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by Tarheel on May 29th, 2014

I want to share my policy with regards to the UR system so nobody gets offended.

I am extremely appreciative for the Likes &/or Dislikes for & against my posts, but please understand that I don't subscribe/believe in the UR system. It doesn't bother me if you do or don't want to Like/Dislike what I say. I just dont want anyone to feel I am unappreciative for how they feel when I don't Like/DislIke something they post.

I am sorry that I dont read ALL the posts in Forum here. I have my own screening process that I believe is fair based on previous behavior, and I do allow for members to change. If I believe YOU believe what you are posting (whether I feel the same way or not), then it is cool by me. If I agree strongly enough I will say so and if I disagree...well, everyone here knows I will say so.

Again, Like/DislIke anyone's work all you want to, just please don't be hurt when I don't Like or DisLike back. I assure you it isn't personal.

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obsrvantlouie: If it isn't personal what is it?

Can I ask for a more specific answer as to why you dislike the UR system and choose so infrequently to use it?

I for one feel it's a neat tool to let others who may feel like minded to a certain person to be able to dig into history and find insightful comments or posts that resonate.

If you don't respond I will be sure to not Iike this post HAHA j/k Tarheel

obsrvantlouie: Why you duckin me?

Asked you a question, Big Boy?!

Tarheel: Not duckin it.

I have many reasons, but I'm NOT trying to muster any anti-sentiment (in case you wondered).

Main reason- It creates division. It is no different than a class system. Look at our current class system. Any questions? I am sure you at the very least see my point. When Q mentioned he was considering adding it, I originally thought it may be okay. I now firmly believe it is wrong. I will reserve my other reasons.

Have at it, it simply isn't for me.

obsrvantlouie: Thanks for clarifying

I appreciate your response and position although I disagree. For the most part, conformity is ubiquitous across the globe. The powers that be separate and divide the human race by any means I including but not limited to social conforming, race, gender, religion, politics etc.

By this and other means, the populace has been divided into 4 classifications (Elite, rich, middle and poor).

This type of division is good only for the Elite. However, referring to a staple of yours "FREE - WILL" and your constant voice of allowance for it; does free-will not enable, create and literally mean "division"? By choosing a side/stance on a particular matter and by allowing another to take/see the different side is this not division/free will?

The user rating system allows for the user to select certain points of view that align to his/her way of life and/or perspective; which for most of us is constantly changing. Pertaining particularly to TRUTHCONTROL the user rating system enables new comers to: read a post, align with it and follow the author via comments or posts liked in the past and or future. It doesn't make you a 'follower' but rather allows for a path to search for like minded discussion relevant to the parties searching for their awakening.

I have made my feelings clear about certain members on this site YET when they post something TRULY beneficial I will like the comment or post regardless of my opinion on their belief system.

We are made to see things differently and experience things differently and also think differently. There is more than one way to skin a cat.....allowance for free will is crucial but to say that you want to allow for free will yet also say you don't want to create division is somewhat a mockery of speech.

I do not care if you use the UR system, I was curious as to why you feel it's not an applicable tool. I feel your motive for not using it contradicts your creed...which is allowance for free will.

If you want to promote free will.....share with us your likes and dislikes so that we may truly know where you stand. Or don't....your choice my friend.

Tarheel: I choose not to.

You'll never convince me otherwise. Your boy agrees, too.

It was enabled as an empowerment tool. I don't need it. There are certain others who feel immaterial w/out it. I'm not that person.

bluesbaby5050: Trust Me TARHEEL , I REALLY..........

DO NOT CARE IF YOU DO OR DO NOT! And further more.... you do use this as a cop-out DIG IT MAN??! You should understand that, because this is how you talk to us, and your in your 50's now! Your not a COOL 20-30 SOMETHING any more. So why try to sound like it? Your not a Teenager any more either for that matter, so why try to sound like one? That's so 3D. Myself, and Nivine knows your real age, and most recently Nivine. You stated your age to many female members on this forum in the past, and we do remember this. This is not a pick- up, dating web site, nor is it a social meeting web site. It's a LEARNING site. And by the way, NO one worships any mans penis, unless they have a low IQ. And so no one on this forum wants to hear about it even in JEST. Only an insecure man boosts in this manner. This is A Dead Give- A- Way. No proper grown man does this, but you do, and today was not your first day doing this. This is Poor, and improper behavior. I really do not think that the females, or the males really care what's in side your pants to be totally honest here. So in the future Please Refrain from this form of negative, sexual self expression. This is un- appealing to say the least, and this is my opinion expressed here as a female member on this site. Please respect both genders here, Please. PS: WE ALLOW FOR MEMBERS HERE TO CHANGE ALSO! And this INCLUDES YOU TOO. And IF this was your true feelings here, then WHY SAY IT IF IT REALLY DOES NOT BOTHER YOU? Then Why talk like such a hypocrite as you did earlier, and in the above thread ? Take your own advice please!

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