My experience telepathy (post implant)

1. Involves 2 people from the abduction night, friend 2 and my brother. Which is described in my first post on this forum. I walk into my friends bedroom where he and my brother are sitting down playing video games. I sit down next to my friend. I immediately hear my friend say, clear as day,"oh shit where's my phone!". I look over and see his phone, unplug it and hand it to him. He looks and me and says in disbelief "what....the....fuck?!?"
I told him "didn't you just say 'oh shit, where's my phone?'...?"
He tells me "no...I thought it..."

2. This only involves my brother

I was working out of town for 3 days a week. Didn't talk to my brother for the whole three days. When I came home and the first thing he says to me is "dude you will never believe what was on the tv in the break room today!"

I stopped him from telling me because something told me to tell him, that I knew it already. I told him *sorry for the vulgarity* "sissor me zerkses from South Park....that exact scene" His mouth droped and he asked me how I knew it. I couldn't tell him because I didn't know how I knew hahaha

I cant think of any more but I'm sure I'll add more in the comments later on...

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Logical Chaos: Trippy. Have you have been

Trippy. Have you have been having these experiences since being abducted?

Fromdahbush: Since abduction

Yes. I also sometimes "black out" where i see my body fall but I feel like I'm still standing, I can see everything around but it's different. I can feel myself moving my hands in front of my face, but can't see them. I try grabbing ahold of things around while slowly falling towards my body. As soon as somebody touches my body it feels like I get dropped back into my body. It happens a few times a year.

CausesofCauses: I hate telepathy

I dont wanna get into the whole story right now but when I was with my ex in Thailand, she was able to hear my thoughts.. Something..some being was relaying all my thoughts to her...Another thing.. If a show is on the TV (or song) computer or whatever, my thoughts align and sync exactly with what is being played.. Ill think about something and ill hear it on the tv..wayyyy too much. So many times a day. I cant believe Im doing it. It makes me think Im under some kind of mind control. I know this is a little different from what you were explaining but its still in the psychic realm. I would explain my whole story but Im tired and it would take forever. Lets continue to discus this though. Godbless

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