My memory is off !

by kaleohrile on November 27th, 2017

Sorry i not been on life been a ride for me , so last x mass i was posting things and had found out more about what i am , tho i was in a metal place for about 6 mouths and i lost time on meditation and focusing my chi and cakra and was put on a meds that effect me still to today , it like i lost time , when it was Christmas eve , i went some where i not sure where all i remember is two us soldier and i went some where not sure where
a while back form that i went for a walk to a story and i found out i was sleeping and my friend i had wide eye and then i walk and bought some thing then went home so i thought , my question can et or thing that are supernatural do that to a human , so i lost time but it been hard now that i am on meds again it feel like i have to had my self form ever one around me , all so had a memory relapse and when i was in the place i was called gummy but i did not figure out why i was called that i just remember wakening up , and when i left my house i later found out i had fuck up my art but i did not remember doing that like the reality i was in was different then the one i thought i was , i remember some of you where calling me names i like to know them and why them i look at my past post and cant find them thanks have a good night or day when you get the massage ,and i like to know more of enkok i know i getting his name wrong and i have a bro too so i was wondering if he to could come form him two me and him are born on the friend the 13 in march ,and before i went to the place my pc was hack and i say future anime and things come like some one was leading me , i all had thing chance on my pc with out me doing it so my question is how do you know if et hack your pc , and a follow up form x mass i was praying to the old gods the old ones and the fa and Christ , all i remember waking up with a mansion glass filled with water and the strange feeling i went some where, i woke up and went out side and got down on my knees and pray thanks it was a weird day in wisconsin abnormal weather it rain and thunder stormed , i all so when supesain too i was pissed at my dad and it trigger me to focus on my tarot card of justice and i did that for a couple of days funny thing is in university Wisconsin the forecast was a strange solar energy solar and i know i did that will my crkra and chi , it went all around the whole world , that how much energy i was putting out , all so for some reason joe rogan was on the youtube when i was hack it ask me question in real time and they where talk about garth not sure who that was but for some reason he and a woman who i can identified where in their , then when i was hack my fire fox was gone right in a blik of an eye , all so thing henti site i use was hack to they who ever they are show me thing they wanted me to see one in particular real piss me off , i all so saw future anime and saw that is vary dark and no joy in it , say friend is thing that have not happened yet and my palce where i put impotent thing on my pc was had things in it too that where altered ,well that i all have for tonight , i like to hear form a Pleiadians may be i can get some answers or any other et !

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