New tomorrow

by Arctos on October 10th, 2012

You are alive today in one of most troubling of times. You are not here by mistake. You are here to play your role. We need you. I need you. Your family and neighbors need you. Ask not what we can do for you but what you can do us. Without all of you there is no us. Help bring forth a new tomorrow. Discover your role and become absorbed by it.

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Tarheel: Manifest a brightER future.

Project a bold, new world with Peace/Harmony/unltd Love/Free Will, filled with Passion.
It will be a grand time.
Now, if we all can envision that and work TOGETHER towards that, it will be the legendary. Ive heard so much negative talk of how Humanity today is asleep and doesnt care. WE/THEY have been lulled to sleep by negative frequencies, but alas ! The Sleeping Giant awakes and has a mission. Kod help anything that stands in our way.
Purge the bad, instill the good. Punish the guilty and reward the visionaries.

bluesbaby5050: Humans were Lulled to Sleep,and Kept that way because of

REPTILIANS INFLUENCES HERE ON THIS PLANET,and on the Moon,and on Venus,and on Mars,and On other Moons of the planets in this solar systems! These reptilians ,and their hybreds are in -visible to the human eyes,EXCEPT FOR A FEW GIFTED PEOPLE! THIS IS YOUR PRESENT REALITIES Folks!

Tarheel: I "thought" you said they were gone. Maybe I misunderstood.

...the Draco Repts, I thought you said they had been rounded up. I may have misunderstood. It's hard to fight an invisible enemy.

My PRAYER: "May God/The Gods grant me the vision/gift to see the enemy so I may engage them and help bring them to justice. Humanity has their own fight to deal with. We see the demonic influence on Humanity's lives DAILY. Most see the result but have no idea from where it comes. A precious FEW do know, and some want to be a part of the solution. Help me, and those who do want to help, help Humanity and You. Amen."

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