the nazi's the most hated culture, but problabally the most realallistic.

by BamfOttO on October 20th, 2016

I apologize for the errors in my grammer. I feel it hinders free speech. It takes me 4 hours to correct and recorrect a train of thought, wich in turn destroys my train of thought. It isn't that bad, you will hve no prob;lem figuring it out. In a society that uses things like: OMG, LOL, U,R, OMW,ect; this is not an essay it is a stain of intelegent thought. My misspellings and grammar are not that bad to hopefully think less of my opinions.
Iam in no way shape or form agreeing with the way the nazti's went about there actions. They had the best scientific and forward thinking our world has sean in it's history. In the mind over matter believe that most spiritualist have that the soul was created and that matter came after, in this respect it is believed that that material god (saturn, satn, cronos, rex mundi, ect.) was brought about in that the universe must constantly cycle in the way all life does. The rulers and educated of the ancient world easily figured out that when it comes to the after life people are so afraid of the unknown that they will accept anything. The proof is in our current western state in that the lack of proof in an after life defaults regaurdless of the proof in a experiance, dispite what that experiance was, is not universal that life after death is a hoax. FUCK YOU! Scientificaly their could be no experiance if it ended. Time and experiance doesn't work that way. Why the drice for reporduction into nothing? Why experiance anything or feel if u will never concieve it's value? I am getting of topic but I had to lay the foundation.
The Nazi's fought the jewish nation, who if you look at history are the peoples who are most obsessed with control. The Jews also are the ones who act like they are the most discriminated against when they are they ones in the most power, so why wouldn't people be suspect. The killing of thousands of inoccent people is a total tradedy. THe slautering of inocent people is a stan on human civilation. Playing devils advocaite though it really isn't the worst genocide, but you were taugh not only it was, but is by an outstanding number. Thiis is not true, and on principle I refuse to defend any geocide. That was a shame by any culture, the only point in statimg that fact is that all wetern culture views Nazi's as the lowest scum of the earth, even though we have taken on some much of there good qualitaties and brained was all the elitest qualities,, and subsistuted our own views. The people who controle the F.E.D. in America and the Euoropen banks claim they are jewish. so I use the term litelly. I feel that the people playing the "jew" card have zero spirituality or they wouldn't do what they are doing in the first place, they label them as such, not me.
To think breading our race regaurdless of an out come for the best canidates seems vary logical. Isn't that the whole theme of the "scientific darwinism"? Darwinism is so flawed, any science who thinks it has an answer is flawed. This universe has nort lasted cause it is perfect. Quite the opposite. The fact that in Nazi society was the fist in all history to view it's people as worthy of knowledge, and worthy of hard work. They tried hard, worked hard and viewed you as and outcast if you didn't try to better yourself. Look at all other civilizations that flourished. It does not surprise me that the powers in control destroyed them and wrote them in as the evilest people of history. They absolutely went about it completely fucked up, but can you imagine a civilzation in history in the last 5000 years that tried to better their people rather than control them? We stilll have not advanced from Nazi science in psychology, areospace, rocket technology, and a few other places. They accualy cared about their people, it is sad it was a select few, and because of bullshit reasons, but I can find no other place in history were it wasn't the goal to represe and concure. Again to tiered to care about the grammar, English was always my weakness, but I took me far to long to edit this, and I feel it is coheriant and well said. Than you. Comments accepted.

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