Mystery Red Glow in Pacific Ocean Baffles Pilots

by bluesbaby5050 on September 15th, 2014

Mystery Red Glow in Pacific Ocean Baffles Pilots. A mysterious red & orange glow with lights over the Pacific Ocean has left pilots flash of lightning followed by a mysterious red glow coming from underneath the Pacific Ocean has just been pilot JPG van Heijst and crew were flying from Hong Kong to Alaska when they reported seeing an intense, directly vertical, flash of lightning over the this event, a mysterious red glow, as you can see in his pictures, began eminatting from beneath the pacific closer they got, the greater the intensity of the light the clouds and everything around theory is that the underwater glowing lights were caused by underwater volcanos erupting and possibly forming a new island, but then why was there a flash of light, directed upward right before the event began in the same spot?That doesn't make Heijt and co-pilot said they felt quote "everything but comfortable."

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