Nevada's U.S. senators can't agree on whether Bundy Protesters are 'Patriots' or 'Domestic Terrorists'

One man's patriot is another man's domestic terrorist. [Click on image for larger view]

During an episode of What's Your Point on KSNV-TV, the senators from Nevada — Majority Leader Harry Reid (D) and Sen. Dean Heller (R) — spoke about Cliven Bundy, the rancher that the Bureau of Land Management says is illegally running hundreds of cattle in the federal habitat of the desert tortoise about 90 miles north of Las Vegas. Claiming that his Mormon ancestors worked the land decades before the formation of the BLM, Bundy has refused to pay grazing fees since 1993. After federal officials arrived to remove the animals, supporters of Bundy — many from out of state, with rifles and automatic weapons — came to Bundy's ranch and then the BLM cattle pens. The BLM called off the cattle roundup rather than get involved in a gun battle.

After praising responsible ranchers, Reid told the hosts of What’s Your Point that "Bundy doesn't believe that the American government is valid, he believes the United States is a foreign government." Reid continued:

He doesn't pay his taxes, he doesn't follow the law, he doesn't pay his fees; if anyone thinks by any figment of their imagination what happened up there last week was just people rallying for someone who was oppressed, 600 people came in armed, they practiced, they maneuvered, they set up snipers in strategic locations.... If there were ever an example of people who were domestic, violent terrorist wannabes these are the guys. [KSNV-TV]

Heller disagreed. "What Sen. Reid may call domestic terrorists, I call patriots," he said, to which Reid responded, "If they're patriots, we're in big trouble."

Later in the interview, Heller called for congressional hearings into the incident, saying he had issues with the BLM "coming in with a paramilitary army. It made a lot of people very uncomfortable." The government said the roundup of cattle was a "last resort," since Bundy had failed to pay more than $1 million in fees and court-ordered noncompliance fines. Officials said that it was only fair to the other ranchers who do follow the rules that Bundy either pay or give up the cattle. Watch the video below. --

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Quaesitor: Reid is full of it. It

Reid is full of it. It bubbles up out of his mouth non stop.
Cliven pays taxes, but quit paying his fees because the BLM broke their contract.
He doesn't believe that the Feds should be managing NV state public lands.
There is a lot of talk about him losing in Federal Court, but no one talks about the fact that a State court supported him but was overridden by one of Reid's Fed Judges.
The BLM tortoise reserve was recently so overrun with tortoises that they just euthanized nearly 1000 of them.
Many ranchers support Cliven and were present at the stand off.
I only hope I live to see the day people like Reid and his ilk get their come-uppance!

Tarheel: I read that the CROOKED Koch Bros are behind Bundy...

...and they are also behind the peeps that are there with guns & ammo. I do NOT know if it is true.

I do NOT know what to believe. The Koch Bros are as malevolent as people can be.

Big Govt is a problem, but govt's problem w/ Bundy is "interfering with a desert tortoise"???
Ummmm, dude. No, really........DUDE ?

Sounds like a classic "Roadrunner vs Wile E. Coyote" to me.

Tar...beep, BEEP !

Quaesitor: Haha Tar

The Koch Brothers may be in with Reid and his land grab with the Chinese, but they are the opposite of Cliven Bundy. He is a libertarian through and through.
The militia is being crowd funded.
And just to head it off at the pass, they have never stopped or threatened anyone. They are on private land. More media BS.

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