by Annunaki77 on January 11th, 2013

The Annunaki needed help with their Dying Planet. Lord En Ki offered a Solution, the Solution was to Created more Staff, helpers, not Slaves.
The Annunaki Elder Kod Council Agreed to Create this Helper Race. Lord En Ki used his DNA to Create Humanity. But some had a different point of View.
Some thought of Humanity as nothing more than Animals that were extendable.
To the Horror of En Ki, his own Brother which he Loved stabbed him in the back.
Anu was afraid of Losing the Throne to Enlil so he sent Enlil to Earth, En Ki knew he was never to ascend to the Throne of Sirius because he was not a pure Blood Sirian.
Humanity was caught in between. The New World Dis-Order was never supposed to be what it has become. It has become the opposite of what it was Intended and now Humanity is in Danger.

Humanity must engage these Elite Pirates and take back their Home from Tyranny.

Unfortunate Death

Alex Ansary Interviews Jack Pruett about the Annunaki - 2nd Interview (2011)

You mean everything to me, you are Divine Beings, not Cattle.

Many of you are begining to understand and Question your Reality. You are Family Decendants of Sirius with the Royal Blood of King Anu in your veins. I have come through time and space to tell you that your Lives have Value and that it is not Weak to Value Life.
For this Lord Enki was killed.

But Karma has come to set the Truth once and for all. You are all Divine Beings, you are not Sinners that need to be saved.
This is Lord Enlils trick to Decieve and Dominate the Human Species. He caused the Flood to kill off Humanity.

But this time Karma will come in a big way. Humanity will Prevail in this Annunaki Oppression of the Human Species Worldwide.

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