My Disturbing Observations

For the past 20 years I have studied the art and discipline of Aikido. I am a qualified master instructor. For the past 13 years I have studied the field of spiritual healing. Through these passions of mine, I have learned how to "see" auras with my third (inner) eye, and "feel" Chakras and Chi in all living things. Even though I have been given titles, I am now and forever will be, a student first.

With regards to auras, I choose to see the auras in all people. This has served me well in my personal growth and understanding of others. It has also served as a heads-up when I have needed it. Although auras vary wildly from person to person and are sometimes barely detectable, auras are ALWAYS present, always. Untl recently.

Here is my concern and also what I believe brought me to Truth Control. For the past several months, I have encountered individuals who project NO auras! Nothing! I have never experienced anything like this before. When I see these "people" through my third eye, they are nearly invisible. Since this is extraordinary and unpresedented in my life experience, I notice them...and they notice me noticing them! Even from a distance or in a crowd, they stop what they are doing and glare my direction. It is a disturbing look and makes me feel uneasy.

Since I first noticed this disturbing phenomenon, I have seen more and more of them. Some are alone, but more and more often, they are in small groups. Through my physical eyes, they appear normal and unremarkable.

Recently, I saw an average looking man in business attire standing alone in a lobby. He had NO aura. I had to find out why. As he watched me approach him, I got queasy. I asked him for directions and shook his hand. Not only did he not have any aura whatsoever, he had no Chi and no Chakras! Not enen blocked ones. That is impossible in my experience. I got dizzy, developed an instant pounding headache and nausea. I excused myself, and promptly vomited in the bushes outside.

I talked to one of my mentors about this and he said he has had similar experiences recently. He does not understand it either. I do not take drugs and I always speak my truth.

Does anyone here have any thoughts, ideas or explainations for this? Has anyone else noticed this? This is extremely important to me...maybe to all of us. Thank you. Love and light to all.

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eevie: re goo

The goo is sentient and intends harm to none. It can be programmed just like us in mind control programs. I had black goo removed from me. I let it stay a while as i was observing the ways it was affecting me. It opened my perspective to everything in ways that could not have been done otherwise. I had it removed. The next time i invited the black goo into me when i removed it from another super soldier. It called me momma, left the body of the one it was in and entered mine. We work together to keep this body/avatar well and functioning. I destroyed the original programming in the goo from the cabal/milab/govt/etc. first. You can communicate with it, it is sentient. =)

UN.i1-PHI: yae i remember you said that awesome man!

sorry i didnt mention the positive side of black goo and your message but not everyone deprograms it and maybe even can't like OP's maybe? so are these reported ppl with totally black eyes under black goo programmin or what?..

eevie: black eyes

Based on my experience, yes, the black eyed people have negatively programmed black goo in them. The goo traveled here thru space, eating as it goes, its food. Not meaning to cause harm. I know a general whose eyes turn completely black at times....when the goo takes over. General in the Army. He is controlled by the elite thru the goo as are most now. OPs are already controlled thru their souls. They have souls, not spirits.

babooska: no aura

Hello everybody!My name is Sotiris and I come from Greece.
Happy to find this site and especially this discussion about no aura...
I was searching around on the net to find someone and discuss this subject cause
recently i had the same experience facing someone with no aura..
The scary thing (in a way) is that this person is a close friend of mine..
I am a musician playing the guitar and sing and this friend of mine plays the saxophone..
The last five years i have some health problems that has to do with digestive problems,acid reflux,esophagitis and chronic fatigue..
After having a lot of treatments with medicines but also alternative treatments like homeopathy,acupuncture and other methods but with no real results my situation from time to time get worse and came just one step before surgery..
I was lucky enough cause a week ago I was on the right place and on the right time and i met an charismatic biodynamic energy osteopathic healer that also can see auras beneath his therapeutic skills..
I had two session during this week and the results so far are unbelievable cause i start getting relief after 5 years of suffering..
This man works only with his hands and energy techniques and i felt things on my body during the session that it's not easy to explain...something like electromagnetic waves all over my body through his touch and feeling all my entire body moving and everything get back on the right position..
So after my second session my friend and roommate wanted to have one to get some relief on his back..
After 5 to10 minutes the healer called me into the room (like an emergency way) while my friend was on his bed and told me to put my hand in front of his just to feel the heat that was coming out during the process of healing..I felt something like tiny stings in my hand and a hot wave coming out..Then he told me to put my hands over my friends body and it was really cold..The healer was really surprised cause he couldn't even see his aura but only something like a black hole so he couldn't work on him energetically..
He was really skeptical and surprised cause after almost 5000 sessions with patients during his career he never saw that before..
He said to my friend:''I don't want to make you worry but this situation fits only to a dead man or a man who is one step before death''.
''or your aura is so big or splitted around that I can't catch it''.
My friend said that in general feels really ok with no any special health problem and that he had also tried in the past energy healing methods with really good healers but he felt nothing affecting on him so he was wondering why as well..
The healer asked him if he ever tried in the past like strange things like magic,black energy,spiritual strange things methods and my friend said that he had tried some years ago some energy cleaning with crystals and something with pendulum..
Then he asked him if he ever made any bad thing to someone by purpose in a strange way and he said that he did once but after that nothing..
All these were things i didn't knew about him..
In general he has a lot of positive things in his character but also some bad ones that was bothering me as well like too much overconfidence and egopathy (kind of selfishness) but I 've been used to them..
Sorry for the long message but I am really worry about him but in the same time also about me..
I am in the middle of a really well going healing process of a serious health situation with an incredible healer but after this experience with my friend I don't know if his strange aura (if there is one) affects to my healing process or if this also was an extra reason for my lack of energy and health problems through these 5 years we live and play together..
It's a very strange situation that i have to face cause i have to keep my energy levels up that came back after the healing session but in the same time keep a balance in our relationship and push him to try if it's possible to get his aura back to normal if still there is one..
Any comments,thoughts and advices are welcome..
Thank you guys!

Tarheel: Welcome Babooska

I suggest trying the holistic route. I hope you find your health & your life.

babooska: no aura

Thank you my friend!
I think I am on the right way about my holistic healing treatment I 've seen incredible results after just one week and only with two sessions..
The thing that worries me is my friend's situation that he has no aura..and that's a bit strange..
Just wondering if it's like that if he ever can get his aura back or make it normal if it's a really huge one cause I think sometimes he gets full of energy but in the same time I think he is unprotected with his aura so far away from his body or with no aura at all..In the same time I worry if he ''steals'' the energy of other people (including me that we live together)even without he knows that..Just a thought that gets more and more stronger while I ' m thinking the past five years and my strange trip with my lack of energy and health problems condition that from time to time got worst..I don't want to think that way and blame him for everything that happened to me through these years but i think it could be an extra reason that probably could have some affection to me..It's a strange situation and not easy to handle it by the time we are friends,room mates and playing music together for living..
I would really seek for any advice or thoughts for a strange situation like this..especially to help my friend but also protect myself in the same time..
Thank you Tarheel Alpha Male for your advice and good wishes!!
Wish you the best to you as well!!

eevie: no aura

Babooska, your friend is either an OP, or his aura is being blocked. More often than not the person is an OP. Most of the people on the planet are OPs. Simply means they do not have the eternal/immortal spark of life known as a spirit, which people mistakenly call a soul. There is a huge difference. When OPs die that's it for them, their memories return to the collective they came from a soul collective. We who have spirits live on after leaving these avatar bodies. We do not need a soul. These OPs are controlled by the archons thru their souls. It is a control device. If you have a spirit and a soul you are wearing the archons harness. Another harness is the chakras. We don't need them either as they control us thru them as well. Truth is outing. =)
My advice to you is to distance yourself from this person permanently. He is the source of your problems. The archons are attacking you thru him. I am sorry.

Tim Lovell: so eevie when OPs die they

so eevie when OPs die they get reincarnated later ?

eevie: no aura

Hi, Tim. They will not come back as themselves. They are a piece of a collective. like the beehive really. Clones are the same. No difference in them really. They have no identity, they are not separate unless used to power a body. When they return there is no separateness.

Tim Lovell: yes well we have all lived

yes well we have all lived many lives here the soul behind it is the same immortal and imutable , so until the archons are gone we cant get out of the cycle of having a new personality and everything again and again they just overlay you keep you down in the 3d etc cant they just be hoovered of the planet lol...

babooska: no aura

Thank you guys for the response..really appriciated..
But what OP means?
Actually i start thinking how i can manage a strange situation like that..
After thinking and thinking and bring all the pieces of the puzzle together some facts make really sense..
The bioenergy osteopathic healer I am working with at the moment really brought balance back to my body and he told me that all my chakras was blocked..after 2 sessions i feel i can breathe out again after 5 years and i really trust him cause he is really charismatic in hands and in the mind and he is a real healer with a good soul ready to help..
He can read the auras very clear like he did with my friend so I will ask him what can I do to protect myself or what should I do in general..
The difficult part is how can I escape from my friend gently after knowing each other for more than 10 years and being close friends and playing music together the last 5 years that we were really get connected as room mates as well..
I think I will find the way to do it in one way or another but is there any chance for him to get his aura or his eternal/immortal spark of life (soul) if things are just like that..
I have to admit that something strange was going around him all these years but couldn't focus on what cause music actually was our real connection and not the fact that we were really fit as closed friends and especially as characters..
Hope to find the right way to protect myself especially at this part of my life where my health condition was in an dangerous position and hope for him to find himself and his aura back if it's still possible..
Thank you guys again!
Wish you all the best!!

eevie: no aura

Yes, i can request a spirit for him. If a person's personal vibe is high enough a spirit can be brought into the person. They will then have spiritual aspirations where they really didn't before. No need before having a spirit. I''ve done this before. Quite a few of us are requesting spirits for those without, the OPs. And, it is working. =) LIke i said for those whose vibe is high enough a spirit, good spirit, like us, will accommodate.

Tim Lovell: hi eevie , tbh at some times

hi eevie , tbh at some times I feel as though I have lost my spirit, ii feel drained and I know I have something in me also a rep or drake or mabey as im indigo type 3 the nephelim is trying to dominate , all I know is that its there, and sometimes im stealing energy from others and its not me etc , also fighting these damn archons , its like a non stop storm outside , but I do feel ive lost the divine spark inside it makes it all feel so pointless sometimes oh well...

babooska: no aura

Thank you eevie for your comments and advice..
really appriciated..
I will try to follow my healer's advice and positive spirit..
He has a good soul and I think he will help me to protect myself like he do already with my health problems..
I hope he could help my friend as well but i saw that he was negatively surprised when he saw no aura and he became very skeptical..But when i''ll meet him in a couple of days I will discuss it in more personal way about what should i do or my what my friend can do about it..
Sorry for asking again..
What is OP?
Thank you again my friend and wish all the best?

Iamknots: No aura

HI, I'm responding to this because today as I was walking around I said to myself, " I have no aura." I don't know if its true that I lack an aura, but as I walked around I felt invisible. Lately people have been running into me or cutting me off while on the road. I can be standing next to a person and they wont even acknowledge me unless I make some kinda noise. I feel I've lost any kinda energy I might have had. It made me begin to wonder if its possible to not have an aura and if I don't have an aura can that be seen. Sometimes I worry that people who see aura would see me and see that I don't have them and I feel alittle exposed. I think," Oh no, they know."

obsrvantlouie: Aura

I'm would guess that you have an aura...perhaps your fears/worry of not being able to see it and of others as well is diminishing it. Try to list your worries and your fears and focus on eliminating them from your personality. No reason to be concerned with what others think.....they will think a certain way regardless how you feel so let them be and be free of the worry. Overcoming your fears may be more difficult but you have to start somewhere.

I hope this helps....I will help more if I can.

pasqualie: just looking at it from an intellectual perspective

I am not sure if someone can have no aura. not that you should worry about your aura, but if you work on your inner self you will have a beautiful aura.

but looking at it from an intellectual perspective. all things have energy fields, from plants to inanimate objects like rocks, so if someone appears not to have an aura, it would mean they are not made out of matter. since all things should give off an energy field, according to the russians proving it through kirelian photography. so if someone is walking around and you do not see their aura, provided you have the ability to see an aura, then the only logical conclusion is they are some how masking it.

Iamknots I would not worry about your aura. Instead focus on what you think and feel about yourself, it is more important what you think and feel about yourself than what others think of you. You teach others how to treat you, by how you treat yourself.

Tim feeling like you have a rep or draco and 3 nephilim inside of you means you been reading or watching too much fear porn. Clear your mind, release negativity and fears and hug your dog. This teaches you what unconditional love is, your dog does not judge you. If you are having thoughts as you discussed about yourself, it means the ego is active, telling you to beat yourself up mentally to feed on that negative energy, and you are doing it. It comes from judging or focusing your thoughts or identity on what you hate. There is nothing wrong with you Tim, its just you think there is something wrong with you. In a way you have started the separation game by becoming aware of your thoughts and feelings, and realizing it is not you. But you have to release those feelings. Naturally your ego doesnt like it, so it will bring up more fear porn you have read and watched, telling you there is something wrong with you. So you continue to release it every day, every time you start to feel yourself beating yourself up mentally because your ego is telling you to.

pasqualie: Tim

If you constantly in that mindset of fear, or something inside of you, it means your body is in constant 24/7 fight or flight modality. In this modality your body releases adrenaline which is meant to be used for short term emergencies. In this state, your body shuts down healing and other functions. Its why stress literally kills you. Cuz your body doesnt heal, so you start getting alot of health problems.

Just step away from the material, clear your mind, focus on your self and calm and quiet the mind. focus on happy thoughts, release any negativity.

Also in fear it opens up your mind for all the negative stuff and programming. Its why they use fear to control people, because they accept things. In the military they put fear into people to mind program them, and implement a victimization and helplessness concept into people.

bonbonchek: I seem to have no aura

I have met my girlfriend maybe 8 months ago. Once she told me, than in her dreams she can see people as colors. She has this dreams that she can control them, and is in half sleep state all the time.

Today I have asked her about some of people we both now, I wanted to see if she sees auras, and she told me about our friend who is Yellow and one friend who is Blue. I can say the auras match their characters.
Than I asked her about my color, and she told me some people doesn't have color, and that I am one of them.

I am wondering if there are people who can see aura for example through skype, and would like to see me? I have read about no aura case, and I have came to the conclusion I can have Chameleon aura or she is just not skilled enough to see my aura.

Best regards!

bluesbaby5050: The colors in auras change all the time

Because people's emotions change all the time. Auras are a constant mix of colors. No one is just one color. When people are sick, and have any type of dis-ease auras are subject to changes, and some people's auras even have holes in them, because of illness, and drugs that have a big influence on their auras. Some people's auras look like Swiss cheese because of this. Some people even have a dark transparent overcast grey color that seems to be all around them. And this is a sign that they are of very low vibrations, or intentions [or both]. When I see this around some people, I also feel it very strongly in my gut, and this is a sure sign to stay clear of these type of people. I was able to see many different types of auras ever since I was very young, and this was always normal with me, as well as it is with some people. It is just a normal aspect of my eye sight, and when I was very young I never questioned it, because I was unaware, and I didn't know any difference. All animals can see auras too, because animals are very physic also. They have a heightened sense of awareness, and feelings, and this is another reason that they might shy away from some people. Don't just take your girlfriends word for it, do some research on this subject for yourself. I hope this information was helpful.

bonbonchek: I was wondering why she sees people as colors

and if these colors represent their general aura. I have read alot about aura, it just scares me cause my aura is transparent to me every time I want to see it

bluesbaby5050: I'm sorry, I forgot to add to the information above.....

You do have an aura, because if you did not, then this means that your life force is no longer in your physical body. You would be considered dead.

bluesbaby5050: Some people will keep their auras closely around themselves.....

They will draw it closer to their physical body so that others can not read them very well, or not at all. And another reason is for self protection from physic attacks and so some people will do this consciously.

greaterTHANlife: I probably know what exactly what you are experiencing

They are alien-hybrids.
Please read this fragment from the research of a David M. Jacobs

"That it's the energy field that distinguishes them?

But I can't see it. I can't see it on anybody. But there's going to be a few people that can see it and will know. This is crazy. The ones that can see it or can distinguish ... those who can see the energy field and can know the difference and would have an uprising about it, then would be subsequently terminated. So there's a power thing. I don't feel experiment. I kind of feel this is not only going genetically and for that purpose, I feel there's a political power or motivation as well in the underlying scheme of things.. "
Hope that might help

greaterTHANlife: More to that

Here is a info where you can find more about it...

You might contact David M. Jacobs, as he got his contact info there too

Mourning Dove L...: Recently 2 friends said they

Recently 2 friends said they can no longer see my aura or feel my emotions as if I am dead. It confuses them and me too. I have theorized that the reason is because of the post traumatic stress disorder I have that over time has caused me to build up thick walls of protection around me. I have also committed emotional suicide to numb the mental and emotional agony to the point of making me unreadable. It's survival.
I think there is more and more abuse out there creating more and more victims out there that have to go numb just to survive like me.

LoliApolys: no aura
LoliApolys: no aura
Naitaschal: I have often wondered about

I have often wondered about this as well. I first ran into them in a mall near Eugene Oregon so I ended up calling them mallwalkers. My experience wasn't as disturbing as the original posters but still last enough of an impression to come back to often in thinking. The ones I ran into seemed to be aware I could see their difference but didn't seem hostile, more curious then anything.

Naitaschal: I did have an interesting

I did have an interesting question come to mind on ghe no aura topic. From my understand the aura people see is atleast in part the magnetic field all life creates. This field is what allows a copasatative screen on things like smart phones to work. Does anyone no if the lack of a viewable aura has an effect on use of a cellphone.

verokyu: i was no aura you were that

i was no aura you were that and they as well... we will be for fun hopefully! for sure they are looking for peace. I dream for peace love and beauty I hope you want to share this. DREAM THEM WITH LOVE

Kah-Len: The Proof of God is the Proof of Vibration and Frequency!

John 1:1 In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.

The Father is pure consciousness which permeated all things created. That pure consciousness is made up of the unseen things of 1) Vibration and 2) Frequency. All things including you and I are nothing but vibration and frequency. In the beginning was the Word (Vibration) and the word "Was God" not "Is" God. Then his intention came about to create light... (Frequency "intent, intention, intensity etc...") which raised the vibration high enough it began to create photons. Through his intention of creating light, light was formed simply by raising his own frequency! Raising it higher yet, it began creating electrons, neutrons, protons etc.. and matter was created. Then raising it even higher, the stars were created and man which is Hu = vibration of light and Man = Mind. (Light being with consciousness) This is the real man which dies once. Not the physical body as you think!

As Jhe'shua had explained to me about his creation that he is the first and only begotten son of God, the first Adam which is why he is called the Son of Man.
The first Eve who's name was Lilith had been created from his genetics taken from his rib. She was his perfect genetic match. Unfortunately though she became corrupted and now through to this day she rules over the 2nd dimension of hell and this is where "evil" got its name.
Mary Magdalene was then created but that was not her name then.

The real HuMans were created in Sirius where he was created.
The story of Adam and Eve as you know it is false.

Time is just frequency and timelines or eons is the bandwidth.
The Holy Spirit is the one ho controls all timelines and is the one responsible for all persons, places, things etc.. that happen good or bad. The holy spirit guides all things as its completely preordained and that nothing happens by chance, fluke, luck etc...

HebrianDaniel: the only way to prove god

the only way to prove god and angels is via channeling.
i can confirm its exist. atleast for angels.

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