Nasa and Niburu

From GLP and various other places I'm sure!

First, I'm not entirely sure this man is from Nasa, but he has some raw information about the coming Niburu. I, me-crigitine, am still unsure as to what Niburu will be doing when it gets here. Whether it is salvation for humanity, or "a giant mini-sun shooting off red iron oxcide that when it passes it will melt our brains with it's electro magnetic field". I can't say for certain what I see it doing. While the details in this video may be (really hope they are) confusion and misunderstandings by sciences of this day and age..the dates are why I bring it here.

Nasa is thinking it will be here around October, the man speaking in the video has a hunch it will be here sooner as it's speed will pick up dramatically as it gets closer and closer to sun to reach break away speeds and continue it's trip.

I don't plan on wrapping my head in lead for when it gets here. If it saves us where our own people couldn't happy days! If it turns out to wipe everyone's minds of all natural and learned knowledge (breathing, talking, etc) I can't say I'll miss today's mindset and habbits.


wmarkley: nope

I think what we have here is a typical case of fear mongering, the evil feeds off of peoples fear, i have been outside at all hours of the day and night and never saw any other suns, or planets wizzing by, as for iron oxide frying the brain, that must be whats wrong with me, lol i got iron oxide on my shower head, its a natural thing, we humans have iron in our blood, we need iron to be healthy, do not fear this, especially if it comes from anything associated with NASA, they have always had their own agenda, and the masses were never going to benifit from anything NASA did, they are one of the largest groups of liars on the planet. NASA wants you in fear, dont give them the satisfaction.

Crigitine: I hope it's just fear

I hope it's just fear mongering. If I'm going down, it's with a fight..and you can't exactly fight a mountain or a tsunami with your bare hands lol.

The brain frying part was with the electro magnetic field. The large amount of oxide will be another problem in it's self I'm sure. I'm also ready to stop hearing about agenda's...everyone has their own when they start something. I'm not saying this one isn't a bad agenda, but the last hope for humanity can't be people sitting and waiting for it, there has to be someone out there with the power to put things right, someone on earth, here and now in this time.

meb1974: I think it is fear mongering

I think it is fear mongering also, I believe Niburu wont be around for around 600 year according to some experts calulations. The Annunaki left our planet around 500 to 700 bc. That was the last time Niburu was in our solar system. But they could return early with there spaceships. .

Annunaki77: Boy oh Boy, the Annunaki are closer than they Appear

According to some Experts?, Experts Ha Ha Ha.
The Annunaki are here Meb1974, they are here. I am very certain of that.
Fear mongering, I leave all the fear mongering to your Manipulated Media.

They are here, some want Humanity Destroyed because they think of you as halfbreeds, but I think of you as Improved Versions of the Annunaki.
I always thought of you in this Manner, because I Love you.
You ask how can one love Humanity when Humanity is so Barbaric?.

I Love you because I know you better than you know yourselves.

Humanity will always be beautiful.

bluesbaby5050: The Annunaki----

I Know they are here. And the planet Niberu is also seen quite clearly from the continent of Austrailia. And it can be seen from alot areas on our planet. I have seen the pictures that come in from the huge telescopes around this planet,and these pictures do not lie! Many countries have sent in pictures to Youtube for the world to view. Russia has many posted pictures up on the web sites for viewing also. China,and Japan has them too.India has alot also.They are sending these pictures to the world so the people will know this is not a lie,and this is the proof! Also our Lord Annunaki 77 DOES NOT LIE EITHER! He is actually out and about in our solar system,and beyond! If you DO NOT believe this, then why don't you put your questions about this fact to him,and to Lord Edisonik too? They will set it all on the table for your asking of them.

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