Nasa Satellite Views: Dark Side of the Moon

I know this was from April 2015. I still would like to know what you all think?
Sure they won't give us the answers or let us see the moon for what it really is...
They could give us hi res pix but that would proof of all that's going on in an around the moon.

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Tarheel: Good topic, but

...but I'm not buying the backside pic is real.
I think it was TR who said NASA means Never A Straight Answer.

BenjaminFalkenrath: I 100% agree.

I 100% agree.
I would like to see the real pix but we never will. IT would expose to much that has been covered up!

Tarheel: Never say never

Maybe one day we will go & see for ourselves. For now we'll just have to Breathe deep.
No weak links in this chain. Post this to another window and listen as you peruse TC...

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