by Rishi on December 20th, 2010

Try it yourself with google earth - SKY......coordinates : 5h 53m 27s -6 10' 58 .

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edisonik: Impressive

Good work Rishi.

Genio: Rishi, Edisonik

do you guys have any idea of when this planet will cross paths with earth, will it really be a catastrophy, or will it just damage earth slightly. Will the Anunaki come down to earth when this planet is aligned. so many questions few answers ....

edisonik: Diplomatic Talks Ongoing

Talks are Ongoing the Planet is called AR 1 , it is in fact a Space Craft with the Power to Blow Up Planets. George Lucas read up on some of this stuff before he made Star Wars believe it or not.

Genio: Wow

That is new to me, many space craft look like planets dont they, but the annunaki do inhabit this space craft right ? by any coincidence this wouldnt happpen to be the "sc" that blew up the planet that is now the asteroid belt is it ? and would these annunaki look at us as slaves or friends, didnt they make us digg gold for them or something ?

edisonik: In the Empire there are Good and Bad

The Annunaki are Warriors , they come from the Dog Star Sirris, the Andromedans are weary of them and don't trust them too much because they have been known to break their promises but they are much better then the Reptilians, they have been known to fight nasty Wars with the Lizards.
The Annunaki Prince Enki is the Good Guy in all of this, he has a big Role in the History of Mankinds Developement and DNA Developement.
There is alot people don't know but this is were I will try to Educate the rest on humanities real history.

edisonik: Venus is also a Spacecraft

Venus is also a Spacecraft , it is this Planetcraft that destroyed Maldek Genio, not the Nibiru Flagship Planetcraft, Venus belongs to the Reptilians, this Craft is heavily Armed also.

Earth is a playground or farm for these beings, this is Colossal info, we are sandwiched in the middle from the sky and from inner-earth.

Genio: Thank you so much

This information is great, ive always had questions like these but i dont know were to find them the internet doesnt have everything, but you are a truly a blessing. i want to thank you for spending some of your time to teach the ones who seek to find the truth. I truly apreciate it from the heart, then only times i feel like im not alone are when i read these kinds of things, im sorrounded my minds who are still sleeping, and its not that that they cant see things the way i do its just that they have no interest for theese things. When i pass into the afterlife i will be able to keep all this information right ? What do i have to be able to remember, it seems almost impossible but i know its not. I just wish i could have flashbacks of my past lives. But yet i feel like i do remember just not vividly.I feel that the way i am right now is because of how i was in my past life and this is why i cant to keep advancing in my consious evolution.
Can you explain to me about the layers underneath earth, ive herd from an indian named red elk. (i suggest you look him up in case youve never heard of him) that there is sever layers of life under neath earth, he says the first layer is almost identical to the crust, he says theres seas and a sky with clouds just like here, but that there are all kinds of creatures, he also said lucifer is in the second to last layer and the third to last is were his army resides, he has alot of good information can you clarify this for me please im really curious, thank you

Genio: Red Elk - Calling all thunderbirds

i couldnt remember which was the video in which he speaks of the layers of earth im sorry

Annunaki77: Nibiru coming

Nibiru Alka Dannum , ilat Emuq , peta babkama luruba Salmat Qaqqadi!, Awilum Ankida Eanna!,

Man belongs on Earth as well as in Heaven, blessed are those who defend the Innocent, blessed are those who Champion for Peace, you will all see mighty Nibiru.

This Arrival will be the envy of many who never saw and the shock of those who will see, Mighty Nibiru.

The Reptilians do not want you to know about NIBIRU.

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