NATO/CIA collaborate/hire foreign fighters to stoke Syria fire!

by Tarheel on September 11th, 2012

Ever wonder if alphabet agencies in USA government are intervening to cause problems in other countries? This doctor is there and says that the conflict in Syria is a "covert operation". This will open your eyes to the atrocities being committed BY our government.

I would LOVE to hear how they justify this.

Title Foreign fighters in Syria recruited by NATO Intelligence in CIA operation

Excerpt Addressing this issue of where all these foreign fighters come from Dr. Webster Griffin Tarpely, during a Press TV interview accused the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) of orchestrating events in that war and forming, what he calls a "secret army" inside the country.
He went so far as to call the Syrian civil war “a CIA covert operation.”


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bluesbaby5050: Countrymen in Syria..........

The Syrian goverment are Forcing their Own people to Fight! The Syrian people are reported saying, If they do NOT FIGHT they will be killed! They are saying they DO NOT WANT WAR WITH ANYONE!! This is not good! What the Hell kind of chioce is that? I read this myself last night!

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