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I'm not sure if people here have heard about it or not but recently a flesh eating bacteria known now as necrotizing fasciitis has started popping up. Victims suffer from flesh removal of infected areas and often must have limbs that have been afflicted amputated. It's not pretty to think about much less come down with. This is not to scare people, but be aware of it.

Starke man dies after fight with necrotizing fasciitis
9:58 AM, May 22, 2012|topnews|bc|large

LOCATION: (CDC) Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
1600 Clifton Rd. Atlanta, Georgia 30333, USA

LOCATION Case #1 May 1, 2012: 51 miles West of the CDC
LOCATION Case #2 May 7, 2012: 1.1 mile South of the CDC
LOCATION Case #3 May ?(21)♦, 2012: 44.7 miles Northwest of the CDC

Case #1: Aimee Copeland, 24, was riding a homemade zip line near the Little Tallapoosa River near Carollton, Georgia May 1st when the line snapped, causing a gash in her left calf. The bacteria thought to have triggered the infection, Aeromonas hydrophila, thrives in warm climates and fresh (brackish) water, like the river where Copeland was kayaking and zip lining with friends.
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Case #2: Lana Kuykendall, 36, was infected on May 7th after she gave birth to twins at Emory University Hospital in Atlanta (Emory University Hospital Midtown in Atlanta - 201 Dowman Drive. Atlanta, Georgia 30322)
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Case #3: Bobby Vaughn, 32, Cartersville, Georgia a Cartersville landscaper was injured at work (2 weeks before May 18, 2012) when he fell from a tree two weeks ago and suffered a cut to his side.
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Again, should anyone from GLP appear here, thank you for the information.

Further on, this flesh eating bacteria is linked to the BP oil spill in the gulf. There were many cases from which people died. The bacteria has a different name, but its effects are surprisingly along the same lines..Vibrio Vulnificus.

What is most alarming in my own eyes is that Vibrio Vulnificus is only through eating sea food and getting cuts in the ocean water that has been contaminated. necrotizing fasciitis has been caught so far up mainland that people are catching it by getting cuts on trees. With the hurricane seasons activity it would see that the bacteria was spread via storms, and spread through the mainland and more populated areas. It would seem BP hasn't entirely cleaned up their mess in the gulf coast.

The oil spill clean up process even has it's own string of mysterious deaths and disappearances of high "ranking" officials involved in helping clean up BP's mess.

(Thank you ~fish out of water~, GLP)

And a link from the GLP site itself containing the entire story and various addons posted above by members there.

You'll notice uncanny methods used by the dark government, planting child porn, hit and run assassinations..

Anthony Nicholas Tremonte was charged with the child porn and he and his family explained it was planted. The evidence they found was on his appointed police laptop, be aware that the tactic of planting child victim images has been a very successful trade of the appointed evils that run our world right now. They didn't kill him upon presenting the evidence, they put him in a prison filled with people turned feral by their own government..and they tore him to shreds trying to do the right thing. No one loves a child molester, and once you have that label it is impossible to get rid of.

One final note, and as a normal sheep I'm sure it's just coincidental that it was created and has no input at all..

♦ - the news report was broadcasted yesterday, the date at which he was afflicted was not stated.


Tarheel: It's been popping up Off & On for a while now-very UGLY!

I read somewhere that a lab technician where they were "testing for cures" for IT actually died from it. They said he had been "wreckless". I say BS !

Good idea to make people aware of this, Crig.

SpiritualWarrior92: Do you think..

Do you think this correlates to the man found eating another mans face in Florida butt-naked? lol

If you're not familiar with it then i suggest you check it out because this seems to be tangible in a sense.. you know never know? Btw very informative stuff bro thanks .

Prepare for the worst and hope for the best

-thank you very much

Goodness and love to us all

Crigitine: It was said that one of them

It was said that one of them had the bacteria on them during the incident but what I've heard and like to believe is that they were both on bath salts and had a very bad trip. But now the doom and gloom people are at each others throats saying that the cause will be a new drug like pcp and acid that will permanently turn people into what you saw in the Miami case. I've started tuning it out. All 3 man made dooms all have the same remedy, stock up on food and ammo and other types of weapons and probably grab a deck of UNO cards for the long wait. If people do get zombified via drugs then they will starve like a normal human. Blah blah blah

harleyborgais: Flesh eating bacteria

My friend had that, but got it taken care of at the hospital, I believe the remedy was anti-biotics.

I have read that pineapple juice is the strongest natural anti-oxidant, and that honey is an anti-septic. Perhaps putting one of these things on the area will clear it up?

Clearly hydrogen peroxide is a strong oxidant, and that also kills infections. Maybe put that on after the pineapple juice, so the cells first get the anti-oxidant that controls the oxygen, then a dose of oxygen to kill the bad cells.

Also we should note that the Earth is going through a warm peak this year, which should reverse after December, but there may be a lot of meteor activity in the next year or many years.
This warming and raising of the oceans from glacier melting is going to increase the spread of bacterias and other small and primitive life forms on the Earth everywhere.

"How Do You Stop Flesh-Eating Bacteria? Apply Some Clay

French green clay worked in the wilds of Africa's Ivory Coast—and now is proving its worth in the lab—as an effective treatment for dangerous bacteria" (

Cure for Flesh-Eating Bacteria-Microcyn-dermacyn-(Uploaded by drmsullivan on Feb 25, 2009)

If the infection is a result of oxygen-avoiding bacteria, patients may be placed on hyperbaric oxygen therapy in a closed chamber that delivers 100 percent high-pressure oxygen.

Naturally occurring in water sources throughout the world, Aeromonas hydrophila...
Infections caused by the bacterium are relatively easy to treat with common antibiotics -- but only if recognized in time. "There are certain drugs that just don't work," she said. "The best drugs to use are Ciprofloxacin and Bactrim (also SXT, Septra)."

There are other cures out there, the cure depends on which bacteria type is eating your flesh!

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