Nibiru's and Terra

I found some interesting videos that contain what our academic history dont teach us on class rooms and I would like introduce this theme seeing to let clear this truth and then, allow the better future to us and our seeds.

more one Shar aprouches guys... its our time, skyes lets live! and enjoy


Ecbra de Oaoj: Not funny. but Hope; is believe in future


well... if its really will hapen soon... we have a problem, ... indeed.


wmarkley: video

That was a good video, i did some calculations and IF there really is a Nibiru, it isnt due around here for quite some time, 1000 years or so, but even if it is comming, the governments wont tell us, and that is fine with me. i will stay on the surface with my humanity and wait for the elite to seal themselves in their bunkers, then it will be time to weld the doors shut, locate all enterances and exits and seal them, locate all ventilation and seal them too, or pump water and sewage into their air intake. it will save humanity the burden of burying the scumbags, its great that they will bury themselves, victory on a silver platter, then all we have to deal with is natures fury. a win- win to me.

Fal: I'm-okay-with-this.jpg


Ecbra de Oaoj: about videos and words

yes I always like very much astronomy and Im trying understand what is being telling, considering include myths, history and all etc.

Many peoples are speacking about, scientists, mistics, religious, well, I would like hear what our friends here think about it this theme.

and etc etc... and etc.

Particularity, I... will be on surface, if... dont happen no news. Well, while I dont have a material starship yet. haha... my mother; when I coment with her this matter today smile and... mock me. maybe with some... reason. I want.

Good sunday, dear people


wmarkley: Question

I was searching for updates on the mass arrests and stumbled on a site called the galactic free press, some of the content was interesting to read, they wrote about the decloaking about to begin and at the bottom of the page it said something to the affect of loving the mother and father Amon Ra! Who is this? my gut tells me that it isnt good, i believe that i read somewhere that Ra was Enkis son Marduk, who conspired with an orion quees to give birth to the reptillians. i could be wrong and have my facts mixed up. are these guys good? or bad?

bluesbaby5050: To Wmarkley-------your right!

He is Inki's son! And he did conspire,but the queen was onto him,and he was outst from the throne.He had a plan with the queen before this happened.BB5050.

bluesbaby5050: Marduk-------

He was dethroned,and was made the head priest,and then was known as Ra!Do not trust all you read,when they say stuff like that.Always trust your gut .From then on ,the reptilians have had control of this planet.NEVER TRUST A COLD BLOODED REPTILIAN! BB5050.

wmarkley: ra

when he was dethroned did he turn evil? was his agenda the same as the reptillians? Marduk was annunaki, the ruler was reptillian orion queen, i thought the priests were reptillian and still rule today as rothchild and rockefeller, sinclair and winser.

bluesbaby5050: The ones in these families----

Are half breeds now! And Marduk turned bad to conspire for the throne,and when he got it ,with the help of the Orion queens ,they turned on him ,and had a fight,and the queens won,and he was allowed to live but,as the high priest Ra! You have it right,but go back and re-read this part in the history,as this is important to know! BB5050.

bluesbaby5050: Also ,in May of this year,there is going to be an---

Eclipse.Venus is going to block out the sun,and this is going to happen around-9am in the US.Then the ships are supposed to arrive ,and this is a time of testing mens souls.As this is to be the Great Deception.The dates are May 22to June 15th.In this time frame.I saw a video of it on Youtube,and it showed this,and how it would look,and they said the math was for May 5th to start it off.BB5050.

bluesbaby5050: Ra wanted to be king.

He divised a plan ,and needed help ,so he went to Orion,and asked the queens for this help.So they all came back ,and then there was a battle,and Marduk lost,and the queen won,and because she only agreed to help,because she had a hidden agenda,of becoming queen ,and taking over this planet.She didn't let on to Marduk,and his plan backfired on him.So he had to settle as being a sun god the priest, or die! And was the only connection to the sun.Others had to worship him.He was the middleman.And she is the same dam queen as,is in England today,as they live for thousands of years by way of drinking human blood,and eating the human flesh too! This idea is also where vampires come from,they live off blood to get the life force of un- suppecting people.They are reptilians in desquise! This is really bad,and hollywood makes biggg money off from this! BB5050.

bluesbaby5050: When the human body dies---

The body is buried,and the queen just takes over another human baby when it is born,by way of a ceremony.This is what Annu77 told me,as I was the one that asked how this was possible.BB5050.

bluesbaby5050: Also , The banks are to close--

Supposed to close,and wall street is to crash,and then all this will take place AFTER .This is why we need to get water stocked up,and food too,and anything you will need to hold you over till things stablize.BB5050.

wmarkley: Venus

Venus will trancend the sun, but it was my understanding that Venus isnt big enough to block out the sun, it is to appear as a dot crossing the front of the sun.

bluesbaby5050: Venus to block out the sun?

It will not totally block out the sun.It will cover a good part in the center. ,but more than outer edges of the sun will still be seen.This is why it says there will be 3 days of darkness.I do not believe it will be like night time out side.I have seen some eclipes in my time,and it does get dark,but more like in the shade,and a bit darker.Venus will be bigger than a dot though.I have never seen Venus do this,only the moon.BB5050.

wmarkley: may to june

during this venus trancendance, you said that the deception will occur, are these beings that will uncloak the secret government with human occupants, designed to bring in the new world order?

bluesbaby5050: Annu77 said this,not me.

He said a great deception will take place,but it was not Project Bluebeam he said.BB5050.

bluesbaby5050: The NWo --------

Is already here, and has been here, but does not have a COMPLETE HOLD OVER US YET! IF we just re-main docile,we will be completely taken over,and this will be too late by then to do anything about it. This is the struggle we are facing today. BB5050.

bluesbaby5050: Edisonik is the one that------

Gave out the dates,Annu77 did not.He just said that there will be a great trickry that is to take place about this time frame.BB5050.

bluesbaby5050: People SHOULD ASK Annu77,and Edisonik both,about ---

These events that are to take place,is what you people should be asking about. And push them for a more accurate time frame.No one seems to do this.You all wait for someone else to ask these questions.If more of you would get together,and ask them while at least one of them is on the forum,these will be answered for you. Do NOT JUST SIT BACK, AND WAIT FOR SOMEONE ELSE TO ASK FOR YOU,AS THEY WILL ONLY ASK WHAT IT IS THAT THEY WANT TO ASK, AND YOU WILL NOT GET AN ANSWER THIS WAY.This is the only reason they come on to this forum,is to teach you what it is you want to know.Be responsible ,and ask questions that are really important for your lifes.BB5050.

wmarkley: tune

i will be tuning in on this site anyway and catch the words spoken here, then i will not be decieved.

bluesbaby5050: NO one is trying to decieve anyone here----

We are trying to give accurate time frames,and Annu77 said they are hard to give ,because time is NOT SET,AND IS ALWAYS IN MOTION.And that there is really no such thing as time. Human's are the only speices that does this time measuring thing.This is what confuses US.They can not pin point time they said. BB5050.

bluesbaby5050: All the Earths history is ----

Already on this web site,and all you have to do now,is look up all your questions.They have already been asked,and answered for you already.Look in the topics section,and in the articles section for you newbies,and you will have your answers.You also have been provided with many videos as well.There is a store house of information on almost all the subjects that have been asked already.Try and stay up to date on currents events,when you ask questions,and this will help alot.Annu77 comes on the forum on the weekends too,mostly around anywhere from 6:30pm eastern time until,midnight somesomes.I have been on at these times,and I know.Same times during the weekdays too.Edisonik is on mostly on Tuesday6:pm on,during the evenings, Eastern time.BB5050.

Ecbra de Oaoj: bluesbaby... thanks for atention

yes milady, when i was posting on top i think, well, realy i dont will introduce this theme here because this matter appears before but;
i use exactly this word because these videos supra are news; i think. and sounds very; grave. include to me that ready before many things about these stuffs.

so; may and december are very near. and since i subscrive my acount here i dont see in this forum question about. and more, are news people caming, new ones that dont view all content in this site, wich are very large, contain very topics.
i dont read all things here; but im doing it.

and ... teachers must know that; they will answer many times the same question; and more... that time pass and are possible that change; the same asnwers.

kisses on your heart dear friend


Ecbra de Oaoj: to SpiritualWarrior92, Crigitine, Seeker, Son of Leod, KimkasJK

and all that apresent yourself on forum;


i am not create this site neither administre it or etc but; i feel that my salute will serv to bring courage that you stay with us and manifest yours ideas and fellings, without fear, because all in universe are learning ones with others.
take my example; i dont speack right english but i search express what i know and mind to you; and i search understand this important things. and i want live; frindship ; what finaly we are here?

yes i think that all knowledge and passion need any moderation and are here, indeed, inteligences that clear and enlight; its is Free Will; responsabilit encreases when it realize.

and... well; enjoy.

Liberty ! Justice!

Health! Good Will!


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