I met someone almost two months ago and he drained most of my energy , now i am in this weird place between human and being . i read about nepihilims on here beeing a hybrid of human and anunnaki. I am so confused on what i am , i see energy signatures when i am hungry nature seems to reject me now. Some people steer clear of me , animals are hostile to me , although some small children look at me curiously. The oddest thing is that before he started to drain me we were connected , i was an empath and he could feel me . i started to see things when i would look in the mirror such as a crystal in the middle of my head and it was beautiful and i could resonate with nature and animals loved me. Now i feel out a place like a monster , that beautiful crystal is gone and so is most of my energy. The stars i would see when i closed my eyes flicker as if they're dying out . when it is completelt dark i disappear and all i see is stars where my body is. If anyone has and information please contact me ive been trying to heal myself but its as if ill be this way for a while , ive lost the ability to connect with anything or one but myself. The truth is inside me but how do i get too it !

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Tarheel: You've been hit by a..... energy vampire. An energy vampire is a person who feeds off your emotional, or psychic, energy. People who display energy vampire traits generally lack empathy, sensitivity, and emotional maturity..
Ground and meditate and ask for protection. Shine your light and protect yourself.

SoleilRising: Thank you for that , ive been

Thank you for that , ive been struggling to get back to where i once was

Tarheel: Avoid EMFs....

Avoid EMFs and eat organic food and drink plenty of water.
You will get back soon.

SoleilRising: I think i met a

Reptilian , he could shapeshift in front of my eyes, read my mind and because he was connected to me i would get these headaches he would be draining me .

SoleilRising: Yesterday i made

Contact with a 4 dimensional being , but i wasnt trying i was trying to call the source or my higherself. Afterwards i was driving to get my little sister and my phone died i turned om the radio to fm 91.1 and i heard this weird language and some of it i could feel until my sister started to come closer to the car and i heard bye bye and some thing else came on. I was excited about it at first until i started to read about it and i found out that they are trying to keep us here under mind control which happened to me once

bluesbaby5050: Yesterday I made....

Yes, they use many methods to play with your mind. Trickery is the calling card. People need to be very aware of their updated two way viewing TV screens that watch you while it's on, and when it's off, but still plugged in. They turn on without your help also. They are able to send you subliminal messages to manipulate you using hypnotic suggestions to do bad things you normally would not do. The same with cell phones of all kinds. Turn them off, and put them in another room away from you while you sleep. Unplug your iPhones, and unplug your ipods too, and unplug your regular home radios, and stereo's also. They don't call them SMART phones for nothing. People have to use common sense. They give off dirty energies that are harmful to humans, animals, and plant life. I hope this helps you Sol.

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