The Nemesis

I will say this last thing to make my message clear. Then I will check here tomorrow and exchange more! This will be short as it is a meditation and I have a great faith you will find the secret of it. "How far would you reach, how deep would you dig, how much would you search, how strong would you become, How much wiser, how much more in love, how much more appreciation would you feel, without the existence of "the Nemesis". If all things in your imagination where always from the first breath at peace and you didn't think there may be something "the other' wasn't telling you, would you search for the information? Who is the bad guy? No! Why is the bad guy? Consider the ALL. Consider the polarity. Even your Nemesis has his purpose in your elevation. Your youth say it this way, "Thanks to all my haters"haha You know this is why your Buddha laughs. -Ms. yakman Buddha

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Tarheel: Great message-I always loved to be told "I cant do something".

It always empowered me to do whatever it was I was told I cant do. I THINK that is what you are saying. If we all tapped into the energy of the anti-hero in this vein, we would soar to new heights. Im saying that, if someone tells me I cant do it, I try harder to show MYSELF and them that I can.

Am I perceiving your message as you intended?

Yakman Buddha: To Tarheel Cowboy

Pressure creates perfection in the case of the most beautiful things which evolve from lesser things. YES! you are right on point in the direction of this meditation. you are timeless being! What then can truly destroy you? Men or humans should i say are beings I enjoy very much and am always willing to return to being and helping them. Why? They are Epic! They fuss over the battle but they LIVE for it as well! They have stories which would give chills to the most evolved! To pull out the best in man it seems one MUST apply a little pressure. So the question would be this is the the perceived enemy hurting you at present or helping you? I can not say this I do not know all things. However i do know that you will as a race if you set your minds RISE to the challenge! this is What YOU DO BEST! Beat odds. The universe i am sure will gamble on you! I do! I am sure you have adversaries and thank God because I tend to lean toward the idea that it would be a rather boring eternity for us without them. I am just as sure however, that you have allies, Allies your heart can not conceive the power of. If I came to teach any one thing this round it would be "grow up' My frustration lies in this place with man. That his heart is to far from the child and thus he can not imagine himself as awesome as his potential allows. Man has forgotten the magic of things. The possibilities and has adopted a very limited view of reality. In this time the entire universe is taking the vale away from you all. creatures are showing up. Old magic is being unearthed, wars and rumors of wars proceed. The universe is mental and the greatest battle that will ever be fought by mankind will depend upon the condition of his mind! My only worry is that the race may be so focused on what they think is real that with every new discovery which challenges that, they will lose focus to fear. How long will my favorite beings be "cradle creations". :) Love to you! continue to grow follow your guides, condition your mind and keep it on the star and your eyes open forward to see the stumbling blocks. do not waste time looking for the trouble, become a warrior who understands how to use the law against the laws. Then you will be one with this environment like our brother Christ, able to speak to the sea, the mountain, the wind , the fire and the creature. What weapon can beat that? How you can obtain this I am not permitted to say in this venue, I speak these things to students well ready to hear them. But I know that there are many guides seen and unseen. Look for the light of the world. If you seek you will find. If you knock the door will be opened. The universe conspires to help you. The kingdom of heaven is Within YOU! Find faith again The ALL is in ALL and Is ALL. Upon this I pray the race of men begin to focus and quickly. - Ms Yakman Buddha

Yakman Buddha: Please assist a humble sister.

Email me, if you find time of the writing errors you find me repeating. This way I may grow. I speak VERY well but literacy has never been the strong point of the children of light! Not that we are Not More then intelligent and able, more because written word tends to shift and then man tends to pervert it. generations later tend to misinterpret as the languges change in the shift. So teachers just come and teach again. I will write or find a willing soul to take note for me. If one is willing to teach me better or to write as I dictate then email me your answer and information [email protected] - Ms Yakman Buddha (The mother)

Tarheel: I just wrote a dissertation response and it got deleted???

Im sorry, I cannot do that again. Our site is beig monitored by DisInformation Agents via Terran Resistance and Co! They wish to suppress us because we are a threat to them. They are their own worst enemy. Their enemy is in the mirror.

Yes, Man needs a push. Man has been suppressed for so long that he is apprehensive of sticking the toe in the proverbial water. Man does however have a breaking point, and Man is learning exactly who his enemy is, and Man is somewhat puzzled, but man is waking up to The Enemy, and the enemy will fall. Man is just discovering that the Universe is on his/her side. The enemy has a comfort zone and has grossly underestimated We,The People. When Man fully understands The Uni is with him-the old order will fall and will face the macabre music. The New will be ushered in and the new way will dwarf the old.

Our Master Teachers, Annunaki77 and Edisonik have told us we are far greater than we know for years. War is coming to an end, not fast enough but it's happening.

You appear to have elements of The Law of One in your prose. Is that what i detect or is that Buddhism?

You have email here. is it okay to use that? Be careful with posting your email address. There are those who would wish to invade your privacy.

There is nothing wrong with your English. You may want to start a new paragraph when you change gears. Check your Inbox here.

Peace and Love to you, Ms Yakman Buddha !

Yakman Buddha: Yes my email is fine to use.

Thank you for all your responses! Yes feel free to use my email. as for privacy this is illusion anyway, so I tend to speak with honor or I should say outwardly. I am an elder as far as this idea is held in our current society. Most elders do not concern themselves with such things. However I do feel the concern and respect it as important to you. Because it is important to you it is important to me.
As for you question Concerning the law of one or Buddhism. I find the study of both of these as well as the teachings of the Christ of great value. However I do not belong to any set of ideas. I say this because the best of the current available writings will mostly point one to the same place. I would cheat myself to become so focused on one that I am not willing to claim the other, so lets say you are sensing both and more.:)
as concerning the Enemy. The universe is not deceived and never so asleep as to allow all manner of things to be out of control of the Great spirit that some of you have come to know as the one mind or consciousnesses and are finding out about in you scientific efforts.
If there is a race so far removed from love they like you have well mentioned only bring destruction to themselves. This is why I have small if any concern about them. Instead I focus on the elevation of myself and others. I do not waste to much of the energy of thought on my enemy what they will do, what they will plan or devise as "no weapon formed against me shall prosper". :) I love that affirmation from the Holy bible! It is a calming and powerful meditation. Your conscious energy is precious and manifest MUCH. When you do not give attention to something it dies. thinking Much about your enemy or fearing him empowers him and weakens you. It is how we cause each other to be weak. There are universal laws that ALL races must operate within. failing to respect these laws will cause one to be destroyed by them. Even your enemy knows this. those who are against you survive by your fear. they survive by the energy you give to the manifestation of their plans. the more you write it speak it believe it the stronger and faster it manifest. So I'd say again in this way to perceive your enemy as a drive to become all that you can become friend. Love to you - Ms Yakman Buddha

Tarheel: Do you have a guide to these meditations?

Is there a formal guide for the meditations you use, because there seems to be ?
Would you share it?
So, I gather that you bare non-denominational, correct?
Try to overlook the negativity that the few are trying to manifest here. Occasionally we get drawn into deterring it. There are forces at work here that are on a last ditch effort to turn public opinion away from people's beliefs.
I appreciate your knowledge and the fact that you so willingly share it.

Yakman Buddha: Sorry I took so long to respond!

I was away and moving to a new location. Sorry for this long delay. Method of meditation... This is hard to say. I am sure there is a method as you call it but how to explain it is hard tp put into words. I guess I use a bit of many different methods. I would say as far as reading, I use what was taught at University level. Making sure to always read in context and to not bring myself to the text, at lest on the first pass. I also meditate the things I have learned in certian text, such as the kabalyon, and the Divine pymander. One teaching all truths are but half truths and the other that nothing on earth is true, becuse all things which have been or are able to be changed can not remain true. So i take all things at arms length. I think also i meditate another thing in these text. I have no reason to make any thing evil or wrong I can use all information for the good. How other men use it is their business, but I can use it all, as it is all important in putting together the puzzles. So when I hear a "truth" I think of the other half and what it may be. This is how I escape the lybrinth of information. I do not allow any information to change what is true, and truth can not be changed. There fore the only thing I know to be true are obvious things, These things mostly natural things are the way I come to know "God" One may discover the creator by way of the creation. There is a way in which true "children of God" write. It would seem no matter the time place or person they all echo each other and there is no confusion in their words. However to find these truths one must have a clean head and heart free of dogmas of ALL KINDS. These truths are found at times in Great books with much writting and of all the lines maybe one line is the truth. lol But it is obvious, becuse it can not be agrued in any real fashion and it can not be changed. I am then content that the things I choose to belivie besides these few truths are just that, choices and not nessasairly the truth, but my truths. I suppose I also ask questions always. I look at things at all angles, If there is a bad guy I look from his eyes and from the good guys eyes and i sit and consider all possible truths that may come out of each thing. I meditate the yin and the yang this way I find a whole truth and not a half. The whole truth is usually that we dont know it. So In order to create a better effect I cause myself to focus only on the now, while learning as much as possible of the past in order to use it for a better now. I do not worry about who is plotting or planning. I do not hang any one on a cross as I have learned in the past the one they say is bad is usually blameless and the one they find to be blameless is usually evil. I stay out of finger pointing always. Unless I have spent time knowing someone I do not decide if they are good or bad. This is the same for the information passed down to me concerning Gods and other worldly ones. If I do not know a being I will not just take some strange word for it. However I consider all the information together and meditate it all. 2 Non-Demoniational.... I am a non-exclusive Christian, meaning I began my journey with Christ and this is the corner stone of a grater knowledge I have come to gain through learning and respecting many cultures and religions. Love to you and again Forgive all my errors as I KNOW I always have many! - Ms yakman Buddha

Tarheel: We all have errors. Once we accept that premise, we can...

...Once we accept that we all make mistakes, we can work on correcting them and growing/ascending/propelling ourselves toward the ever-fleeting goal of perfection, as unattainable as it seems.
It's when one doesnt believe him/herself to be capable of mistakes that that person stops growing and starts wilting,withering away.
You seek The Truth, so you are okay by me. I dont agree with all your foundations for knowledge, but you respect Free Will and you dont seem to force your's on anyone so that's cool.

Yakman Buddha: Free Will

Thank you I have always enjoyed our conversation. It is nice to hear even how you may disagree. it may be that I learn from this. One thing is sure. that the attempt to put such thoughts into words is a challenge you have given me well! :) your questions call for placing things into words that i have never placed into words before! LOL It is a work that I appriciate, very much. You make me meditate a solid answer and in turn it allows me to answer again another time. You have imporved my communication MUCH! Love to you! - Ms. yakman





Love Humanity

If Sirius is getting Word or Orion.
May they know where REAL POWER IS. In the Heart of Creation.

In the Heart of Creation. KARMA. IS A BITCH.

For Behold Humanity has the Spark of God in them, they are not Robots.



Annunaki77: Many have Doubt I have read their Hearts

But remember me when this all starts to fall apart. The System is falling apart , just remember to Love each other when it does.
Creat something for the People and by the People.

Peace & Harmony.

Yakman Buddha: Love to You

It is good to be known so well! Love to you. Yes A new thing has begun! We do awaken! Your passion about this is strong I see. I wish to know more about what you feel is to come. - Ms. Yakman

Yakman Buddha: Evil even evil systems have a

Evil even evil systems have a way of destroying themselves. It is universal law! One must reap what they sow. haha You are very interesting... I will look to communicate with you more! Love to you

bardofhearts: So why, really, do we need to destroy a self-destruct system?

So why, really, do we need to destroy a self-destruct system that will destroy themselves anyway?

Since you wear the name Buddha, I wish for you to enlighten me in a matter.

If I have to use your karmic logic in another context, at least, will Love still reign supreme?
Evil, bad people, villains. They gonna pay for what they've done. And that "paying" can come in the form of the heroes obliterating them, ending their lives, like how Genghis Khan giving death punishment to not only a traitor, but that traitor's family, and their friends, and their family, and their friends...


They are already villains. They are already the bad guys. All the good heroes of the universe know that they are the villains. Their hearts cry out, deep inside, ashamed of their own actions, yet because they feel no one understands them or really care for them, they choose to believe that it's too late to turn back and that they have to carry on. And even though this evil nature gives them illness, the heroes still need to obliterate them, still will show no mercy (i'm referring to Anu777 and edisonik statements of showing no mercy to the villains).

Is this really the real karma?


There are lots of perspectives and perceptions I have not acquired..

Please, do teach me.

Yakman Buddha: So why, really, do we need to destroy a self-destruct system tha

We? I dont need to destroy anything outside of my self. My only fights are within me. Not sure what systems you feel you need to destroy. Thoes who feel they must fight will. They will battle and battle untill they are gone. ALL of them. This will continue untill Men tire of fighting. period. i dont know why men carry in and on in thir minds trying to change what other people want to be. One says he is good the other is bad. One planet against the other bla bla bla! its all Maya to me. I guess what you may call BS!It goes on and on and the snake eats it tail. they all die and rebirth and go on and on with this Stupid folly. So much PASSION in it! Vilians and Heros!! Yes! LOL, When I am done experiancing here I will step out of this body and rest a bit then maybe teach a bit, travel a bit. These wars are for thoes who love wars. I am bored with it. there are other things I have to do. You too really. I would not focus on this place and the cradle cretures all fighting themselves really. Focus your escape personally! this my advise elevate and ascend while you can. Love to you - Yakman

Yakman Buddha: If I have to use your karmic logic in another context, at least,

Love is already supremem and trancends all things. thoes who have it in pure fashion are above life and death all together!

Yakman Buddha: Evil, bad people, villains.

Every thing has its place it, job its movement! this is earth! It is so old it is like a record skipping! LOL Now we will all fight the What? So we can What? You see. I am maybe the wrong one to ask these things. I welcome all your communication of course. I just hope not to upset you with the answers, they are only plain and simple and not interesting I am sure. I am over it! Trust me when the human race is Over it! this Evil bad people thing Will be over too! Now It seems even "good" people need something to fight always some, I dont know cause to stand for! Necessity births lots of things. Humans create so many things they maifest so much drama! Its as though they just must! I dont know why, Habit Maybe. Men create the Nemisis. They become the Nemisis, they fight the Nemisis, the wrtie comics and cartoons movies books and dream of the Nemisis! LOL They train bad guys! LOL They create all of this! they look for ones to blame if they cant find it, they blame lizards! reality is just to much! they dont like it! Its not the fing lizards! Haha ITS THEM! Its them! They will even maifest the lizards soon! LOL The Universe is Mental! It is that simple they are one thing and that one thing is in all and through all. They are the God they seek! hahahaha~ Its why the BUDDHA laughs!

Yakman Buddha: There are lots of perspectives and perceptions I have not acquir

I am no teacher, Jesus says call NO MAN TEACHER you all should make not of this verse you let to many men become your "teachers" You dont want to know what or who you are. Not you but Men in general. I mean you know you have great teachers who tell you plain, "I and my father one.... the kingdom of Heaven is within you, the third eye, the inner fire bla bla bla! its only confusing becuse you are not ready to accepts the responsibility. You dont want to say, Hey Look what we have done this is crazy! So you just keep killing yourselves and pressing reset! its Not bad I guess for a bunch of eternal ones to ass the time in this way. it is to me getting to be a played out concept. Maybe time to create another game to play. I will play another side I think, an eternal one, and then acsended one. i will assist thoes who refuse to wake and thoes who are waking a bit. I am trying to remember astrial projection. I want to visit another place. this place is Depressing a bit and it is played out sort of. I will hang out a while. I think we will soon maifest the visitation of other worldly ones and this may get interesting. Since so many are bored and have began to think of this new experiance. If enough agree this will manifest. But if they agree in positive fashion I will hang out. If they start making another war. I am leaving! LOL this should get interesting though soon I think. Many will remember past lives soon. old wisdoms are returning this is cool! I will try my hand at being a female Magi! Haha I think that will be awesome. I am sorry I speak of this reality as a game. I do not mean to insult you. But it is sort of a game. a way for etermnal beings to pass a never ending amount of time. too vast to just sit around. ya know. something interesting must happen. But dont worry I think the Good and Evil war is soon coming to a close. Who Will win? It will balance into the reality of the ONE yin and yang will reunite, Masculine and feminine will also balance soon. So that conflict is soon over. I am waiting to see what will be the next maifestation of the collective.

bardofhearts: Interesting =)

Interesting, Yakman. =) May I offer some questions to stimulate us further?

You implied that love is supreme. if love is supreme, does that mean that love is in every core of animates and inanimates? If it's everything, then why bother escaping anything instead of enjoying everything? What do you call good and what do you call evil? Is being good more important than being righteous? Which will save a person's life - do the good thing, or do the right thing? Why do you detest war as if it should have never happened? If war never conceived, would you even have reached your current high understanding of life and love after all?

As for me, I don't want to escape. I want to understand and enjoy. Because I don't know how to understand and enjoy, I failed each of Her presence. Because I kept running away, I failed each of Her faces.

I have now started got some gists on how to understand myself without understanding myself. I have now understood a lil why I once posted on Facebook saying "I want to destroy my identity, I want to be no one, I don't want to be biased in my reasoning in my quest for truth"

Each piece of art speaks different meaning to each of us and for me, I have my own very personal stupid meaning of what the world's non-fiction and fictions tell me, and what the Bible is trying to tell me. =)

Yakman Buddha: if love is supreme, does that mean that love is in every core o

if love is supreme, does that mean that love is in every core of animates and inanimates? Tell me when One is feeling anyway passionate about one thing or another Why? Once they feel that they have been disregarded or disrespected or that Love has not been given to them freely, is this not the seed of all conflict? When one is feeling grateful and well loved does this not cause them to be passionate about whatever or whoever it is they have come to love, is this not also the seed of "good" doing? Can you see love? Yes but not as a being with natural eyes, you see the effects of it. Can you feel love? Is it real? meditate this all to answer the question you have asked me. About love.

Yakman Buddha: If it's everything, then why bother escaping anything instead o

Escaping? This is a personal idea. I am escaping nothing. I have not always enjoyed every situation, however i have caused much of my own negative situations. I am not escaping I am learning, the good the bad all the things I perceive as such, have built who I am. However one may be trying to escape I suppose. All things are in the end leading to one thing. There is nothing outside of me for me to escape. If I was to try to escape anything, it would be the programming of struggle and duality where by which the current system is built upon. Love to you.

Tarheel: Life's for Learning and Growing

If you make a Mistake, and you Learned from it,

it is no longer a Mistake,

but rather a LESSON.

Yakman Buddha: Is being good more important than being righteous? Which will s

In my vain life I have seen everything; there are righteous people who perish in their righteousness, and there are wicked people who prolong their life in their evildoing. 16Do not be too righteous, and do not act too wise; why should you destroy yourself? 17Do not be too wicked, and do not be a fool; why should you die before your time? 18It is good that you should take hold of the one, without letting go of the other; for the one who fears God shall succeed with both.Ecclesiastes 7.15-29

Yakman Buddha: Each piece of art speaks different meaning to each of us and for

Well said Good start. You are right and so now try this. do not be caught up in words but listen to the essence of what is being said. People like art speak differently however lots of the time they are not saying a different meaning. Lots of the time they are all saying the same thing in a different way. "As above so Below, The ALL is Mind The universe is mental!" Love to you!

Yakman Buddha: What do you call good and what do you call evil? I

What I perceive as good and evil means nothing to any one but me. I can not judge what is good or evil for another. It is impossible as it would have to mean that I know every single event in the other persons life. I would have to know how they where taught and trained from birth, how they are "programmed to think and be". I would also have to be aware of every single experience and how each of these experiences have effected them. I would have to know the heart and the mind state of a man to know if he is acting from a place he knows to be evil. I know what I feel is evil and what I feel is evil is because of the events, experiences and teachings in my own life. Sin is what you do when you ignore what YOU feel is evil. It is not a set of judgments to be placed by YOU on another. Arrogance causes on to feel they know that another is good or evil.

Yakman Buddha: Is being good more important than being righteous?

16Do not be too righteous, and do not act too wise; why should you destroy yourself? 17Do not be too wicked, and do not be a fool; why should you die before your time? 18It is good that you should take hold of the one, without letting go of the other; for the one who fears God shall succeed with both. Ecclesiastes 7.15-29

Yakman Buddha: Why do you detest war as if it should have never happened? If w

Why do you detest war? Because the time for it has expired. (as if it should have never happened?)All that has happened, has happened. I have never said if it should have or should not have. "If war never conceived, would you even have reached your current high understanding of life and love after all?" LOL My current "level as you put it" does not have to do with war, it has to do with an inner peace. I have never been to war. I have only been in battle with my self. These wars are the same thing, they are us in battle with us. I choose to do it inwardly others have chosen to do it outwardly. So be it. Suffering Suffers.

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