A New Reality

In the near future we will create a reality where we are all one people under the sun, a place where other species don't refer to one by its color, a place where religion,race or nationality doesn't exist, a place where we are all on the same path, a place where we are the same and are in harmony with Mother Earth With The animals and the other beings around us.

In this reality human will be 5th and higher dimensional beings, we will have light body's(A body made of pure energy and spirit) and we will also take on there physical and none physical boys.
In order to inter this reality you must ascend from the lower dimensions, spirit beings from higher dimensions are also allowed to come and go freely from this reality.

In this reality other being will have free will to create Their own reality.
"I Don't paint dreams, I don't paint nightmares, I paint my own reality."
With that being said we can understand that "thought = manifest", so in this new reality beings with fear and hate CAN NOT ascend to this higher dimension and exist in this reality because the thoughts of those beings will become their reality and also will become part of everyone else's reality ending with distraction of "Heaven on earth".

This reality will manifest on earth but on a higher frequency,as we raise out own frequency we also raise the earths vibrations allowing earth to also ascend to the higher dimensions. As we ascend to higher dimensions our body goes through drastic changes, at this stage in the human evolution we are moving from a silicone base body to a crystal base body. Humans where originally living beings with a 12 helix DNA strand and our goal is to become whole again, not just with ourself but to become one with source "The Prime Creator" and also rejoin the Universal Family. During this proses o"DNA Mutation" starts in our body's, "DNA Mutation" is the proses where you move from a double helix DNA strand to a triple helix DNA strand, this proses is also called "DNA Activation". "DNA Activation" is the activation of what Western science has labeled "Junk DNA" with this junk DNA activating us human beings start developing traits that until now have been considered "Abnormal", traits like telepathy, being able to move objects through solid matter, human beings who have been going through this proses most likely will get a trait of some form.

In this time called the "THE NEW AGE" children have been born into this world with triple Helix DNA strands, these children are referred to as indigo,star seeds or crystal children these children are humanity's future. The children referred to as indigo or crystal children have been reincarnating her on earth ever since the early 1960's, we started coming her because of the misuse of muscular power that almost destroyed earth and we also came because of the disharmonious connection the human had with earth. We are here to help you become what you were and what you will be.

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