My experience telepathy (post implant)

1. Involves 2 people from the abduction night, friend 2 and my brother. Which is described in my first post on this forum. I walk into my friends bedroom where he and my brother are sitting down playing video games. I sit down next to my friend. I immediately hear my friend say, clear as day,"oh shit where's my phone!". I look over and see his phone, unplug it and hand it to him. He looks and me and says in disbelief "what....the....fuck?!?"
I told him "didn't you just say 'oh shit, where's my phone?'...?"
He tells me "no...I thought it..."

2. This only involves my brother

I was working out of town for 3 days a week. Didn't talk to my brother for the whole three days. When I came home and the first thing he says to me is "dude you will never believe what was on the tv in the break room today!"

I stopped him from telling me because something told me to tell him, that I knew it already. I told him *sorry for the vulgarity* "sissor me zerkses from South Park....that exact scene" His mouth droped and he asked me how I knew it. I couldn't tell him because I didn't know how I knew hahaha

I cant think of any more but I'm sure I'll add more in the comments later on...

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