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HI, I am into this stuff more and more, since the past 4 years. The first hint at conspiracy was when I was a kid in the 80s, and heard a few highschool students talking about the Kennedy-Lincoln coincidences.

Later on in life, I heard jokes about conspiracies, and some ranting and ravings, and people portrayed as crazy...

However, that all changed in 2006, when I was coerced to see the dollar bill oragami, read William Cooper's book, and then a ton of articles and then later, Youtube videos and books.

My question... there are 13 main Illuminati families, but the people in the NWO are not necessarily from those families, right?

Like Soros and Breshinski sp? they are billionaires, but NWO, not Illuminati... right?


sirrayiv: I wish I could answer that

I wish I could answer that for you, but I have only just become aware of who Bill Cooper is, and I still need to research his work. I sure am having a fun time learning all of this new information, although its a little scary too. The more I learn, the more I realize how accurate the Bible is, and how deceived the Nations are.

Fal: To sum it up, Lincoln was

To sum it up, Lincoln was killed because of money, the creation of the "Greenbacks" to fund the war. He didn't want the federal reserve to join some private, mason owned, banking system. And as far as I have researched, Kennedy was killed before he was able to do the same thing. There is much more on it. I left out quite a few details, but It doesn't take a lot to find the story.

Sirrayiv, you probably know more than I do about this, but the bible leaves a lot open for many interpretations until events happen. I also know that converting dead languages into English is very difficult because of the complexity of the language. Some words were added, and some were changed to try and portray a meaning. That is not the issue. The issue I have with the bible is how much man raped the book to show us only what they wanted, or to keep us from knowing something(s).

I was born into a Catholic family, I was baptized and confirmed Catholic as well. Now that I have my own opinions of the world, it is tough to trust some of the stuff that is preached in the church and bible. Priests are probably just being controlled as much as they are controlling. A lot of them are good men, too, and I am sure they mean the goodness they preach.

Oh, and welcome, Victoria.

LordEnlil: Hi my friend...N.W.O.

Hi my friend...N.W.O. ....Illuminati....hmmm...
What about the Brotherhood and the Watchers?
Who work for who?...big question...
I think you must be put up to date..see what i write on this site...and you will understand...
We talk after that...
Lord Enlil

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