Never Give up on Hope, Believe in Yourselves, though the System assumes you're Stupid!

by Annunaki77 on September 4th, 2011

May Happiness and Peace be upon you Terrans of Earth, May your Hopes and Dreams be Achieved, May your Fears and Uncertanties be gone, May your children Blossom and Prosper, May all your needs be met with abundance and glory, May you discover your Inner Spirit and the Courage to take Responsibility for your Lives and your Families and your People.

For many Centuries you have suffered, for many Centuries you have never given up on Hope for a better tommorrow, for Centuries you have endured relentless hardship, Disease, War and Torment by Entities who assume they are Greater than you and for Centuries you have been the Pawns of the Reptiles, this Oppression will come to an End.

When Lord Enki created the Adamu he was very proud of the Humans he brought fourth into the World, it was his greatest Creation. To forge the first Humans he fashioned them in a Clay Vessel, it was this clay Vessel that brought fourth Destiny and Free Will into the Bod Star System, for the Great Falcons were Pleased as well as King Anu of Sirius (The Dog Star) was Pleased.

Lord Aya was under the Impression that the Humans would assist the Annunaki in the Eden Facilities as Helpers and not as Slaves.

Inserted into your Canus Mother your Ancesters came into the World of Terra, your Vessels came from the Earth's Clay and to the Earth your Vessels shall return, but fashioned by the will of the Gods you came into existence, I am so proud of you all for Humanity is Beautiful and Beauty must be Respected. The Secret Societies have taken a Position of Betrayel and have sided with Orion and Alpha Draconis they betray Humanity by trying to destroy Humanity, via Vaccinations, GMO Foods, Bio Terror, Wars, Media Lies and Deception, as well as the Political Whores who sell out the Children of Enki. I say unto you who betray humanity it is better to enter into the Eye of a Black Hole than to Face the Wrath of the Gods for it is coming upon you Illuminati.
Lord Aya's Hosts are already here. Earth has been Raped enough and their People also.
The Time for Karma is at hand, Humanity is not Obsolete but rather very Viable as a Planetary Race and to manage Humans as Cattle is an Abomination.
When King Constantine of Rome Created the Bible to Serve his on Selfish Needs in 325 A.D. he deliberately removed many ancient scrolls , like the book of Enoch, the Book of Enki, and many other Awsome Books because they did not fit King Constantines Sinister Plan of Dominance.
The Bible is only a Piece of the Colossal Puzzle, a Piece that only suits the Vatican for Dominance nothing more.

Man was Created but Man was alone and troubled and Man cried out into the void of space, Lord Aya asked "What troubles you my Son?, Man replies "I am alone, I need to be loved and desired", Lord Aya cried with joy , Dear Son I shall take from you a rib and from this rib I will fashion a Mate and Partner which will keep you company during your times of Loneliness and Sorrow, she will comfort you and fill that void which troubles you, you will multiply upon the Planet and be Numberous.
I shall create a Female and she will keep you company my beloved Adamu.

For Centuries Aya was banished because of his Love for the Beasts, for Centuries Aya was cast out as Evil in the Eyes of the Orion and Sirius Empires, for Centuries Aya was called a Renegade and Outcast that Broke the Backbone of the System which valued Profits over the Sacredness of Life and sought to Enslave the Beasts by the Will of Lord Enlil, Enki's Brother, the Serpent Queen and King Anu also Banished Mighty Lord Enki.

Lord Aya (Enki) saw the Suffering of his children which were worked to Death in Eden, he could no longer bare to see another Human suffer enslavement and Slave Labour until they Dropped Dead, While Lord Enlil Laughed at them. Lord Aya went into the Eden Facility and gave the Humans the Gift of Creation, the Power only Gods had the power to experience, the Power of Knowledge via the Extra strands of DNA

Lord Enlil was Insanely Angry but the Power was given and there was nothing he could have done other than to banish the Humans who recieved this Awsome Gift from Lord Enki.
Humanity was left to fend for itself.

Lord Enki (Aya) gave the Terran Humans the Opportunity to be free, and this was yours the Gift of Freedom! the Gift of the Feather, the Gift of Passion and Destiny, Defend these Values and Guard these Values Jealously because the Governments have sided with the Reptiles and they are in the Process of taking away what Lord Aya has given Humanity , Free Will ,Passion and Destiny, Become Rainbow Warriors, if you Die in the Process of Defending Liberty and Free Will you instantly Become Greater Warriors, your Souls become Galvanized and Stronger, you Break free from the Reptilian Net, this was the Deal between Sirius and Orion.
Defend Freedom my Rainbow Warriors and Defend the Human Race. Peace be upon you all who defend Life and Protest against War. It is not weak to Value Life and the Cowards who Sell Out the Human Race for a Quick Buck will be Eaten by the Wolves who come for those who betray Freedom, Passion and Destiny.

Yes Lord Aya is a Renegade and Proud of it. It is better to Live Free than to Live in Bondage.
The Isrealites Prayed when Lord RA had them in Bondage and Prince Enlil Freed the Isrealites because of the Hatred Enlil had over RA (MARDUKE son of Enki) assault when Lord Enlil was on Mars during Sacred Ceremonies. Lord Enlil sent Moses into the House of Pharoah and by the Power of the Lord of Command the Isrealites became free after Centuries of Bondage.
The Ten Commandments were given to Moses to give to the Isrealites along with the Ark of the Covenant which is a Communication Device between Lord Enlil and the Nation that has the Ark.

One more word to those who wish to Honour Lord Enki, raise a Dog in your household and make this Canine your family Member for this act will bring you Great Luck. Honour the Canus Race because when you Honour the Gods, you will recieve Great Luck and Fortune.

Humanity must Defend Liberty because to ignore your Personal Responsibility is to Abdicate Freedom and without Freedom you have nothing.

Peace be upon the Nations of Terra, When the Nations bring you to War, SAY NO WAY!, DO NOT LET THEM TAKE YOU TO WAR!, War only serves the Lizard Bankers and the Treasonous Families who have no respect for Aya's children,
I Love you all.

I am Real so Real that my Intent is Clear, Freedom , Passion and Destiny the Cup I Drink on a Day to Day Basis is Lord Aya's Will , and on a Century to Century Basis.

With Lord Enki Heroes are Born , Die and Reincarnate again and again to bring Hope to those who need Hope.

I tribute to the Spirit and Glory of Freedom,Passion and Destiny.


Quinton: Another fabulous post! Thank

Another fabulous post! Thank you for sharing :)

Tarheel: White House says it has NO EVIDENCE of ET's EVER !

Dont shoot The Messenger (me). This is FYEye. Tarheel is simply telling you what is being said. I NEVER said I agreed they are truthful. This is something we must decide for ourselves who we believe.

The White House is now saying this. "The US government has no evidence that any life exists outside our planet, or that an extraterrestrial presence has contacted or engaged any member of the human race," wrote space policy expert Phil Larson of the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy.

"In addition, there is no credible information to suggest that any evidence is being hidden from the public's eye."

The White House responded that there was "no evidence that any life exists outside our planet".

I wish to hear from Annunaki77 on this. Please, dont think for 1 minute I am saying this is true.

Quinton: Is this the same government

Is this the same government that said Iraq had WMDs? The same government that rapes the American people through the Federal Reserve and rest of the world through the IMF? The same government that uses our money to fund their space exploration to other planets? The same government that has back engineered spacecraft at Area 51? The same government that has contracts with ETs? Is this the same government that tells us to vaccinate our children? Or the same government that tells us that the recession is over and we are in economic recovery?

At some point they lose credibility. And government is obviously compartmentalized. The henchmen in the lower levels of government never know what's going on. They believe anything they are told from their "authority". I'm sure Phil Larson probably believes what he writes. Just like many of the authors of the Bible believed what they wrote. It doesn't mean they're right. Ignorance rules the world.

Phaminator: Doubt that

I'm Just assuming that the white house Is simply lying to cover themselves up. Then again, there's probably a bunch if life forms existed outside beyond our planet or solar system.

highplainssister: They can't cover up Reverse

They can't cover up Reverse speech Technology, on youtube, someone deciphered that our government headed up by Obama is King Tut, and King Tut was a you know what, starts with a" L"

Tarheel: Please understand that I am NOT agreeing with them..

..I just thought it may be something people would want to know. IF the citizens of The USA learn that The White House is lieing, it would harm their agenda. Im surprised they would even venture into that ALIEN arena. I mean, WHY? It wasnt smart politics to comment either way. perhaps Obama hasnt been made privy to The Evidence.

Quinton: I agree with you and I think

I agree with you and I think more and more Americans are losing trust in government.

Tarheel: Quintons reply

Perhaps this is the "denial of ETs" that is referenced in The Terra Papers.

FOE_HAMMER: "Government Disclosure" of ET's will never happen.

Those in power here on Earth will never openly admit they have any knowledge of ET's because that would strip them of one more power over us. The power to control information.

Never in history have those in power had less control over the hearts and minds of men, or more power over the life and death of men. Though the power they wield over the minds of humanity is still great it's not enough to keep them hidden any longer. They will try to unleash the only power they have left, death.

Luckily we have allies in the galaxy and we have each other and we have love. We are not our bodies, we are immortal souls, whose time to wake up and take control of our own free will has finally come. The old houses of power have spent themselves on the lower pursuits in life, and are in their death throws. It will be hard for them to humble themselves much like a camel passing threw the eye of a needle.

The Amerindians say that there has already been attempts to use nukes on the people of earth, but they have stopped them all. How awesome is that? They aren't here to fix all your problems but they are fixing the problems caused by negative ETs. Soon you will be welcomed back into the intergalactic community and such knowledge will be common place. I for one can't wait, it's going to be awesome in ways you can't yet imagine. Plus maybe I will get to go home and MAYBE even introduce my old family to my new one. Keep up the good work guys!

Annunaki77: Correct Foe_Hammer

Part of this plan was the creation of the Internet through Darpa.
The Internet was created for linking people together for Evil purposes Originially but it back fired because it is now being used to wake people up.
We are under foreign Occupation, Reptilian occupation and the whole World has been under this occupation for over 12,000 Years.
We will rid ourselves of this occupation.

Chris: starseeds

hey kanesh do starseeds have alien hybrid Dna you said that i was a starseed do i have pleadian dna in me am i a pleadian human hybrid.

Ecbra de Oaoj: the soul when remember came

the soul
when remember
came again

listen some
today its one; from
for past

one day
we make too
since like a puzzle
butlerfly efect
life effort yet.

mandaments say:
your God. or Gods. but
who are... them?
think with me
when I look in hands
a litle dear dog
and he tremble
because we on high floor
the window open
the wind blowing
the birds flying and
take you look now
that amable pet roughing
because... we are there.

yes, remember its write
in memory guard what
we increase for; true

then free your concepts about
regards confortly mind
and wake up


remember its know

Son of Leod: I am new to TC, however I am

I am new to TC, however I am no stranger to the things that have been said here. I've been aware of the NWO scenario for a while, and I've always believed in ET's. I believe I am one, all my life I have felt undeniably different from my classmates and peers. My family is of Scottish/Norse heritage and has been reputed apparently that one of my great ancestors was descended from the god Frey(r). I have massive amounts of freckles on my face, arms, and back relating to my pineal gland, and I was born on May 30, 1992. I have auburn hair and hazel eyes. I truly wish to help this world through the coming battle. I want to help and sacrifice all of my being for this cause. My family is in economic distress and I plan on leaving soon. Leaving my job to travel te world and telling people all that I know. I await your return Lord Aya, for I crave knowledge not power or money. I am also very close to dogs and I have yet to meet one who didn't like me. My favorite color is blue and green. Sorry for this random paragraph, but I felt te need to introduce myself a hit in hopes you might know anything interesting about myself.

wmarkley: welcome

Welcome to our forum, i am hopeful that you will find the answers that you seek.

Son of Leod: I had a conversation earlier

I had a conversation earlier with a neighbor trying to explain and they just don't get it. They believe the government is corrupt, but doesn't believe the government would lie to us. It's hard to wake up those who have been part of the system so long. It's hard for them to relate to. It's all they know.

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