My General View when entering into the Real Aspects of what is really going on!

by edisonik on November 6th, 2010

I have been learning and studying the Political & Exo Political ( Alien Politics ) regarding the Earth , the Governments, the Corporations, the Religious Institutions, and the Aliens for over 15 Solid Years and it all just hit me like a flue and it has stuck to me ever since.
Before all this I was heavily entrenched in Religions, I really enjoyed many of the philosophies and ancient texts of many Religions because before the Relgious Journey when I was 14 years old something happened to me ( This will sound stupid to some of you ) I was in my room feeling drowsy and fell asleep as I slept I was pulled from my body It scared the living heck out of me and I cannot explain it, it does not feel like a dream, you really leave your body , it is a floating feeling you start floating away right through the ceiling and into the night sky then I was introduced with the Birdpeople the Ancient Falcon Masters.

When I saw them I screamed like a little girl , they were Awsome very large and were Preditory Bird like wearing Robes. They told me who I was and that freaked me out, I was shaking in my Soul, they said that I must get a grip. They told me that this Planet was being taken over by the Serpent Races and that I should just forget about Earth and come back to their Craft to go back the Bird Star System. It was my decision , I decided to stay here and help out in the Evolution process. I then came back, after that insane experience months later I was thinking about what happened, it was just a stupid dream I said to myself.
One night I looked into the Mirror intensely I said to myself what is this insane experience then I morphed into a Birdman and Puked and Passed out. I got up and cleaned myself up and I was not the same ever since my Reality had been changed forever, I don't even think about Class or Money anymore I maintain my life and make a decent Income in the Construction Industry but I do this because I just fell into it, then Waco happened and I said those poor Church goers the Government was wrong for Killing all those Children , then Oaklahoma happened and I said to myself something fishy is going here with big brother , then 911 happened and I said enough is enough, then I heard William Cooper was shot and then a whole bunch of other things.

Bottom line Humanity has some serious problems with Cabalists that think what they do is good, boy are they wrong and all the Mass of Humanity sitting on the sidelines doing nothing that made me even more sick and the Media and everyhting else. For me this is a Journey, many of you aren't even Human, the Falcon Group told me 80% of the Human Races are Alien Souls incased in human flesh and that is why the Illuminati want it destroyed, yes all of you. I am trying my best to wake you up. Don't even get me started on Religion because it made me sick about many aspects of Religion also. There is a God but it's not a Person it is a Force an energy that illuminates all living things Religions are flawed because they have been created for Agendas to enslave humanity. You are the Masters of your destiny when you go along with the media you are giving away your freedoms, you have to stop giving away your freedoms for false sense of Security. The Terrorists are real but they aren't Muslim they are Cabalists from Alphabet Agencies.
The World Stage is a Game for them you people better start playing otherwise you will be caught in the middle. Knowledge is absolute power.

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edisonik: Crazy Indeed

It took alot of guts to this . This Reality is Huge , it goes beyond Earth , straight to other Stars.

caseyhue: Thank You

Too for sharing this.. it's definitely a eye opening for me an everyone. I'm glad I'm here on this site. :)

Quinton: Thank you for sharing this.

Thank you for sharing this.

edisonik: Thanks Quinton

There is alot going on regarding Earth and Humanity and this story is just one Experience of Billions of Experiences going on at this moment, when you discuss sensitive issues like this one has to proceed wth extreme caution because the system will lock you up and throw away the key, they will declare you insane.
It is very sensitive.

edisonik: You are all Spirits return to your Innocence!

Return to your Heart , quit being cold, selfish , jealous and fearful. You are all chosen ancient Souls that have been sent here to learn lessons that will improve your heart and mind.
You all remember I know you do but you remain closed your hearts anyway. Come back , remember who you are!, you are Children of the Most high, the Ancient Creator. Pray to the Creator , Pray for Peace so that Humanity can start the healing process to Earth and to the Hearts of Men, Women and all Life Forces.

Great changes are coming Galactic Changes.

edisonik: When your lessons are Completed you will be Disembodied

When you get Old and Gray you have achieved the final level of your Journey , the Body begins to breakdown, your bodies lasted much longer ( for 400 years ) but since the Greys manipulated the Genetic Make up of the Human Species the life expectancy was greatly reduced.
They did this so that the Human Vibrational field remains low ( Primordial Emotions for Quick gratification an no Personal & Spiritual Awareness ) , this is a great challenge for Humanity because a Century is very short to develope higher levels of Personal Awareness.
Many people get Disembodied too soon and fail to learn certain important lessons, far too many are battling for Economic Advance and Comfort and miss the Point, they are empty inside because they battled and fought for a Lie instead of Spiritual Truth.
You will know Spiritual Truth when your Heart Hurts and you begin to Cry because you Care, because you Care about Humanity and where it's going.

Caring does not mean Hurting others for personal gain. Caring means working together for the greatr good for the Many not for the Few who think they know better then everybody else, that is very wrong. Peace Humanity.

Death is what you call Disembodied , you don`t really die, lifetime after lifetime,after lifetime.
Make your life worth living, Help Humanity do not hurt the Souls because you hurt yourself when you do that. KARMA,KARMA,KARMA,KARMA,KARMA,KARMA,KARMA,KARMA,KARMA, REMEMBER KARMA!.


Deepak Chopra is a Master of Reincarnation, this Master truly has Courage for coming forward. ( Part 1 ) ( Part 2 ) ( Part 3 )

Deepak Chopra is a very deep Master I absolutely believe his truth!.

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