Nice to be here

by Starperson on February 12th, 2013

I'm obviously new to this forum. The content is very cool. All inclusive. I'll have many questions, and some answers when I get more comfortable here. Really looking forward to this. Thanks.

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Quinton: Great to have you here

Great to have you here Starperson. Thanks for signing up :)

Terran resistance: welcome

you will find this forum has a wide variety of people of different beliefs
polytheists and atheists
people who take mythology very literally and others who dont.
people dont hang around for long though.
but enjoy your stay either way.

Tarheel: Welcome Starperson ! Anyone will help you IF ya want help, or...

...check out the content, courstesy of The Man, Quinton. Feel free to share your opinions and beliefs if you care to.

We are a tightly knit group that sometimes argue but we all love one another. Edisonik and Annunaki77 teachings are very enlightening, along with Quinton & Jesse's video classes. Check it out ! Is there any special meaning to your Name?

Oh, yeah...."Cerca Trova" !

Starperson: First, do no harm...second, uhhhh

Thank you for the welcomes. But, Terran resistance, why don't people stay around here long? What happens to them? Are they Ok? What did you do? Were they "contanced", abducted or otherwise silenced? I only ask because not five minutes after I signed up here, my dog started whining and hid under the bed, the house filled with a brilliant golden light and metal objects in the room began floating around. Wait a minute...I don't even have a dog. So, no worries here:)

I thoroughly enjoy this site. Authors, teachers and contributors write captivating and provocative posts. I'll keep my head down and lay low for now, while creeping around the site. I'm here to learn, understand and maybe share some.

What's in a name? I recently finished my genealogy research and found that my people are from the most envied star system in the universe. We try to keep its exact location on a need to know basis, lest it become overrun with tourists.

Terran resistance: just because

just because they have a different opinion doesnt mean that they are psyops agents. You really think psyop agents quit do you?. If anything, It just makes everybody else narrow minded, simple and incapable of thinking outside the box, intolerent sheeple because they attack everyone who doesnt share the same mindset of their retarded group think.

Tarheel: You forgot that THEY share Avatars/Personalities,too.

It's blatantly obvious when they're here. Their personalities change when they get online. They stand out like a COLD SORE, and it is actually beyond humorous. One of the "code names" for their "secret undercover espionage avctivities" was Mockingbird.

Here's a MOCKERY of those pathetic creatures and their "covert" programs. .....

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