A New Map For America

I came across this article and found it interesting. Why have states when we can have regions? Why have regions when we can just have one country without regions? After all, it's not like America is about "United States" or anything...

Full article: http://www.nytimes.com/2016/04/17/opinion/sunday/a-new-map-for-america.h...

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Truth And Knowledge: I had a feeling

I got ya Quinton. Why have Countries when we could have a one world government. I had a feeling that you were part of Bush's family tree. Novo Ordo Seclorum... am I right, eh...eh. You tell you buddy, Rothchild, that I am not taking the RFID chip...'NO!" I say!!!! I am leaving this Luciferian country to seek asylum under Putin's care. In mother Russia, Putin puts RFID chip in Rothchild. Ha!

435: I prefer to have states vs

I prefer to have states vs regions- for the simple fact that each state offers a slightly different experience to the others.

For example: In Utah where I live, I can go purchase a firearm of almost any kind right now, and be back home in less than an hour. They just check your ID to make sure you are old enough, and you leave with your gun. In California where I moved from, there is a waiting period and back ground check. I don't care about the difference, I appreciate the diversity.

The speedlimit on the freeway here is 80 MPH. In California it was mostly 65, and sometimes less. Once in a while on I-5 I'd get to see a 70 mph sign. Cali also had tons of traffic and long travel times to go short distances due to the high traffic. Here in Utah (at least in the part of the state I live in) theres never any traffic jams.

Cali has Mary-Jane on every corner no problem. In Utah you're in super trouble if you have weed (and get caught with it obviously).

Here in Utah you can ride a quad on the roads (not the freeway though), all throughout the towns, etc. In Cali- no way.

The cost of living is less than half where I live now. Yes the wages are lower, but its more cost efficient here.

So the different experiences to be had in each state, at least in my opinion, are pretty cool. Variety- the spice of life!

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