Newscaster face change

by Tim Lovell on September 11th, 2014

Guys I was just watching the news about the war policies in Iraq and Syria and Obama also but it was the other newscaster , I saw his face change and I am NOT lying it did change now I normaly don't give a shit about this kind of stuff but I know what I saw his face DID change , im sorry but there is some shit going on ....

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bluesbaby5050: How did it change?

In what way? By Shapeshifting you mean? Do you have a link?

Tim Lovell: The Eyes were very angular

The Eyes were very angular and then they changed to almost almond , I am not lying it was the same shit you saw on Obamas guard... im not making it up ok..

Tim Lovell: I know what I saw

I know what I saw

Tim Lovell: sxry BB I have no link im sry

sxry BB I have no link im sry

Tim Lovell: I am just telling you what I

I am just telling you what I saw that's it...
I really don't give a flying shit if you care or not
Im just telling you

bluesbaby5050: Look Tim......

I believe you, because I have really seen this for myself. I have also seen it LIVE, AND UP CLOSE TOO. So I know this is very possible, and that yes it does happen. It will also happen alot more now too, in many countries, and by many more people. Only I keep it to myself around my city, because this is for the best, because I don't want to be locked up in a nut ward hidden away someplace, and if the authorities heard me tell of this that's what could happen. It's ok to tell people you know on this site, and that are very close to you, and even then it's not good in some cases. You just can not trust everyone with this. Remember the witch hunts of 200 years ago? EXACTLY!

Chris: Obama is a

Reptilian hybrid with a 50 50 split of reptilian and human genetics and can shpeshift to a human or reptilian form but sometimes can not hold there human form and see more reptilian appearance on world Leaders who are of the 13 Draco reptilian hybrid royal bloodlines.

Tim Lovell: I know you all think I am

I know you all think I am making this up and imagining it but I am not , I don't give a shit I SAW this

bluesbaby5050: Tim NO ONE ever said that you did not see what you saw.......

And we also said that we belived you. So I do not know why your speaking in this manner to us. We know your honest, and that you would never say this if you didn't.

pasqualie: not sure if he is

you have to remember reptilians have a hierarchy or cast system where the albino reptilians are the top of the pyramid. its why when they took over the populations of the earth, they gravitated in favoring the lighter races, and why cultures or people of native or darker skin have had horrible histories. reason being certain blood lines have rh positive, which is key. found mainly in european blood lines.

i have seen someone i was having dinner with have their eye colour change to black from brown, but they were diagnosed with multiple personality. and they do this in mind programming as well by breaking the personality at a young age to honey comb the brain in organization so they can put different identities in those compartments.

you have too look at the nazi program they selected blue eyed blonds or red heads.

the reason why natives and other coloured skin cultures are treated horribly is because genetically they dont have a mind that can be programmed easily. same with asians genetics make it so they are not easily mind controlled.

its about blood lines of the illuminati, they all tie back to the windsors and rockefellars. the ugly step child might be the royal family in japan, but i think when it was found sars targets asians only it created a big rift in the motivation of that disease appearing. sars targets a gene found in 98 percent of asians only.

pasqualie: add in

the rothschilds, notice all royalty essentially from european descent and light skinned.

he might be a manchurian candidate but i would rule out shape shifter, because of the reptilian hierachyal structure.

bluesbaby5050: They look for RH NEGATIVES because their minds are eaasily

Easily fractured into multiple personalites. That's why. rhB negatives are rare. I gave a chart this week on the blood types in the Reptilian Agenda material, and it's detailed in all the different kinds, and what they look for. That material also explains this reasoning in the alien abductions of humans.

pasqualie: I think also its in part

as i said before, there is an agenda to kill off the ones that dont have the genetics to be mind controlled easily. its why native populations around the world are indirectly or directly being eliminated.

just heard in news in manitoba beside the red river, few weeks ago they found the body of a missing 15 year old girl wrapped in a bag. one of many unsolved murders stemming back from 1980 of 1200 missing native women or females. and the police wont open a larger investigation or dredge the river.

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