NewYork OCTOBER 13th/10 thousands see object hovering;

by silver2012 on October 19th, 2010

I read about this it was predicted more than a month earlier by a retired airforce commander why? is it I just cannot understand why the media refuses to pick up on this. I really want to know whats happening . where can I get the best info REALLY.

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silver2012: UFO-- information

I'am just not getting enough infomation, I feel I need to know more..

Adamo Hodges: MEDIA

The media won't pick up on it because most the media is owned by 6 corporate entities all with most of the same directors and share holders.

edisonik: UFO'S Show themselves to Areas in Danger

The ZETA GREYS tend to show their Space Crafts over Areas that will experience a Future Disaster, if it is the ZETA Alien Race ( Friendly Grey Race, Rare Group ) they are warning that Area of a Terrible Disaster for the Area.
They Have shown themselves around China before the horrible Earth Quake that hurt thousands of Souls, the Zetas also shown themselves in Chile a year before the Horrible Earth Quake that killed 800 people in Chile.
New York is next, may the Creator protect the Innocent Souls over there, I wish I could warn them but who will believe me, people pray for the People of New York and the World Earth is in the process of resetting itself, the Earth Quakes are part of this Global Adjustment, the Media is a disgrace because they have no care for the Human Race they only care about Money, may they Rot in the Pits of Hell!!!!!!!.
Pray for New York!.

edisonik: Enjoy your Life , Love your Human Families

Tell your Friends and Families that you love them, tell your loved ones that you love them, they will feel weird and they will ask you why? did you say that or why did you hug me?.
Life is a fragile Gift and you should appreciate life instead of following Satans deception on this World, the pursuit of Earthly gain and the neglect of your Human brothers and sisters.
Love all humanity , I love all of you!, you don't know me but I say unto you that I love all of you, the countdown has begun, the Evolution of Humanity is coming and nothing can stop this now.
The Media will pay dearly for their treachery because they have deceived billions of innocent people for a quick buck, the Media is an absolute disgrace. Peace to Humanity forever and ever.

The Crop Circles are a countdown to the Evolution of humanity.

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