NIBIRU Clearly seen along with our sun ! | Oct. 20, 2014 | Houston, Texas / Video

by bluesbaby5050 on November 25th, 2014

NIBIRU Clearly seen along with our sun ! | Oct. 20, 2014 | Houston, Texas,U.S. Video Published on Oct 22, 2014.

Hard Evidence Nibiru is VERY close.

October 20, 2014 - Houston, Texas - U.S. More here - 2nd sun rising in São Vicente,Brazil 09/16/2014 -

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bluesbaby5050: Planet X - Nibiru - Two Suns - Presenting the Evidence - Update

Planet X - Nibiru - Two Suns - Presenting the Evidence - Update This Month / video -

bluesbaby5050: Russia has been very out spoken with live news reports, along

With many other countries in the southern hemisphere sharing their pictures to the world. They have been showing their reports with many pictures of the proof of Niberu being in our solar system on their news for the past 4 YEARS NOW. There have been many reports from the space oberservatories from the many countries down in Antracticia that have been posting their pictures on the internet as well, and so none of this has been kept a secret. Even the U.S. has had pictures, and news reports of Niberu in their news off, and on, and I have witnessed those reports myself along with many people all over this planet. But, then there are still those people that want to live in denial even when they see, and hear it on their news too. So I guess when those people start experiencing major problems in their cities, and towns then they will have to admit the truth when it affects them then. Many people have been relocating to safer areas to live, and trying to stay out of harms way. Many people in the military have done the same, and bunkers have been built with our tax dollars to build those underground bunkers so they can excape in. So I don't know why some people still choose to live with their heads in the sand.

pasqualie: if there was the appearance of a planetary size object

visible in the sky, i dont think they could have kept it out of the news. too many amateur astronomers and besides although the americans may attempt to surpress it, i dont think the other countries would keep it out of the news. the american news is very controlled and censored where as news in other countries is actually more open. so if there was some object that was visible in the sky i think it would have been reported in main stream news in other countries.

its like when the schumann resonance changed and increased. americans tried to lie about it and changed the data, but other countries said no we have the hard copies of historical data, it has changed and you just changed the existing data and lied about it.

i think that second object near the sun is just camera tricks or reflection. if it was real, i dont think astronomers around the world would stay silent and the main stream news would definitely pick up on it outside of the usa. the american news is like the russian news, its censored and surpressed except for what they want reported.

pasqualie: gotta see it from credible sources

too much video editing and photoshop going on those pics and videos on youtube.

according to sitchin its still another 600 years as well.

and if it does come no place on earth is a safe place. you looking at tectonic activity and volcanic activity, and a seismic scale of 10 to 100. mountains and continents gonna be doing down and breaking up. as well with the volcanic ash in atmosphere you gonna need at least 5 years of food and water, cuz no sunlight, and it will be winter for that long as well.

thats an end game scenario, luck ones will be the ones that go early. canibals will be last ones surviving till they run out of food.

bluesbaby5050: I have posted numerous Updates of the many earthquakes

All over this planet, and the sink holes in many countries from the expansion of the earth from the gravitational pulling from a very large magnetic disturbance in our solar system. The tempo has picked up with speed every week, and many changes have been taking place. The weather is being affected by this disturbance as well, and so is the tides in the oceans, and the floodings taking place, and it's too numerous to lists them all, and so I stopped doing this lately. Just watch the world events with the sea animals migrating in areas they have not gone before, and the huge sea animal die offs which is unusual in their habits in many species. Species of birds are doing the same things in many parts of this planet as well. With the very many earth changes taking place in all parts of this planet should tell people that something big is happening, and the reason is even bigger then what is being told. No place on this planet will be left untouched in some form or other. We just have to make the best of our everyday situation, and stay alert to what is happening in our surroundings where we live. I also think Sitchen is off by 600 years. That leaves alot of room for guessing, but with the quaking, and shaking, and all the rest happening all over this planet, it just goes to show it's sooner then later.

pasqualie: its like those space ship photos you see or videos

on youtube. they look fake.

and logically if they had the technology to build space fleets and travel around the solar system, you figure the americans wouldnt be using russian rockets for boosters. And having the crashes they had in the last month. also they would not have canned the space shuttle program. too many inconsistencies of what is , and what people trying to say about the earth space fleet.

i am just a skeptic on those stories and know there is alot of video editing going on as well.

bluesbaby5050: There still is a space program that is very active, and it can't

Be denied anymore. Our tax dollars pay for it yearly, and that's where our LOST MONEY IN THE TENS OF MILLIONS THAT CAN'T BE ACCOUNTED FOR GOES. I'm not talking about NASA, because they are just a cover, as they are totally separate programs, and WE the people are not supposed to know about this secret space program. It's a thousand years in advanced high technologies with reservsed engineered crashed alien space ships. The top governments are IN THE KNOW, AND ALL WORKING TOGETHER IN SPACE. This secret space program has been active for over 70 years now, and that's why we advance in technologies alot in just ten years. It's being handed out a little at a time in the stores. The public is not aware of this BLACK OPERATIVE SPACE PROGRAM THAT REALLY DOES EXIST. So much is being hidden, and covered up and kept from the public, and it has been this way for the past one hundred years now. And many retired, and old military officers are speaking out now, because they are old, and they do not have anything to loose by speaking the real truth now. Alot of those people have died already, but before they died they heldmany interviews and got their stories out. And I refuse to be lied to by anyone, and I don't care who it is telling the lies. In this forum, or else where.

pasqualie: I am not telling you what to believe blue

i am just saying there is alot of video editing and photoshop going on, so it would not be difficult to put a smaller reflection on the screen, or in some of these cases its near the ocean where they see this stuff, when the mist comes in, you get reflections off the water particles and even on cameras and videos you can get the appearance of spherical orbs that can be explained by this.

as for the secret space program, i am neutral to this as i said for the reasons i observe in the news on americans using russian rockets, and even the recent crashes of experimental craft by these private companies trying to develop space tourism. and the space ships they show around mars and other planets in the solar system, as i said they looked like they have be faked.

if the americans had such an advanced space program and space travel, why would they be using russian rockets. That doesnt make any sense.

bluesbaby5050: One SIMPLE word- NASA

NASA IS JUST A COVER as was already stated above.

bluesbaby5050: NOT EVERYTHING is Photo-Shopped......

And many people already knows this. Some of us are NOT fooled. Always use your INTUITION.

pasqualie: blue

as well the animal extinctions is not something new, since the advent of fossil fuels and over population, we have gone from 100 million species to 50 million in just 140 years. you can pin that on nibiru, its human activity. as for sink holes most of it is because of running water or streams under the ground. its happening in places it happens. if its not then its in areas of tectonic activity or because of broken water mains under the ground or underground streams.

in california they warned the developers not to build in certain areas but they gave them the permits anyways and let them build and sell it to the people.

as for the weather i think it can be explained by the declining magnetic field which has been declining for a long time, as well as human activity. with depletion of ozone layer which will continue to deplete until at least 2090 or 2100, you getting more solar wind coming in, causing disturbances in the atmosphere. also explains the die offs as well. uv radiation, humans may be able to use sun screen and go inside, but in animals they basically go blind. blind animals cant eat or survive, as well as getting other health problems from too much uv radiation. throw in declining habitat, human activity and the toxins in the environment its easily explained.

animal migrations changing is attributed to changing magnetic field when it weakens and shifts which naturally happens. birds and whales and other animals migrate through what they call magnetite in their brain cells. they follow the magnetic lines. its why you see more and more whales beaching themselves because they follow one pod leader. if the line has shifted into land, then the entire pod beaches itself. humans have magnetite also, its why they are being affected as well since our biosystems are tied to the earths magnetic field. its why you are seeing more unstable people going crazy and shooting people in public, more violent people being more violent also affects fertility since sperm motility is tied to earths magnetifield and gravity. although they have chemicals affecting it as well. i think as the earths energy rises, the crazy, violent and unstable people well they will be weeded out. as well people who are not in tune with this energy and raise their consciousness they wont be able to reproduce. so its the earths way of using its influence to make sure these people dont create off spring to continue doing what they were.

pasqualie: They couldnt hide it from the public

it would be in main stream news if there was a jupiter size planet coming towards earth, its not like its something you can miss, or hide. it would end up on main stream news, just because of the sheer number of amateur astronomers and other countries reporting it. stuff you seeing on youtube is people in new age with an agenda reporting a jupiter size planet is coming towards earth and somehow all the major governments are silent and none have made any announcements about it. its not like they can hide that. it would get out and main stream news would report it.

and that stuff on youtube those space ships and space stations near mars and other planets,i do use my intuition they looked faked, thats why i say it. every single one i have seen looks like someone got creative with photoshop or video editing. even those nibiru with the sun, its not hard to add a second sun in there using programs available out there.

as for the space and galactic fleet of the americans, i doubt it as i said since they cancel their space shuttle programs after some bad incidents, and they were using russian rockets.

why would they need russian rockets if they back engineered alien technology, dont you think they would be using at least some simpler version of the alien technology instead of buying the old 1960's russian rockets to get them into space. those private companies that crashed recently also, they were using 1960's russian rocket boosters. and they said american government has 2 years supply left because russians cut them off from them after the ukraine sanctions.

pasqualie: just because there is tens of millions that are unaccounted for

you cant just say automatically its proof it goes into secret space program. just like the mass die offs of species, you cant pin that on nibiru.

it goes into black budget ops blue. like the hadron collider that cost 5 billion to build with government money, and like the 25 billion dollar larger one they want to build in japan. and the japanese are not paying for that new collider after their tsunami and earthquake, its all american tax payer through black budget ops.

private corporations or business wont pay for something that wont generate profit, so that is where the money is going as well as destabilizing different countries to start wars. american government need war and conflict to keep their economy going and to justify spending 682 billion in 2012 for defence. Its probably more now. you have to create problems and threats to justify that kind of budget spending.

pasqualie: even that video with nibiru

they make nibiru look as bright as our binary star burning hydrogen and helium. nibiru is a planet but not a sun or life would not be able to exist on it. last i checked annunaki were not light beings but humanoid and organic.

so its obvious that someone took the sun and shrunk it down and video edited it. because if nibiru was in front or between the sun and earth it would not appear as bright as the sun but actually dark because we would be seeing the shadow similar like a lunar eclipse, red around the edges but dark in the middle.

pasqualie: as well these shots are close to water

so you have moisture and mist effects near oceans where water particles refract light. but most likely in these videos its just special effects with video editing. planets and meteors and comets dont glow like binary suns burning hydrogen and helium. and they dont look like the intensity of a sun when its between you and the sun, it would appear dark with a bright ring around it like in an eclipse.

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