Always remember , you are Free Spirits born to experience this reality with Dignity and Freedom. Remember that when you came through the Womb you came in to experience this Reality for it's Majestic Beauty and for your Free Will, Passion and Destiny.

Some will say , " There are Terrorists out there, so we must Abdicate our Freedoms and Liberties to BE SAFE!",Never give away your Freedoms and Liberties because when you do you will all be Caged like Animals in a Zoo.

Remember what many Good Ancient Beings fought so hard for, Remember Free Will, Passion & Destiny. You are all Beautiful Beings so remember your Freedoms and Liberties are Paramount.
Peace and Harmony to you all.
A Friend.


Fal: I forget what movie I saw...

I forget what movie I saw... The line was "everyone is born free".

It was a medieval movie, and to save a single boy, near everyone in the group died.

Anyway, that's beside the point. Basically, in my mind, if I didn't sign the paper, it doesn't apply to me.

Son of Leod: Is murder bad, or does it

Is murder bad, or does it depend on the motive behind the murder. Killing unjustly or killing for a reason. I.e intruder breaks into your house and had a weapon. You shoot him and he dies, you were protecting your kids and family. Is this acceptable, or how about shooting of congress other government officials for treason against us?

wmarkley: break in

If someone breaks into my house, or does home invasion to my house, they will never leave alive, that is my right to protect my family. but to hunt down the senate and congress turns me on, i love the idea, but i dont recomend it, the media will paint you as crazy, but on the other side of the coin, anyone who swore an oath when going into the armed services is life bound to this oath to protect the constitution, and the nation from ALL enemies both foreign, and domestic, with that said, some people interperate the NDAA bill as a declaration of WAR against the citizens of the USA, and there for you would be carrying out your patriotic duty to your country and its citizens to neutralize these treasonist politicians who work for the evil empire. but as 1 person, like i said, the media would make you the bad guy, what we need is a mass awakening of the people to move together on this, i do think that this is comming soon, i think that Americas 2nd revolution is about to begin.

Son of Leod: Basically I want to commit a

Basically I want to commit a crime like not paying my taxes of something. That way they will take me to court and I can use that to expose them.

Ecbra de Oaoj: paper on movie


for exemple Lucky Skywalker... if he shoot wrong the bomb that explode inside star death?! did you think? the empire would win and dark side rule... ahhhh... i dont... know... if i acept be he do you understand... ? look this responsability... i dont worry that there is... someone to act it. it make me smile...

or captain Kirk... if he... shook the navy on asteroid? haha... trilions the dolars... vanish. alll crew die... lol...
keep Kirk there... of course. im need search other job or... study very much how to lead there stuff... ahhr...

or... Frodo. do you would bear carry the ring of power whithout surrender yourself? realy? speack truth ok.... ahhh... i think that be a king in this film would be more... easy. i like my hear long...

i dont... know. someone may prefer a romantic guy; or a bad... vilany one on movie; well... each other choose... finaly that story make seems like in self. Tarzan is... good but... hummm... Conan... could be... he like go alone and... know that Crom was ...

well, well well... camom....
take your script and... voala!

Freedomns and Liberties!

Harmony and Good Will.


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