n00b to the site, with enough life experience for us all.

by JaromyCraig on November 14th, 2014

Hello to all members, my name is Jaromy. I'm 26 and, other than finally moving to Australia to marry my best friend and partner this last year, I have had an extremely chaotic and crazy life. I'm sure that I will be posting multiple stories while I am here, and I hope to meet many of you personally.

I've had numerous experiences where I was made aware to energies of past great people who walked among us. Some were famous rock stars, others great composers. Most had musical intellect but not all. Most things I enjoy writing about are spiritual, teachings on living happily, getting over the worst depressions, moving on to greater things, and understanding the concepts of reality. Although most of my writings are done in a black book or on paper's I haven't seen in a while, or in blog spots i forgot log info to. In my time here, I want to overcome the obstacle I've had with commitment issues to become a better teacher for those in need of knowledge.

If you are a person who needs help with a problem, are perhaps looking for a new way to see life around you, or want to have a discussion about guitars and music please feel free to PM me at any time. I enjoy a good conversation between other beings.

Here is a link to my current blog which is in progress still, as well as a link to music I have written in the past.


Only the best to all of you.

Jaromy Craig Barker.

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Tarheel: Welcome to TC, JeromyCraig

Here's a tasty kinda-retro grunge treat for the newbie.

Happy to have you on board. Raise your seatback, buckle up and raise your tray table to the upright & locked postion.

JaromyCraig: Great song!

Pearl Jam is great and all, but I think I prefer a more ambient and spacey variety of music. Here's one for you to check out! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w5qmjNe7RVE

Quinton: Hi Jaromy, great to have you

Hi Jaromy, great to have you here!

I'd be interested in hearing about the energies of some of the people you have had experiences with.

Your music sounds really good. I like a lot of your guitar work, your acoustic riffs are quite pleasing. I especially like the way "Casket" sounds :)

I'm fairly into music myself and play the guitar as well as write music. You can check out some of my recent music here: https://soundcloud.com/slayerment/

Welcome and thanks for joining :)


obsrvantlouie: Welcome to TC

Glad to have you here....and also I am looking forward to hearing your words relative to energies and out of body experiences.

I see that you have found an article by Starperson already......his content is exceptional.

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