 26

The Mediator

Many Jews today reject the idea of a go-between to make us right with God.  The kabbalists, however, have a different view.Kabbalists see the angelic Prince of the Face as intermediary between God and his people. Recalling R. Yitzhaq of Acre's equating of the afflicted Forerunner with the Messiah who saves Israel, the following passage from the Zoharalmost sounds like an epitome of the New Testament's assertions about Y'shua's mediating, vicarious atonement:When the Messiah hears of the great suffering of Israel in their dispersion, and of the wicked amongst them who seek not to know their Master, he weeps aloud . . . as it is written: "But he was wounded because of our transgression, he was crushed because of our iniquities" (Isaiah 53:5). . . . The Messiah . . . calls for all the diseases and pains and sufferings of Israel, bidding them settle on himself, which they do. . . . As long as Israel were in the Holy Land, by means of the Temple service and sacrifices they averted all evil diseases and afflictions from the world. Now it is the Messiah who is the means of averting them from mankind.27

Investigating the Secret for Yourself

Do these passages from the mystics prove the New Testament is correct, that Y'shua is Messiah of Israel, God in the flesh, who makes atonement for our sins? No. But they do demonstrate that there have been Jews (many, famous kabbalists), whose orthodoxy no one would question, who held beliefs startlingly like those that Jewish believers in Y'shua affirm.If this exploration of kabbalah has piqued your curiosity, why not explore what the New Testament has to say about these things? In the Hebrew Bible, God states that he will establish a New Covenant: "See, a time is coming—declares the Lord—when I will make a new covenant with the house of Israel and the house of Judah" (Jeremiah 31:31). The Hebrew word brit, translated here as 'covenant,' may also be translated 'Testament.' The kabbalistic text Otiot de'Rabbi Akiba says regarding this passage: "And the Holy One . . . will expound to them the meanings of a new Torawhich He will give them through the Messiah."28Jewish mystics for Jesus, kabbalists who actually believe in a Triune God, a bodily incarnation of the Deity, and a vicariously atoning Messiah—Who knew?! Feeling like you've been let in on a pretty well-kept secret? Could Y'shua, the Prince of the Face who sits on God's throne, the Messiah, be the biggest mystery you've yet to unriddle?

In the Targumim.The majestic presence or manifestation of God which has descended to "dwell" among men. Like Memra (= "word"; "logos") and "Yeḳara" (i.e., "Kabod" = "glory"), the term was used by the Rabbis in place of "God" where the anthropomorphic expressions of the Bible were no longer regarded as proper (see Anthropomorphism). The word itself is taken from such passages as speak of God dwelling either in the Tabernacle or among the people of Israel (see Ex. xxv. 8, xxix. 45-46; Num. v. 3, xxxv. 34; I Kings vi. 13; Ezek. xliii. 9; Zech. ii. 14 [A. V. 10]). Occasionally the name of God is spoken of as descending (Deut. xii. 11; xiv. 23; xvi. 6, 11; xxvi. 2; Neh. i. 9). It is especially said that God dwells in Jerusalem (Zech. viii. 3; Ps. cxxxv. 21; I Chron. xxiii. 25), on Mount Zion (Isa. viii. 18; Joel iv. [A. V. iii.] 17, 21; Ps. xv. 1, lxxiv. 2), and in the Temple itself (Ezek. xliii. 7). Allusion is made also to "him that dwelt in the bush" (Deut. xxxiii. 16, ); and it is said that "the glory of the Lord abode upon Mount Sinai" (Ex. xxiv. 16). The term "Shekinah," which is Hebrew, whereas "Memra" and "Yeḳara" are Aramaic, took the place of the latter two in Talmudand Midrash, and thus absorbed the meaning which they have in the Targum, where they almost exclusively occur. Nevertheless the word "Shekinah" occurs most frequently in the Aramaic versions, since they were intended for the people and were actually read to them, and since precautions had therefore to be taken against possible misunderstandings in regard to the conception of God. The word "dwell" in the Hebrew text is accordingly rendered in the Targumim by the phrase "let the Shekinah rest" (e.g., Ex. xxv. 8; xxix. 45, 46; Num. v. 3, xxxv. 34; Deut. xxxii. 10 [R. V. "he compassed him about"]; Ps. lxxiv. 2). Onḳelos translates "Elohim" in Gen. ix. 27 by "Shekinah"; and wherever the person, the dwelling, or the remoteness of God is mentioned, he paraphrases by the same word (Num. xiv. 14, 42; xvi. 3; xxxv. 34; Deut. i. 42, iii. 24, iv. 39, vi. 15, vii. 21, xxiii. 16, xxxi. 17); so too, wherever the Name occurs, he substitutes for it the term "Shekinah" (Deut. xii. 5, 11, 21), and "presence" or "face" is translated the same way (Ex. xxxiii. 14-15; Num. vi. 25; Deut. xxxi. 17-18; see Maybaum, "Anthropomorphien," etc., pp. 52-54). Targ. pseudo-Jonathan and Yerushalmi adopt a like system, as in Ps. xvi. 8, lxxxix. 47, Lam. ii. 19, and Cant. vi. 1 (ib.pp. 64 et seq.). Where the text states that God dwells in the Temple above the cherubim (as in Hab. ii. 20; I Sam. iv. 4; II Sam. vi. 2; I Kings viii. 12, 13; xiv. 21; Ps. lxxiv. 2), or that God has been seen (Isa. vi. 6 et seq.; Ex. iii. 6; Ezek. i. 1; Lev. ix. 4), the Yerushalmi has "Shekinah"; and even where it describes God as abiding in heaven, the same word is used (Isa. xxxiii. 5; Deut. iii. 24, iv. 39). This statement holds true also of allusions to His remoteness or to the hiding of His face (Hos. v. 6; Isa. viii. 17, xlv. 15; Hastings, "Dict. Bible," iv. 488b). The Temple is called the "house of the Shekinah" (Targ. Onḳ. to Deut. xii. 5; Ps. xlix. 15, cviii. 8); and the term likewise occurs in connection with "glory" ("yeḳara"; Ruth ii. 12; Cant. iii. 6, iv. 6, v. 6; Ps. xliv. 25, lxviii. 19, cxv. 16; Jer. xix. 18) and with "holiness" (Cant. i. 10, ii. 2, iii. 2, vi. 1; Ps. lxxiv. 12, lxxxvi. 3).In the Apocrypha and New Testament.Since the Shekinah is light, those passages of the Apocrypha and New Testament which mention radiance, and in which the Greek text reads δόξα, refer to the Shekinah, there being no other Greek equivalent for the word. Thus, according to Luke ii. 9, "the glory of the Lord [δόζα Ḳυρίου] shone round about them" (comp. II Peter i. 17; Eph. i. 6; II Cor. iv. 6); and it is supposed that in John i. 14 and Rev. xxi. 3 the words σκηνοῦν and σκηνή were expressly selected as implying the Shekinah. The idea that God dwells in man and that man is His temple (e.g., Col. ii. 9; II Cor. vi. 16; John xiv. 23) is merely a more realistic conception of the resting of the Shekinah on man.Nature of the Shekinah.Maimonides ("Moreh," i. 28 [Munk's translation, "Guide des Egarés," i. 58, 73, 88, 286, 288; iii. 43, 93]; Maybaum, l.c.pp. 5, 34) regarded the Shekinah, like the Memra, the Yeḳara, and the Logos, as a distinct entity, and as a light created to be an intermediary between God and the world; while Naḥmanides (Maybaum, l.c.), on the other hand, considered it the essence of God as manifested in a distinct form. So in more modern times Gfrörer saw in "Shekinah," "Memra," and "Yeḳara" independent entities which, in that they were mediators, were the origin of the Logos idea; while Maybaum, who was followed by Hamburger, regarded the Shekinah merely as an expression for the various relations of God to the world, and as intended to represent: (1) the dwelling of God in the midst of Israel; (2) His omnipresence; (3) His personal presence, etc. (Maybaum, l.c. pp. 51-54). That the Shekinah was not an intermediary is shown by the Targum to Ex. xxxiii. 15, xxxiv. 9 (Maybaum, l.c. pp. 5, 34), where the term "Shekinah" is used instead of "God." The word often occurs, however, in connections where it can not be identical with "God," e.g., in passages which declare that "the Shekinah rests," or, more explicitly, that "God allows His Shekinah to rest," on such a one. In short: in the great majority of cases "Shekinah" designates "God"; but the frequent use of the word has caused other ideas to be associated with it, which can best be understood from citations. In this connection the statements of the Talmud and Midrash are more characteristic than those of the Targumim, because they were spontaneous and were not made with reference to the text of the Bible. The Shekinah is frequently mentioned, even in the very oldest portions; and it is wholly unjustifiable to differentiate the Talmudic conception thereof from the Targumic, as has been attempted by Weber, although absolute consistency is observed neither in Targum, nor in Talmud and Midrash, since different persons have expressed their views therein.Appearances of the Shekinah.Jose (c. 150) says: "The Shekinah never came down to earth, nor did Moses and Elijah ever ascend to heaven, since it is said, Ps. cxv. 16: 'The heaven, even the heavens, are the Lord's: but the earth hath he given to the children of men'" (Suk. 5a, above). The Shekinah is here identical with Yhwh. This view was, however, challenged even in the Talmud. Ab. R. N. xxxviii. says: "The Shekinah descended to earth, or will have descended, ten times (as to the tenth see Schechter's note, Recension A, ad loc.): to the garden of Eden (Gen. iii. 8); when the Tower of Babel was built (ib.xi. 5); to Sodom (ib. xxi.); to Egypt (Ex. iii. 8); to the Red Sea (II Sam. xxii. 10); upon Sinai (Ex. xix. 10); in the pillar of cloud (Num. xi. 25); to the Sanctuary (Ezek. xliv. 2); and it will again descend at the time of Gog and Magog (Zech. xiv. 4). The Shekinah appeared also in the burning bush (Ex. R. ii.), and it was everywhere (B. B. 25a). Two arks came up out of Egypt with Israel: one containing the Shekinah, and the other the body of Joseph (Soṭah 13a). Canaan was the only land worthy of the Shekinah, which rested in the territory of Benjamin (Mek., ed. Friedmann, p. 31a; Zeb. 54b); the country beyond the Jordan was not worthy thereof (Num. R. vii.). Although the Shekinah was enthroned in heaven, it observed and scrutinized mankind(Ex. R. ii.). The Tabernacle was erected in order that the Shekinah might dwell on earth (Num. R. xii.); and it actually entered the Holy of Holies (Sanh. 103b). Wheresoever the Israelites went in exile the Shekinah accompanied them; and when they were redeemed it likewise was released (Meg. 29a; see also R. H. 3a; B. Ḳ. 25a; Zeb. 118b; Soṭah 5a; Shab. 67a).Those on Whom the Shekinah Rested.The Shekinah was one of the five things lacking in the Second Temple (Targ. to Hag. i. 8; Yer. Ta'an. 65a, and parallel passages). Shunning the Gentiles, it rested solely among the Israelites (Shab. 22b), and even there only when they numbered at least 2,002 myriads (Ber. 7a; Yeb. 64a; B. B. 15b; comp. Sanh. 105b), confining itself solely to those of this multitude who were of pure and therefore aristocratic lineage (Ḳid. 70b) and who were wise, brave, wealthy, and tall (Shab. 92a; comp. Ned. 38a); but even for such it would not descend into an atmosphere of sadness (Shab. 30b and parallel passages), since there can be no sorrow in the presence of God (Ḥag. 5b); nor should one pray in a sorrowful frame of mind (Ber. 31a).The polemic attitude which the conception of the Shekinah betrays toward the founder and the ideal of Christianity is unmistakable. The Shekinah rested upon the priests even if they were unclean (Yoma 56b); and if it was lacking, none approached them for an oracle (ib. 75b). Prominent doctors of the Law were considered worthy of the Shekinah, but both their generation. (i.e., their contemporaries) and their place of residence (i.e., in a foreign land) deprived them of its presence (Suk. 28a; B. B. 60a; Soṭah 48b; M. Ḳ. 25a). In all these statements the Shekinah is identical with the Holy Spirit. It was received by thirty-six pious persons (Suk. 45b), a number which recalls the thirty-six nomes of Egypt and their gods. The Shekinah was also believed to be a protection, as is still the case in the night prayer: "on my four sides four angels, and above my head the Shekinah of God" (comp. Ḳid. 31a). The Shekinah is found at the head of the sick (Shab. 12b) and at the right hand of man (Targ. to Ps. xvi. 8). Pharaoh's daughter saw it at the side of Moses (Soṭah 11a; comp. Targ. to Judges vi. 13), and it spoke with the prophet Jonah twice (Zeb. 98a), with Adam, with the serpent (Bek. 8a; Shab. 87a; Pes. 87b et passim), and with others.To Whom Does the Shekinah Appear?Unsullied thoughts and pious deeds render one worthy of the Shekinah, which is present when two are engaged with the Torah (Ab. iii. 3), when ten pray (Ber. 6a; Ab. 3, 9), and when the mysticism of the Merkabah is explained (Ḥag. 14b); and it is likewise attracted by the study of the Law at night (Tamid 32b); the reading of the "Shema'" (Shab. 57a); prayer (B. B. 22a); hospitality (Shab. 127a; Sanh. 103b); benevolence (B. B. 10a); chastity (Derek Ereẓ i.); peace and faithfulness in married life (Soṭah 17a); and similar deeds and qualities (Ket. 111a; Ber. 67a; Men. 43b; Sanh. 42b; Yer. Ḥag. i. et passim). Sins, on the other hand, cause the Shekinah to depart (Targ. to Isa. lvii. 7; Jer. xxxiii. 5 et passim). It inspires correct judgment in upright judges (Sanh. 7a), while unrighteous magistrates cause it to depart (Shab. 139a). It appeared on the day on which the Tabernacle was first erected (Num. R. xiii.). Before the Israelites sinned the Shekinah rested on every one; but when they did evil it disappeared (Soṭah 3b). In like manner it departed from David when he became leprous (Sanh. 107a). Among the transgressions which have this result are the shedding of blood (Yoma 84b) and idolatry, (Meg. 15b; others are cited in Soṭah 42a; Kallah, end; Ber. 5b, 27b; Shab. 33a;, and Sanh. 106a). Whosoever sins in secret or walks with a proud and haughty bearing "crowds out the feet of the Shekinah" (Ḥag. 16a; Ber. 43b; comp. ib. 59a).The Shekinah as Light.The Hellenists, both Jews and Gentiles, characterized the god of the Jews as unseen, and translated theTetragrammaton by "invisible" (ἀόρατος). In like manner Ḥag. 5b declares that "God sees, but is not seen," although  was rendered by δόζα ("glory"), even in the Septuagint (Deissmann, "Hellenisirung des Semitischen Monotheismus," p. 5). According to this view, the Shekinah appeared as physical light; so that Targ. to Num. vi. 2 says, "Yhwh shall cause His Shekinah to shine for thee." A Gentile asked the patriarch Gamaliel (c. 100): "Thou sayest that wherever ten are gathered together the Shekinah appears; how many are there?" Gamaliel answered: "As the sun, which is but one of the countless servants of God, giveth light to all the world, so in a much greater degree doth the Shekinah" (Sanh. 39a). The emperor (Hadrian) said to Rabbi Joshua b. Hananiah, "I desire greatly to see thy God." Joshua requested him to stand facing the brilliant summer sun, and said, "Gaze upon it." The emperor said, "I can not." "Then," said Joshua, "if thou art not able to look upon a servant of God, how much less mayest thou gaze upon the Shekinah?"(Ḥul. 60a). Rab Sheshet (c. 300) was blind, and could not perceive when the Shekinah appeared in the Shaf we-Yatib synagogue of Nehardea, where it rested when it was not in the synagogue at Huzal. In the former synagogue Samuel and Levi heard the sound of its approach and fled (Meg. 29a). The Shekinah tinkled like a bell (Soṭah 9b), while the Holy Spirit also manifested itself to human senses in light and sound. The Holy Spirit had the form of a dove, and the Shekinah had wings. Thus he who acknowledged God took refuge under the wings of the Shekinah (Shab. 31a; Sanh. 96a); and Moses when dead lay in its pinions (Sifre, Deut. 355; Soṭah 13b; Targumic passages in Maybaum l.c. p. 65). The saints enjoy the light of the Shekinah in heaven (Ber. 17a, 64a; Shab. 30a; B. B. 10a).Bibliography:Lexicons of Buxtorf, Levy, and Kohut;Herzog-Plitt, Real-Encyc. s.v. Schechina;Hastings, Dict. Bible, iv. 487-489;Hamburger, R. B. T. ii. 566, 1080-1082;Luzzatto, Oheb Ger, Vienna, 1830;Bähr, Symbolik des Mosaischen Cultus, 2d ed., i. 471 et seq.;Gfrörer, Gesch. des Urchristenthums, i. 272-352;Maybaum, Anthropomorphien . . . mit Besonderer Berücksichtigung der . . . 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