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by Quinton on September 10th, 2012

In the hopes of organizing content a bit better on this site I have added a new Category and Tags field that will be added to new content and comments. Every piece of content will require a main category and tags can optionally be added.

So if you are posting about something like Enki you might categorize it as follows:
Category: Ancient / Mythology
Tags: Enki

If you are posting just something general it may not require any tags and can just go under the General category (which is the default).

If you are posting something on Jesus it may be categorized like:
Category: Religion > Biblical
Tags: Jesus, Christianity

Something on Queen Elizabeth II:
Category: People > Royalty
Tags: Elizabeth II of Windsor

Something on George Washington:
Category: People > Government
Tags: George Washington

Something on NAZIs:
Category: Movements
Tags: NAZI

Something on the New World Order:
Category: Movements
Tags: New World Order

Something on the Albert Pike and the Illuminati:
Category: Secret Societies / Fraternal Orders
Tags: Illuminati, Albert Pike

Hopefully this makes sense and should really change the flow of how things are done here. I am hoping that it will help to fill out some of the category and tag pages that I have been working on.

For example, if you post an image of Jesus and categorize it under Biblical and tag it under Jesus it will show up on this page and this page

I am still working on some pieces for this, but I am hoping it will be able to replace the current forum view, which I doubt most people use anyway. If this doesn't work we can always go back to the old way.


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Tarheel: We appreciate your hard work, Quinton-Ikiki Warrior !

Your efforts are much appreciated.
Never think we dont appreciate what you do here.
Applaud Quinton !

UN.i1-PHI: Hey Quinton, what about a new category for Health?

Hey Quinton, what about a new category for Health?

PS maybe you could figure a way for people to edit/change the category afterwards for in case it is forgotten, mislabeled or old from when there were no categories.. but i dont know how much u care for it being carefully /correspondingly categorized but it would help a lot for let say for example finding (older) articles on health at TC,
i dont really search and find by using the categories on TC for this reason as the article you might just need was filed under general or something else, dont get me rong i dont mean to criticize it's doing a great job and i do like to look now and then what's filed under a certain category etc...

bluesbaby5050: Just list it under science, or reseahers.....

That should solve the problems. Thta's just what I have been doing. If people want to learn about health, then there are plenty of sites for this. I have also posted health issues, and posted them under either tile. This solved the small problem for me. People don't come to this site to learn about health, they want the juicy stuff, like aliens, and ufo's, and the true history of this planet, and how this system came about, and why it is so corrupted, and by who. That's what they hunger for. The truth is in the number of HITS FOR EACH SECTION,and they speak for themself.

Tim Lovell: Also Quinton , as a lot of

Also Quinton , as a lot of people post music links why not add a section for music, you people will always add song links :)

UN.i1-PHI: yea tim or expose the music industry...

music / audio sounds like a good category and maybe movie / video too
p.s. i recommend to not watch/listen the vids in that link that i provide it and just read/see it , you know why

Tim Lovell: afterall you added sex :P

afterall you added sex :P

HebrianDaniel: Can you add also video games

Can you add also video games section? I whouldent mind talking about games. :D

Tim Lovell: lol.. yeah add a WoW section.

lol.. yeah add a WoW section.. not :P

Tim Lovell: EvE Online tho... yes!

EvE Online tho... yes!

Tim Lovell: Afterall Edi adds music links

Afterall Edi adds music links all the time also...

bluesbaby5050: EDDIE, AND ANNU77 DO NOT GET DRUNK, AND....

RANT, AND RAVE, AND BECOME IN CO HERENT WHILE TRYING TO COMMUNICATE TO US IN THIS FORUM. My view points. I knew that this would hit a sore spot for some, and a relief for others that hide their true feelings from others form fear of rejections, and loss of so-called friendships on TC. This is my reality, and the way I view this subject, and that's why I posted it in this forum, and NOT IN PRIVATE.

UN.i1-PHI: regardless of new categs what about another chance placing em?

i can't figure any disadvantages/distortions from that Quinton, can you? only the advantage that people will be able to sort the(ir) material better, improving the essence and sense of having categories at all

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