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Ok I'm new to the site and ready to talk about my experiences there's so many of them we start with my first one I was in my room staring at nothing and a man appeared to me and say if I love him and only him I can be extremely wealthy and I had to do nothing else other people appears in the room too but it was very pretty room and told me don't mind them I agreed to love him and God and Jesus he got upset when I said Jesus and God and went away I was 16 at the time and was into religion than but now I know better...another encounter I was 26 years old in my room again staring,relaxed another man appeared to me and told me he wasn't from this planet he took me on a ride in the stars and say he can make me rich but I had to love him and no one else but I was with my kids father at the time...I have had outter body experiences o my gosh I can go on and on I need someone to tell me what I was seeing and going through its way more experience I've encountered I just summed a few up..and I also went underground where people were living there and they could see me but when I did putter body experience above ground people couldn't see me

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Jynxallen: You're not alone.

First, let me see high and welcome to Truth Control. Thank you for sharing your experiences I know how hard it is to open up and share such personal things. Now, I can't tell you exactly what these experiences mean but what I can tell you is what I do personally to search for answers and the truth. Try going into a room alone, turn off any tv or radio that may distract you, close your eyes and internally verbalized (ask yourself in your mind ex:the little voice inside) any question you have. Listen for the answer No matter how strange it seems, the answer you receive will begin your journey to the truth. Hope this helps.

Crackdown: Good idea

However, it should be used with caution - you need to be confident that this voice is not channeling the disinformation... To avoid the mistakes, it is possible to verify it on smaller questions, then gradually move to more significant ones

Karoline: Yes, i listen to my inner me:

I'm Asperger's so 'by nature' i have trust issues listening to what an exterior voice says to me, be they 'flesh and blood' or in the 'spirit'. I always have to analyse and check out what someone says to me. Where as, i don't go too far wrong listening to the inner me. When my mind is overly active, the kettle or a light or the radio swicth on or off, same with my son. So you can imagine what it's like if my son and i have a heated debate over something.

Crackdown: Excellent story, thank you for sharing!! :)

If you could tell us the additional details, such as:
* appearance of men, their origin constellation and agenda towards humanity
* description of technology that they were using
* current state of affairs in solar system, and what is going on behind the scenes
it would be very interesting to review ;)

Debbiecakes1976: First encounter at 16 years

First encounter at 16 years old he was a black man looked like jayz (sounds crazy)the room was so beautiful gold walls people was drinking wine laughing having fun ...second encounter he looked like someone from the middle east he told me he wasn't from this planet and we went out of space in the blink of a eye it was so fun I really wish I can see him again...

Karoline: To Debbiecakes1976:

Hello Debbiecakes. Have you first ruled out the possibility of anything having happened to you when you were younger. Something that you maybe needed to shut out of your mind because you couldn’t handle it psychologically back then? If you KNOW for sure that’s not the case – who do YOU think these men are? Often, we already know the answers to our questions. I find cartomancy a useful tool for drawing out the psyche to help me answer my own questions plus it saves me paying a psychiatrist lol. It’s only the same as just sitting there quietly and asking yourself a question inside your mind, then listening to yourself answer, like jynxallen said. The cards or runes just kind of confirm what you already know.

Spirits can be aware of what you are thinking because they are pure consciousness, they’re made of the same thing your mind is made of. And a great deal of ‘scary’ apparitions are experienced between 3.00 and 6.00 am but your experiences, you feel, were enjoyable not scary. Did the one man definitely say another planet and not another plane? Being analytical, I’d have had to have asked him, which planet he was from, got him to describe it, then checked the description out in a book or online to see if it was accurate. So you can imagine how I might annoy a spirit, as much as I do the living. If you took the men out of the picture, would the gold room mean anything to you. Is the wine and party atmosphere significant to you? These are just questions you can ask yourself during your quiet time. There’s probably more chance of YOU knowing who these men are than anyone else because you’re the one who’s had the experience.

When I heard and saw a ‘white lady’ ghost (I call her a banshee, but I don’t KNOW that she was a banshee), she woke me up outside with her screaming in the night. By the street lamp light I could clearly see, she was wearing a long white gown, had no shoes on and long black hair and she seemed anxious and distressed. I thought she was sleepwalking and was concerned she’d get run over, till she vanished before my very eyes. Something horrible did happen to me after that, but I didn’t die and usually banshees warn of impending death by wailing.

Finally, have you asked your own family, if these men, the gold walls etc mean anything to them. You’d be surprised how many people you know personally that may have had paranormal experiences and never told anyone for fear of what they’d think.

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