Hello my fellow Brothers and Sisters of the Light. My name is Ryan Patrick McCloud. However, this is not correct, this is the Americanized version my family was given when they came to the Estates. I am descended from Scottish/Norse ancestry on my fathers side. I am descended of Clan Macleod, who still hold important footing in Scotland today. One of my greatest ancestors was King Halfdan the Stingy, who was reputed to have been descended from the Norse God Frey(r). My family was given an heirloom by the Fairy Folk, the Fairy Flag that has saved my clan on numerous occasions. I'm 19 years old, and I am a Gemini. Anything else you'd like to know just ask. I'm like an open book.


Fal: Welcome... There can be only


There can be only one.

Son of Leod: ?

May I ask that which you are referring to?

Fal: It was a highlander quote.

It was a highlander quote. Highlander Macleod from the movie and series.

wmarkley: highlander

one of my favorite movies.

Son of Leod: LOl thanks Fal, I didn't

LOl thanks Fal, I didn't realize that.

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